Personal Wellness

Controlling body weight is best accomplished by
Balancing calories consumed with calories expended
The number of premature death among Americans each year that can be attributed to inactivity and overweight
According to the national institutes of health about blank percent of American adults are overweight
Weight loss of blank of body weight is enough to reduce health risks and increase life expectancy and obese individuals
5 to 10%
Which of the following statements about genetic factors and obesity is true
Genetic factors influence where on the body extra weight is added
Resting metabolic rate is
The energy required to maintain vital body functions
Which one of the following is the largest component of metabolism
Resting metabolism
Metabolic rate is higher in
People who exercise on a regular basis
A lifestyle factor which does not lead to successful weight management is
Emotional eating
The greater the amount of muscle mass the
Hire the resting metabolic rate
Which one of the following elements in the energy balance equation is under individual control
Energy intake from food
A hormone thought to be linked to obesity is
Since 1983 the average daily calorie intake among Americans has increased by about
The negative energy balance of blank calories is needed to produce a 1 pound weight loss
On average Americans exercise a blank minutes per day
Which of the following statements about psychological and social factors and eating behavior is false
Changing eating patterns link to cultural values is usually easy
An example of a snack while in energy density is
An Apple
Energy density is
The number of calories in food
Which of the following patterns of eating is best for weight management
Small frequent meals on a regular basis
How much daily physical activity is recommended for someone who is trying to maintain weight loss
60 or more minutes
Stress can be a result of
All of these
Which of the following is an example of a stressor
Getting a flat tire
The term stressor is best defined as
Any physical or psychological of that that reduces stress
The term stress response is best defined as
The physical and emotional challenges associated with stress
Stress is best defined as
The general physical and emotional state associated with the stress response
The parasympathetic division is best defined as
A division of the autonomic nervous system that is in control when you are relaxed aids and digesting food storing energy and promoting growth
The sympathetic division is best defined as
A division of the autonomic nervous system that activates during times of arousal including exercise and when there is an emergency such as severe pain anger or fear
Which of the following best describes the endocrine system
Affects body functions are the release of hormones
Your body begins really think endorphins your heart rate accelerates and your hearing and vision become more acute you are experiencing
The flight or fight reaction
Which of the following does not increase during the flight or fight reaction
Homeostasis is defined as a state in which
Vital functions of the body are maintained at a normal level
The somatic nervous system manages
Conscious actions
Which of the following is not an example of an effective response to stress
Over eating
Which of the following is an example of an effective response to stress
Learning new time management skills
Making the choice to go for a walk to cope with stress is controlled by which of the following nervous system
Which term best fits a type a personality
Which of the following describes a person with a type B personality
Which personality trait seems to enable people to deal more successfully with stress
A person who has difficulty expressing emotions suppresses anger and feels hopeless has characteristics of which personality type
Type B
Which statement about people with hardy personalities is false
They view stressors as challenges
Lia has a hearty personality how is she likely to react or respond to a stressor
Lia views the stressor as a challenge and an opportunity to learn
The normal progression for the General adaptation syndrome is
Alarm resistance and exhaustion
The General adaptation syndrome theorizes that stress
Can be either eustress or distress
With sustained stress level of homeostasis occurs during the blank stage of the General adaptation syndrome
Tom is very anxious about an upcoming exam he has no appetite is easily distracted and has a headache what stage of gas is tom in
The leading cause of death in the United States is
Cardiovascular disease
The six major risk factors for cardiovascular disease that can be changed are
Tobacco use high blood pressure diabetes stress physical inactivity heredity
Which of the following cardiovascular disease risk factors I’m not modifiable
Family history of CVD
Smoking is not affect the cardiovascular system by
Decreasing heart rate
Which statement about how smoking harms the cardiovascular system is not true
Smoking decreases plaque formation
Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke causes approximately blank non-smokers to die of heart diseases annually
Sustained high blood pressure can be an indicator of
Increased resistance to Arterial blood flow
Which one of the following blood pressure readings would be considered healthy for a young adult
And Adele is diagnosed with hypertension win the point for blood pressure is at or above
A person with high blood pressure should not increase their intake of
The primary symptoms of hypertension is
Nothing it usually has no symptoms
People with hypertension African-Americans and middle-aged and older adults should aim to consume no more then blank milligrams sodium per day
While cholesterol is important for many body functions excess cholesterol is hazardous to health because it is deposited
On artery walls
The form of blood fact that carries cholesterol out from the liver to other parts of the body and can lead to cholesterol deposits on artery walls is
Low density lipoprotein (LDL)
The form of cholesterol that shuttles cholesterol back to the liver for recycling is
High density lipoprotein (HDL)
The national cholesterol education program recommends that all adults have their lipoprotein levels measured at least once every
Five years
For adults a desirable level of total cholesterol is less than
A desirable level of HDL for adults is
Less than 200 MG/ DL
Which one of the following cholesterol profiles would play someone at greatest risk for heart disease
Low HDL and high LDL
Exercise alters blood fat levels by
Raising L DL levels
Which of the following is the route to 30% of cancer deaths
Cancer is best described as
An abnormal and uncontrollable multiplication of cells
The primary difference between a benign tumor and a malignant tumor is that
Malignant tumors can spread to other sites in the body
Meta-stasis occurs when
Cancer cells break off and invade other body parts
The number of people diagnosed with cancer each year is about
1.5 million
The most common cause of cancer death in the United States is
Lung cancer
The chief risk factor for lung cancer is
Tobacco smoke
Any substance that causes cancer is called a
Environmental tobacco smoke is
A risk factor for lung cancer
Jose has a family history of colon cancer to lower his personal risk of the disease he should consider
Increasing his intake of redmeat
A common test useful in early detection of colon cancer’s is
Stool blood test
A signal of colon and rectal cancer is
Rectal bleeding
The most common form of cancer in women is
Breast cancer
What do obesity and alcohol use have in common that increases breast cancer risk
They increase estrogen levels in the blood
Which of the following is not a risk factor for breast cancer
Alcohol use
The American Cancer Society recommends routine use of mammography to detect breast cancer for women over age
Which of the following statements about the prostate gland is false
When enlarged prostate gland can block the flow of urine
The most common cancer in men is
Prostate cancer
Which of the following is not a risk factor for prostate cancer
A diet rich in vegetable fiber
Prostate cancer cannot be detected by
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