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I spent my childhood surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape of white sand beaches, turquoise water and tropical jungle with a large variety of wildlife. In kindergarten I assisted to a Interiors school which promoted the moral values of humanity. Afterwards I attended a Waldron school which had great emphasis on arts and the development of human as an aromatic being in concordance with the nature. Through out the elementary school I developed tastes for the arts which the school had and offered many means to help me succeed In this field that until today I keep sharpening.

Thanks to my school and Its great education everyone in my class and the In whole school developed sense of taking care of the planet helping as you loud not mattering how small the action was, the Intention was what counted and If every person helped with their small grain of sand It would make a huge difference. Since a child I always enrolled and volunteered In beach cleaning campaigns and projects which I did not only for the helping but the pleasure of being on the beach on a beautiful place I was blessed to be living in.

I was tough

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to play the flute but I never developed likes for other instruments which at this day I regret and I know it isn’t to late to start, it never is but simply I haven’t have enough willpower to make it append. As for sports I found my self attracted to swimming since a little kid, well anyone who lived in the place I used to would have done it too, it is impossible to resist to that Caribbean turquoise warm water. After learning to swim in the sea and enjoy the pleasures of snorkeling I Join a local swimming team to take my swimming to an other level: competitive swimming.

I found my self to be fairly good at this deadline and with the required amount of effort, training and discipline I could accomplish some goals and win a few swimming encounters and go to the state competitions. Whether it is by the fact that I grew up in a place where water was by my side or by some other reason I have always felt extremely comfortable in the water, I just can ‘t get over the feeling of holding my breath and swim deep down the surface and have the sensation of being floating in a peaceful place Just relaxing while you don ‘t hear anything else but the beat of your heart.

As for other sport I started practicing Kick boxing at the age of 14 which at the time I considered to be a super cool sport and wanted to learn how to defend my self when the time need it. It helped me build a sense of discipline and courage. A funny Is that I have never fought In my life despite the fact that I consider my safe very capable of defending myself although I may not apparent It. It may be because I don ‘t get angry easily and It Is easy for me to remain calm In heated situations or Just that I m a peaceful person whom it is easy to get along with.

My parents always encouraged me now I have or at least I like to think that I have a decent physical endurance and a well toned body. This obviously does not only depend on the exercise you do but it also depends on the diet you have and actually I think it is way more important the duration you have that going to the gym or so. I was raised as a vegetarian which I still are and for now I think I always will be.

I had always the freedom of trying out meat and seafood which time to time I did but I haven ;t found something yet that I consider so delicious that changes my mind and start eating meat. And I like the fact of being a vegetarian because I consider it to be way more healthier than consuming dead animals, I am not the reason many companies bring to life animals and keep them caged, living in poor conditions and then slaughter millions of them every day. When I tell people I am a vegetarian they always picture I only eat grass or plants which I do but that’s only a small portion of my diet.

They always tell me I won ‘t get protein if I don ;t eat meat to which I laugh back at them because I don ‘t know if it is because of the fact the like to repeat what they hear on the T. V. Or they are Just simply not well informed but there are tons of seeds, algae and legumes which have a lot of protein. This little thing of my daily life have tough me not to believe everything I hear or see somewhere but to question it, look for more information and rate answers.

My father always tough me not to let people do things for me but to do them myself and learn how to do them with out help because you never know when will you need to apply your knowledge and someone won ‘t be around to help you, there is and old saying that goes: Don ‘t give the people the fish but teach them how to fish. I have noticed that when you grow up everything your parents tough you since a baby, how did they behave when you where around, the way they made they decisions and even music they listen to even if you din ‘t like it back then it makes n effect way after and you start appearing like you old man.

It is funny how things turn out even if you didn’t tough it would be like that when you where kid. There is an Fraser I like that accord to what I Just wrote that goes: a chip off the old block. I will always be grateful for all the things my parents did, still doing and will do for me because you never know the real value of their effort until you raise your own kids. This short essay is how I would describe how I am what I have become in what it’s been of my short life an the path I will follow during the next years.

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