Periodic Trends

Atomic Radius:define
Size of an atom, from the nucleus to outermost stable electron.
Atomic Radius:Across
Decreases as you go across, because the pull from the protons pulls in the electrons closer making it smaller.
Atomic Radius:Down
Increases, because you add more electron orbits so it is obviously getting bigger.
Ionization Energy:Define
The Energy required to remove an electron from an atom
Ionization Energy:Across
Increases as you go across, because obviously it’s harder to take away for example 10 electrons than just remove 1.
Ionization Energy:Down
Decreases, because it’s farther away from the nucleus anyways so it’s easier.
Tendancy and ability of an atom to attract other electrons to share.
Flourine is the most electronegative element so think of it as everything going to that one. It would increase as going across and then increase going up to flourine.
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