Percussion Sounds

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Resonance is….
over normal lungs, a low-pitch
Hyperresonance is…..
over hyperinflated lungs, a lower, louder, and longer pitch than normal resonance.
Who might have this hyperresonance?
COPDers and ASTHMA, cystic fibrosis, older patients, b/c both have extra air in the alveoli not able to leave
Tympany is……
over gas in stomach or the intestine, or air in the plueral space. Drumming loudly in an open room.
“Dull” is…..
over lungs, liquid or solid has replaced air sound; or, maybe you’re over top of the liver. Not a short sound like the others.
Flat is…..
below diaphragm where no air is.
is soft and high.
Resonance is the normal sound over lungs. Describe it.
low. short.
Why is tympany loud?
B/c air in a room always has the sound amplified. The site is full of air which is a gas.
Where can the gas be found when persussing?
when at the chest, over the lungs. When at the abdomen, in the intestines.
“Dull” and “resonance” are opposites. Explain.
Dull sounds are over something solid or liquid; solid, like liver, and liquid like water b/c PNA. Resonance is over air in normal functional capacity.
If someone speaks or whispers and this sound is super distinctive, even more than just
It has liquid and tissue debris, not of air within a nice wall.
Where would you hear “dull”?
an increase of pleural effusion; an increase in density with atelectasis, pna. “D” for density: dense air, dense tissue, dense space. DENSE.
So a problem could show at first with a hyperresonance sound, then progress to a dense sound, as with hyperinflation ( of fluid or air) in PLEURAL EFFUSION,COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, pneumothorax, and increase in density to become a percussion sound of

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