Passion Party Presentation

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Passion Parties
Passion Parties
Party Opening
Hi, my name is Elizabeth, you you, lucky ladies, are at a Passion Party!
Thank Hostess
Present Hostess Gift
Before we even begin, I must thank ______ for being such a terrific hostess, and preparing her home for this party. As a hostess, __________ has many opportunities to earn discounts on her wish list items tonight, but I would like to get the fun started with a little something just from me.
Explain the Party
Tonight, I am going to introduce you to the world of Passion Parties! I’m inviting each one of you to dream about what passion can look like in your life. You are going to touch, taste, and smell products that evoke sensual pleasures; our lotions, potions, and notions. I’ll start with the lighter side of passion and finish with our amazing toys that promise to enhance any woman’s passionate relationship.
Order Form
Before we get started, please take out your order form. The first section has a place for your contact info. Please fill that out with your name, address, phone and e-mail. Choose your preferred contact method (postal mail, phone, e-mail, text or non) and whether you would like to be on my e-mail list.

Below that are scales to rate your interested in hosting a Passion Party of your own or becoming a Passion Consultant like me. You can fill that out at anytime during the night. Next, in the upper right, fill out the date, the party close date which is Monday, June 4th, and write in Debbie’s name as the hostess.

Next, and this is very important, sign the line that states you are 18 years or older.

If you would like me to share your wish list with your partner on your birthday and/or anniversary, fill in the lines below that along with the month and date of your special days at the top.

Please notice that there is a Wish List space for you to jot down any products that appeal to you.
We can review them when we get together in the Consultation Room.

Passion Diva
Name Activity
Let’s break the ice and start with some fun. We’re going to discover the name of your passion diva. Come up with the name that represents your romantic life. It has to start with the first letter of your name. For example: Wild Wendy. Now be honest, because if you name yourself “wild”, I’m going to assume that you are. So lets see if I have a bunch of shy Sherrys or kinky Kellys. I’ll get the ball rolling, I am Energetic Elizabeth.

Okay, so now the we know what our new sexy names are, let’s experience the first passion enhancing products that are designed to help you FEEL sexy from your head to your toes.

Game 1
Have You Ever? (Game Guide, page 28)
Romanta Therapy
Pomegranate Ginger
Toning Body Butter

page 6

You will simply LOVE our Toning Body Butters. Take a sniff to see if you like the scent. (Pass around to smell but do not apply.)This one is our Pomegranate Ginger but it also comes in Plumeria and Coconut Lemongrass.

It has ultra rich Shea butter to maintain moisture and is enhanced with caffeine, which helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is sublime when used with your Amazing Hot Massager on page 11 ($15). Here’s how: Click the disk in the massager to activate it. It will heat to a relaxing 130 degrees and stay warm for 25 to 30 minutes. Plenty of time to ease neck pains, headaches, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and of course – to give or receive – a steamy, slow back rub.

To get the massager back to the gel state, put it into boiling water for 7 – 10 minutes then remove it. After it is completely cool, it can be used again, and again, and again.

Romanta Therapy
Coconut Lemongrass
Soft and Silky Shaving Creme

page 7

Our Soft and Silky Shaving Duo is a must have. He will love using it too. This is different from regular shaving products. Leave it on for 10 seconds to moisturize your skin, lifting the hair for a closer shave without razor burn.

Follow up with the After Shave Protection Mist ($15) to seal your pores so the shave will last longer and avoid itchy re-growth and red raised bumps. Once you start using this you will never want to go back to regular shave cream.

In addition to our three signature scents, Coconut Lemongrass, Plumeria, Pomegranate Ginger, Soft and Silky Shaving Creme also comes fragrance-free.

Super Deluxe Smitten (page 11, $22
Creamy Massage Oil (page 4, $20)
Velvet Pleasure (page 14, $27.50)
Of course almost everyone loves a massage. Getting one releases feelings of well being. For women, it does something even better; it helps them lubricate. A massage excites your body for the rest of the evening and sets the stage for great sex.

Now for a treat! I am going let you all feel how incredible a massage with the Super Deluxe Smitten, Creamy Massage Oil, and the Velvet Pleasure feels. While you roll up your right sleeve, I’m going to slip the Velvet Pleasure into the Smitten. We’ll use your left arm later for some of the flavored products, but for this one, lets use the right.

Many couples find this combo very stimulating, (especially on the man’s penis.) For added fun, both the Deluxe Smitten and Velvet Pleasure are water resistant and van be used in the tub or shower.

Hosting Opportunity
Before I move onto the next product section, let me remind you that you have an opportunity to receive some of these fun and spicy items in Passion Parties Hostess Rewards Program. As you can see on the last two pages of the catalog (or on the front of your lapboard), I shower my hostesses with discounts and shopping sprees. Plus, anyone who books and holds a Passion Party with me before June 17th can purchase the Deluxe Toy Box featured on the inside cover for only $25. Ladies, this handsome storage case would retail for $69, if it were in the core line. But it is not, it is an exclusive product that is only available to hostesses!

If you already know that your friends wold love a party, mark a high number on your interest rating on the order form. We can chat about it in the consultation room later.

Pure Instinct Roll On

page 9

Pheromones are subtle scents our bodies make and react to without our concision awareness. Everyone excretes sexual attractants. These subtle scents tell others that we are in the mood for love.

The pheromones found in this little bottle of Pure Instinct Roll-On are synthetically created sex attractant. It works on both men and women, mixing with their unique body chemistry to send out sexy signals. It is like a secret weapon.


page 10

Nibblers are a great moisturizing lip balm. They contain menthol making them fun for other things. When applied to the lips (these lips ladies) it draws blood to them making them a little more plump and rosy. If that wasn’t cool enough, Increased blood flow means heightened sensitivity. Just remember; lips and nips but above the hips. This little jar can make foreplay a lot more fun.

Have fun with Nibblers tonight, and tomorrow morning put some on your lips when you kiss your partner goodbye. Your lover will remember last night and think about it all day long!

It comes in strawberry, watermelon, raspberry, and as of June 1st, grape!

Cotton Candy-Licious

page 10

This is such a great product because you can use it in three ways.For fun foreplay, drizzle it on your body and let your partner lick and kiss. Or apply it right on your tounge to surprise your partner with a sweet kiss. Lastly, because this product is not sticky, you can massage it into your skin. This is a nice option if you are a little shy about foreplay or want to take a subtle approach. Your body will taste and smell sweet for hours.

For a tantilizing game of hide-and-seek, dab a little on parts of you you want your lover to find. Send your lover on a tasty hunt.

Candy-Licious comes in Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Mint. Many men list strawberry as their favorite flavor, but it is worth adding all three to your collection of tasty treats.


page 22
$12.50 (4 oz)

Have you ever heard that wetter sex is better sex? For a great sexual experience, it is vital that we are properly lubricated. Lubricants provide protection to ensure sex feels good, allowing you to glide easily against each other. There are times, like when using toys, that even the juiciest passion diva may need extra lubrication. In that case, you are in the right place.

Revelation is a must-have lube to add to your toy box.

Why? Revelation has the smooth feel of a silicone lube, but it is water-based and non-staining. it will not dry sticky or tacky. Plus it is completely toy-friendly. All toys must be used with lubricant.

Business Opportunity Seed
Before I show you more of my favorite products I would like to share a bit about my experience as a Passion Consultant. I am a fairly new consultant but have already found that I love my job. I signed up for one important reason; money. I need to increase my income so that I can afford my college tuition and complete my degree. From reading, I knew Passion Parties was a money maker and that it would be flexible enough to work around my class days and coursework. What I didn’t know was how much I would enjoy helping other women enhance their lives, learn about their bodies, and have fun while doing it. It is for that reason that I went a step further and began training as a team leader, so that I can offer the same opportunity to women just like me.

If you are curious about what Passion Parties can offer you or can already see yourself doing what I do, be sure to mark your interest level on the order form and I’ll be sure to get you the information you need to explore the opportunity.

Now are you ready for the most exciting part of the party? I can’t hear you. That’s more like it.
Turn the Party Pro Bag around and unzip it.
Welcome to Penis 101
Like the clitoris, the penis is full of nerves and is very sensitive. Through the entire length of the penis is sensitive to the touch, the head is more responsive than the shaft. And the rim of the head, called the corona, is the most sensitive of all. If you really want to drive your lover wild, look for the web of tissue on the back of the penis, where the head meets the shaft. This is called the frenulum. Concentrating on this area during hand or oral play will send most men into orbit. All men are different, and some men may find that direct stimulation of the most sensitive parts of their penis irresistible but it may be is uncomfortable others. If you and your partner are new to each other communication is key.

page 27

Let me introduce you to Gigi. Gigi is an internally-ribbed male masturbation sleeve. I am going to use this Slick Stick as our penis to show you how Gigi works. Put a drop of lubricant on his penis and massage down the shaft, add lubricant tot he opening of Gigi.

This is a great toy to use together. One way is to use your hand to move it up and down his shaft while you perform oral sex on the top of his penis or you can just squeeze, twist, and pump Gigi up and down.

More Gigi
For oral sex, Gigi acts as a bumper guard so it you have a challenge with your gag reflex, Gigi works the bottom and you work the top. When he is ready to climax, pull the end up over the top of his penis, pinching Gigi closed. And Gigi swallows.

For easy cleaning of Gig and other toys at home, use our Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleaner, but not soap. Once she is dry, store her in a zip-lock baggie because Gigi is sensitive to other toys.

Slick Stick

page 22

Slick Stick is what we call a marathon lube, designed to apply and then forget about.

It contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The Vitamin E helps the delicate vaginal tissues during vigorous sex. The Aloe Vera works as a natural anti-bacterial.

One of the questions I hear often is “When is the right time to apply lubricant?” and my answer is “Before you think you need it.”

Game 2
Power Plunge (Game Guide, page 20)
Romata Therapy
Pure Satistaction Unisex Enhancement Gel

page 3

Pure Satisfaction is our top-selling product. For a woman, reaching orgasm takes time, stimulation, and concentration. Pure Satisfaction gives men and women intense orgasms. Put one pump on your finger and place it under the hood of the clitoris, massaging it into the soft tissue. Some women are going to feel a cool tingle and some will feel warmth. For men, place one pump on the frenulum and massage in. We call it a party in your pants.
Here is how it works:
Peppermint opens the pores and allows the L’Arginine (an amino acid) to work through the blood stream. The vaginal area engorges and the clitoris becomes exposed for easier stimulation.

Daily use of Pure Satisfaction Gel increases vaginal lubrication. The more you use it, the better it works. It has a very pleasant mint smell and is also edible.

While you are trying Pure Satisfaction, do not screw the top of the bottle. It will break the seal and it won’t pump anymore. The seal is important to maintain the integrity of the ingredients in an air free environment.

The Progressor

page 25

The Progressor is one of the top sellers of all our partner toys. This toy provides the necessary stimulation that women need. Plus it is comfortable for men to wear, this is one size fits all! If not, run screaming!

To use it, shimmy it down to the bottom of his penis just like a c-ring. Your clitoris rests on the nubby side or the side with the ridges. Put a dab of Pure Satisfaction or lubricant on the toy.

The Progressor has multiple speeds; slow, fast, faster, pulsing, escalating, and surging and even a revving motor. We all feel sensations differently and this allows us to select just the right feeling to help you achieve orgasm. Plus, you can use the bullet by itself.

Wait, there’s more!
As an added treat for him, pull the ring to the base of the penis, then stretch down along his testicles and face it backwards resting on your partner’s perineum, as this area is very sensitive. He will go wild.
G-Spot 101
It is important to have goals in life and if a G-spot orgasm is something you’ve never had put that on the top of your list!

The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina. If you run your tounge over the roof of your mouth, you will notice a ridged section that is similar to what this spot will feel like. Some women describe it as a spongy or slightly raised area about the size of a dime. Once you find the ridged spot inside the vagina, put your finger right above that area and with a come-hither motion, curve your finger toward the front wall of your vagina.

When the G-spot is stimulated properly, many women feel the urge to urinate. Continue on with stimulating the area and the sensation will change over to one that makes you feel incredibly intense. Some women ejaculate during G-spot orgasm. This glandular fluid is not urine. It is usually a clear,colorless liquid and sometimes smells sweet.

Romanta Therapy
G-Spot Creme

page 21

G-Spot Creme is designed to stimulate the nerve endings located on your G-spot to help with achieving the ultimate orgasm.

Apply it directly to your G-spot using a finger or one of our G-spot toys. This product contains Arginine, which pulls blood to the area, increasing pleasurable sensations.

It plumps up the G-spot area making it easier to stimulate during sex or with a toy. Once you apply the cream, wait about 8 to 10 minuets and you will be surprised.

Velvet Curve

page 14

The Velvet Cruse may look like a dentist’s mirror, but it’s really one of your new favorite toys. The slim design and curved tip is excellent for G-spot stimulation and provides clitoral stimulation for every postilion. This is the perfect G-Spot Creme applicator. It is amazing to slip between your and your partner for sensational vibrations you can both enjoy – the clitoris for you and the perineum for him.
Groove Thang

page 16

Meet your new shower buddy. The Groove Thang gives you the best of both worlds; strong vibrations for targeted clitoral stimulation and a perfect curve to keep your G-spot happy. The ergonomic one-touch control handle gives you easy access to three powerful speeds. You don’t have to shake your groove thang–it will rock you!
Clean & Simple
Adult Toy

page 23

One of the most frequently asked questions from my customers is, “How do I clean my toys?” The answer is extremely important. Proper care of your toys will not only assist you in keeping them in top working condition, but will also safe guard your vaginal health. Any type of soap can leave a residue on your toys or may break down the material which disrupts your vaginal pH.

This product is essential to add to your list. To use it, simply spray, rinse, and wipe or air dry. After you toy has dried seal each in its own individual bag to keep them clean until the next use.

Discount Opportunity
“If your Wish List is filling up fast and you are wondering how to whittle it down, remember, when you host a party you can receive a hostess discount along with several shopping spree opportunities.
The Passion Parties
Guide to Great Sex

page 29

No one knows everything when it comes to sex. The most passionate people keep their sex lives fresh and fun by learning and trying new things. To that end, The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex is a sensual learning tool. All of the profits from this book support Passion Parties Charitable Foundation.
Closing the Party
All good things must come to an end, including our Passion Party. I hope that you all had a great time and will take away a positive impression of Passion Parties as a company. Now you get to choose which passion goodies you would like to make your very own.

My intent tonight was to try to have everyone leave having learned something new and I hope I’ve achieved that. If you have questions or would like a catalog please don’t hesitate to ask when in it is your turn in the Consultation room. As a matter of professionalism all questions, and order are completley confidential.

Ordering Directions
I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or cash. You can choose to have your order shipped, in discreet packaging, to your home, or to me and I can bring it to you personally.
Thank You
You are an awesome and sexy group of women and I look forward to meeting with you individually. While you are picking out your items I’m going to pack and bring the demos up into the ordering room, in case you want a second look. If anyone has a babysitter waiting or needs to leave, let’s have you be the first to order.
Amazing Hot Massager
$15.00 USA | Item 2427
A hot sensual massage is simply heartwarming. Heart-shaped heating pad.
* Heart shape *Flexible metal disc inside activates heat crystals when flexed *Heats up to 56Ā° C/129Ā° F *Stays hot for up to 30 minutes * May be reactivated
*Warming effect soothes skin and muscles *Soothing touch is a powerful aphrodisiac *Simple to activate *Great for travel *Reusable
5″ wide, 5″ tall
– Bend the metal disc inside the heat pack to feel the heart warm up. To reactivate, boil in water for 5-7 minutes and let cool.
– Store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Never heat in a microwave. Keep away from children and pets.
RT Creamy Massage Oil
RT Seduction Soy Massage Candle
Simply Sensualā„¢ Soy Massage Candle
Passion Massage Lotion

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