Overcoming Adversity Essay Example
Overcoming Adversity Essay Example

Overcoming Adversity Essay Example

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  • Published: March 8, 2022
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Life, proverbially, has been said to be a constant push and pull. Some days are good, and some days are not so favorable. Human beings battle opposing forces in their existence and success, either pulling them to adversity or pushing them to glory. Regardless, human beings have to survive and overcome the challenges that come while also appreciating life's successes. Overcoming adversity is a question of attitude, desire, patience, hope, and determination to change current misfortune to desirable destiny.

People are products of their thoughts, perspectives, and attitudes. Adult life, in many cases, involves conscious decision-making, which involves a particular thought process. The decision leads to specific action points, which then determine behavior. In the face of adversity, the first action point is to take an objective stand about the issue in question. Objectivity


, in this case, means understanding the issue within its actual context and delving into solving it with practicality. Pragmatism coupled with a positive attitude helps make a powerful ingredient in problem-solving.

Patience pays, it is commonly said. Patience is a natural calmer and pacifier in the face of aridity and adversity. It is a crucial element in overcoming adversity. Patience involves understanding that life is enduring, and things may not always be as good as hoped. In the recovery process following an adverse situation, the constant whispers of the patient heart keep the spirit moving and working hard to solve the misfortunes that already exist. Patience, as a virtue, involves self-control, discipline, and emotional intelligence.

On the whole, overcoming adversity is a mental thing. It takes a positive attitude, a patient heart, a spirit desiring t

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soar to greater heights, an objective mind, and a determined soul to thrive against negative situations. Life is a roller coaster of highs and lows, and human beings are responsible for making the best even out of difficult circumstances. Everybody wants to be happy in the various aspects of life, and happiness can only be achieved when people overcome hurdles. The hope of life is that there will always be a positive ray, no matter how negative things get.

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