Out of Many: A History of the American People Chapter 20

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Jim Crow
Black rights were stripped from them. They were denied the right to vote, there were 3 ways that helped them deny their voting rights 1) Poll Tax 2) Grandfather Clause 3) Literacy Tests
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Case dealt with segregation, they said if there are 2 accommodations and \”equal\” then segregation was acceptable, this led to separate schools, restaurants, etc.
Spoils System
\”To the victor goes the Spoils\” If the Republican party won, they would give Government jobs to their supporters. If Democratic party won, they would do the same and kick out Republican workers.
‘Rain follows the plow’
Farmers dependent on weather. They were scared there wasn’t enough rain, this was a scientific theory saying if you plowed the earth the rain would follow. Weather played a big part from the West moving back to the East.
An official list or table showing the duties or customs imposed by a Government on imports or exports. Hurt farmers because it made the manufactured goods more expensive for the farmers and then selling over seas their farming products were sold for less.
Gold Standard
Monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is based on a fixed quantity of gold.
Farmers Alliance
By the 1880’s, this is what Grange groups became. 3 locations wanted silver in currency system, wanted currency tax, wanted government ownership of railroads, wanted subtreasurey.
The Peoples Party/Populist Party
A short-lived political party in the U.S. poor cotton farmers in the south and wheat farmers. It represented a radical crusading form of agrarianism and hostility to banks, favored William Jennings Brian.
William Jennings Brian
Democratic candidate in election of 1896; Lost to McKinley. Favored \”Free-Silver\” and was against the gold standard. Campaigned himself and didn’t hire someone to do it.
Election of 1896
Republican party candidate was William McKinley. He was for the gold standard, wanted a higher Tariff, and pull economy back together. Democratic party candidate was William Jennings Bryan who was for \”free-silver\” and against the gold standard. Lots of money spent on election. McKinley wins. Populist party falls after this election.
The Homestead Strike
An industrial lockout beginning on June 30th 1892, culminating in a battle between strikers and private security agents on July 6, 1892. One of the most serious disputes in U.S. labor history.
The Pullman Strike
A boycott; Pullman was a company town because of recession Pullman drops wages low but kept rent for housing high so people strike. Eugene v. Debs put together the United Railroad Workers-won’t touch Pullman cars.
Eugene V. Debs
American Union Leaders. Started the United Railway workers. Worked with Pullman Strike. Signed many workers from that into the ARU. He called the boycott for Pullman Strike.
When one country expands into another country and takes control. European nations became very involved in it and would take over their Government. Reasons they take them over: 10 Resource 2) Markets 3) Spread
Fredrick Jackson Turner Thesis
History paper that argued that the Frontier made America what it is (Democratic, Political Institution, Successful workers).
American Missionary Movement
Young Americans sailed abroad as missionaries. Nondenominational and very stressful.
Yellow Press/Journalism
Newspapers would drop prices and have \”sensational\” stories that most wouldn’t post on a newspaper to get a lot of people to buy the newspaper.
Sinking of the Maine
President McKinley sends the Maine down to the harbor of Savannah, the ship blows up and the Government thought it was actually the Spanish, but it was a boiler explosion.
Spanish-American War
1898-The moment America gets involved and becomes an imperialist nation. They take over Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Got involved because we wanted Cuba to take it from Spain. Very short war, won quickly.
Rough Riders
Roosevelt organizes this, it is a bunch of cowboy’s, old school friends, etc. Takes them to Cuba to fight. Earliest fighters were the Rough Riders.
Theodore Roosevelt
After college gets married but wife dies. Broke his heart so he moved West. Then comes back and has an interest in politics. Eventually becomes Assistant secretary of the Navy, then President.
War in the Philippines
Philippine resistance. Pilipino people were fighting against Spain. America decides against helping the Philippines, instead fighting them. (1st Guerilla War)
The Water Cure
When American soldiers captured Philippine’s, they would pour water down the throats and then step on their full belly’s to get information.

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