Othello – Paper Assignment Essay Example
Othello – Paper Assignment Essay Example

Othello – Paper Assignment Essay Example

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  • Published: October 23, 2017
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A desire for retaliation can get the better of a individual and have great damaging effects. This is particularly true in the drama Othello by William Shakespeare. The drama takes topographic point in a clip of war between Italy and Turkey. The drama begins in Venice. Italy but so displacements to the island of Cyprus for the balance of the drama. In the drama. the chief adversary Iago was non chosen for a place of lieutenancy by his general. Othello. Othello had chosen a adult male named Cassio over Iago. Iago. being really covetous of Othello and Cassio. plots a program for retaliation.

Early on on in the drama. we find that Othello has complications in his matrimony to Desdemona. Othello and Desdemona are seen as antonyms in which Desdemona is an guiltless. Sweet. high category white adult female. while Othello is a tough. ugly. and black war general. Iago. utilizing this cognition. begins to plot his retaliation. Iago says. “I hate the Moor. and it is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets ‘has done my office. I know non if’t be true. but I. for mere intuition in that sort. will make as if for surety” ( Act 1. three. 429-433 ) .

Iago. in this quotation mark. suggests that a rumour about Othello kiping with his married woman may non be true. but he will feign it is in order to break his secret plan for retaliation. Iago’s first measure in the program was to jeopardize Othello’s relationship by stating Brabantio. Desdemona’s male parent. about their matrimony. Othello claims he will non conceal b


ecause he has nil to be afraid of and inquire Iago if he agrees. Iago says. “By Janus. I think no” ( Act 1. two. 38 ) . Iago alludes to the Greek God Janus that purportedly had two faces. This is an illustration of dramatic-irony because the audience knows that Iago himself is ambidextrous since he pretends to be nice but in actuality is seeking to acquire retaliation ; Othello is besides incognizant of Iago’s other motivations.

Iago. in his secret plan for retaliation. frequently uses psychological agencies to pull strings people. When Brabantio is speaking to Othello. he says “She has deceived her male parent. and may thee” ( Act 1. three. 333-334 ) . Brabantio believed that since Desdemona was non loyal to her male parent. she may besides lead on Othello. This is an illustration of prefiguration because Othello will be lead on to believe that Desdemona is non loyal to him. Iago. later in the drama. alludes to Brabantio’s warning and says. “She did lead on her male parent. get marrieding you. and when she seemed to agitate and fear your expressions. she loved them most” ( Act 3. three. 237-240 ) . Iago. being really devilish. enhances Othello’s uncertainties about his matrimony. This uncertainty in Othello’s head comes into drama subsequently in Iago’s programs for retaliation. Iago shows that he will utilize any agencies to acquire his retaliation. whether it be lying or pull stringsing any insecurities in others.

Near the terminal of the drama. Iago’s program has progressed as he had planned:

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Othello does non swear Desdemona or Cassio. Iago had gotten Cassio fired. and Othello still has complete trust in Iago. Othello had given Desdemona a hankie when they had gotten married which symbolized everything keeping their relationship together. Iago gets a clasp of the hankie and workss it on Cassio. This becomes cogent evidence for Othello that Desdemona is rip offing on Othello with Cassio. Othello becomes so angry he kills Desdemona. Emilia. Iago’s married woman. walks in after Othello strangles Desdemona and in daze attempts to explicate what Iago has done to him. Iago comes in and attempts to halt Emilia ; he so stabs her because she wouldn’t halt. Iago’s program had been revealed and Othello is traumatized. Othello exclaims “But why should honour outlive honesty” ( Act 5. two. 293 ) ? Othello. seeking to grok what he has done. inquiries how the repute of being honest could outlive honour itself. Iago. so dead set on acquiring retaliation for the interest of his repute. had killed his really ain married woman.

At the beginning of the drama. Iago had said that he heard a rumour about Othello kiping with his married woman. He didn’t know if it was true but said he would feign it was in order to fuel his desire and secret plan for retaliation. Throughout the drama. Iago had used any agencies to finish his end. For illustration. Iago used psychological agencies to pull strings Othello into doubting his relationship with Desdemona. Iago so lied to Othello and tricked him into believing that Desdemona was holding an matter with Cassio.

If Emilia had non told Othello. he may non hold known about Iago’s program at all. Iago kills Emilia for stating Othello. which is dry because Iago used the rumour about Othello and his married woman to fuel his retaliation. Iago’s desire for retaliation became so great that when Emilia ruined his program. he killed her. Alternatively of killing Iago. Othello says. “I’d have thee unrecorded. for in my sense ‘tis felicity to die” ( Act 5. two. 340-341 ) . Iago will be kept alive and most probably anguished because killing him would be a penalty non worthy of Iago’s actions. Iago’s desire for retaliation finally overcame him and caused many damaging effects in his life every bit good as many others. In decision. one should ne'er seek retaliation.