Organizational Structure of Walgreens Essay Example
Organizational Structure of Walgreens Essay Example

Organizational Structure of Walgreens Essay Example

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  • Published: September 14, 2017
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This week’s larning squad assignment focused on the organisational construction and design. Team C will analyze the organisational chart of Walgreens and reconstitute it to do it more efficient and good for the company. The pupils have decided the CEO of the organisation is overwhelmed with sections describing to him. Therefore. some sections will be consolidated and moved to more specialised officers under the CEO for a more productive company. The officers to receiver these extra sections will be Chief Financial Officer ( CFO ) . Chief Strategy Officer ( CSO ) and Chief Informational Officer ( CIO ) . This paper will discourse structural alterations. the work to be completed and how this work can be done efficaciously.

Fiscal Reorganization

Presently. the Administration and the Human Resources sections describe straight to the Chief Executive Officer. We have pro


posed a alteration to the concatenation of bid with Human Resources being combined with the Administration section and have that new. combined section study straight the Chief Financial Officer ( CFO ) . Human Capital Management ( Human Resources ) straight affects the bottom line of an organisation through the work force. benefits costs. preparation and development and eventually employee battle. The Administration section manages the overall way of Walgreens. Since the direction of the work force is one of the chief drive factors that straight relate to the fiscal success of an organisation. it will be efficient and cost effectual to reorganise and unite these sections under the CFO. To carry through this reorganisation. we will utilize cross-functional squads to turn to each department’s work specialisations. strengths and failings. And so outlay an effectual program of action. The

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CFO’s fiscal expertness will be used to analyse the implicit in fiscal deductions of the reorganisation every bit good as the day-to-day cost of concern operations.

Scheme and Community Management Reorganization

The Chief Strategy Officer ( CSO ) will go on to describe to the CEO. To be more efficient in work specialisation. we have decided to travel the undermentioned sections and do them subdivisions under Scheme: Customer Experience. Customer Experience and Daily Living and Community Management. As Walgreens embraces today’s consumer. making a alone client experience is apart of the scheme to construct their sure trade name and put them apart from the competition. Traveling these sections will be good because the leaders in each section can join forces on schemes and programs that are client focused. In add-on to describing to the CSO now. the Community Management section will besides have new duties. Currently Facilities Development and Store Operations study to them. In order to make a more efficient section they will now supervise two extra sections ; Well Experience and Operations Community.

The Community Manager will hold Store Operations and Operation Community work as a specialised squad focused on take downing operational cost for the company. One of Walgreens cardinal schemes is to make a “Well Experience” ( Walgreens 2014 ) . The Well Experience “starts with leading-edge shop design. new layouts. enhanced merchandise mixtures and state-of –the-art pharmaceuticss. including conveying the druggist from behind the counter for a greater interaction with patients ( Walgreens 2014 ) . They will work with the Community Management section in join forcesing together to make a partnership for success in “Well Experience” enterprise. Once the druggist is engaged

with the clients in their community it creates transparence and trust non merely in them but besides in the Walgreens’ trade name.

Information Technology Reorganization

The eCommerce and Design sections will be moved under the direct supervising of the Chief Information Officer ( CIO ) to cut down the direct studies of the CEO. Consolidating these two sections under the CIO will assist turn Walgreens into a technology-driven company that has consistent originative across all platforms. These two sections will besides profit from the CIO’s more specialised proficient accomplishments. The Chief Information Officer already oversees the endeavor engineering that supports Walgreens operations. including security package. For eCommerce. security is a major concern for Walgreens’ clients. The CIO’s specialisation in the information engineering will assist him better implement the eCommerce tools and maintain those tools secure.

The Design section produces the creative that is used to advance the Walgreens’ trade name. As Walgreens expands its digital presence with an enhanced web experience and new nomadic app ( Walgreens. 2014 ) . it is of import that originative remain consistent and functional across all platforms. Having the Design section working hand-in-hand with Information Technology and eCommerce will bring forth consistent creative that is technology-focused across all selling channels. The CIO’s proficient accomplishments will let him to take the Design section in an every-growing online universe.


The squad decided to reconstitute the organisational chart of Walgreens. Ultimately. taking duties off the CEO and traveling those sections to more specialised officers. In making so. this will let the CEO to be more productive because his or her work load is more manageable. The reorganisation of these sections under the Chief Financial Officer. Chief

Information Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. will do these sections more efficient because they will profit from their specialised accomplishments.

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