Organic Chemistry Reactions Alkenes

Addition of HCl, HBr, and HI




Markovnikov regiochemistry occurs, with H adding to the less highly substituted alken carbon and halogen adding to the more highly substituted carbon.

Addition of Cl2 and Br2



Anti addition is observed through a halonium ion intermediate.

Halohydrin Formation

Markovnikov regiochemistry and antisterochemistry occur.

Addition of water by hydroboration-oxidation

Non-Markovnikov syn addition occurs.

Addition of water by oxymercuration-demercuration


Markovnikov regiochemitry occurs.

Catalytic Hydrogenation

Syn addition occurs

Epoxidation with a peroxyacid

Syn additon occurs

Hydroxylation with OsO4

Syn addition occurs

Addition of Carbenes to yeild cyclopropanes

1. Dichlorocarbene addition

2. Simmons-Smith Reaction

Hydroxylation by acid-catalyzed epoxide hydrolysis.

Anti-Sterochemistry occurs

Oxidative Cleavage of Alkenes

1. Reaction with Ozone followed by Zinc in Acetic Acid



2. Reaction with KMnO4, in Acidic Solution




3. Cleavage of 1,2 Diols

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