operation management chapter 1

Which of the following refers to service and production processes that use resources in ways that do not harm ecological systems? .
Which of the following would tend to increase the importance of supply chain management?
increased globalization.
The external elements of SWOT analysis are
opportunities and threats
In an assembly operation at a furniture factory, six employees assembled an average of 450 standard dining chairs per five-day week. What is the labor productivity of this operation?
15 chairs/worker/day
The responsibilities of the operations manager are:
forecasting, designing, planning, organizing, and controlling.
Which of the following is not a key factor of competitiveness ?
size of organization
An organization’s mission statement serves as the basis for:
organizational goals
Which of the following factors would tend to reduce productivity?
more inexperienced workers
Two widely used metrics of variation are the __________ and the _________.
mean; standard deviation
Which of the following is not a type of operations?
People who work in the field of operations should have skills that include both knowledge and people skills.
A business that is rated highly by its customers for service quality will tend to be more profitable than a business that is rated poorly.
The operations manager has primary responsibility for making operations system design decisions, such as system capacity and location of facilities.
Tracking productivity measures over time enables managers to judge organizational performance and decide where improvements are needed.
Outsourcing tends to improve quality but at the cost of lowered productivity.
The hierarchy and sequence of planning and decision making is: mission, organizational strategy, tactics, and operational decisions.
A systems approach emphasizes interrelationships among subsystems, but its main theme is that the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.
Lean production systems incorporate the advantages of both mass production and craft production.
An example of an operational operations management decision is inventory level management.
Operations, marketing, and finance function independently of each other in most organizations.
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