OFL unit 7 world history

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lightning war
Battle of Britain
Hitler called off his attacks, he focused on the Mediterranean area and the Balkans
Lend-Lease Act
the transfer of war supplies including food, machinery and services, to nations whose defense was considered vital to the defense of the United States in World War 1
Atlantic Charter
Roosevelt and Churchill met secretly and issued a joint delaration. It upheld free trade among nations and the right of people to choose their own government
the systematic mass slaughter of Jews and other groups judged inferior by the Nazis
Nuremberg Laws
deprived Jews of their rights to German citizenship and forbade marriages between Jews and non-Jews
dismal, overcrowded, segregated Jewish areas
Battle of Stalingrad
began on August 23, 1942. went on nightly bombing raids that set much of the city ablaze and reduced the rest to rubble
began on June 6, 1944
British, Anerican, French and Canadian troops fought their way onto a 60-mile stretch of beach in Normandy
Japanese suicide pilots
Identify and define the two technological devices that helped turn the tide in the Royal Air Force’s favor?
One was the electronic tracking system known as radar, it could tell the number, speed and direction of incoming war planes. A German made code-making machine named enigma, it enabled the British to decode the Germans secret messages.
Describe the bombing of Pearl Harbor and its significance.
American sailors wake to explosives. a Japanese attack was underway. The Japanese had sunk or damaged 19 ships, including 8 battleships. More than 2,300 Americans were killed. It caused many other places like Guam and Wake to fall.
What was the role of the SS during the \”Final Solution.\”
The SS and their collaborations rounded up men, women, children, and even babies and took them to isolated spots
How did the United States mobilize for war?
Factories converted their peacetime operations to wartime production and made everything from a machine guns to boots. Automobile factories produced tanks. A typewriter company made armor piercing shells.
How did the Allies deal with the Nazi war criminals after the war was over?
The bodies of those executed were burned at the concentration camp Dachau. They were cremated in the same ovens that had burned so many of their victims.
Charles de Gaulle
a French general who set up a government-in-exile in London; went on to organize Free French military forces that battled the Nazis until France was liberated in 1944
Winston Churchill
British Prime Minister who declared that Britain would never give in to the Axis Powers
Erwin Rommel
known as the \”Desert Fox,\” this German general commanded the Afrika Korps, an elite German tank force, to assist the Italians in Africa
Douglas MacArthur
the commander of the Allied land forces in the Pacific
James Doolittle
under his command, 16 B-25 bombers to bomb Tokyo and several other Japanese cities
Herschel Grynszpan
a Jewish youth from Germany who shot a German diplomat living in Paris out of revenge for his father’s deportation to Poland
Dwight Eisenhower
an American General who led Allied forces into Morocco and Algeria during Operation Torch
Germanic people’s who were considered by the Nazis to be the \”master race\”
Japanese suicide pilots

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