Nutritional Requirements Of Individuals With Dementia Essay Example
Nutritional Requirements Of Individuals With Dementia Essay Example

Nutritional Requirements Of Individuals With Dementia Essay Example

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  • Published: August 9, 2017
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You must supply replies to each inquiry that let your assessor to decently measure what work responsibilities you are making or what function you have within your work. It expected that you would necessitate about 300 words per inquiry. The more item you provide the less likely your history will be sent back for more elucidation.

You must reply each inquiry in your ain words and written in the first individual intending “I do this” . A tip is ever to maintain in head the “who. why. how. where and when” in each reply.

Learning Outcome 1-Understand the nutritionary demands that are alone to persons with dementedness

1. 1 Describe how cognitive. functional and emotional alterations associated with dementedness can impact feeding. imbibing and nutrition Symptoms associated with dementedness. can hold a harmful consequence on persons. if they are non addressed and resolved. In my workplace if the resident’s cognitive ability is impaired they could bury to eat and imbibe. every bit good as think that they haven’t been fed. I might besides believe they had a drink or eaten their nutrient where as they might hold tipped their drink down the sink or thrown their nutrient off. If the functional ability alterations it could intend that they can’t hold cutter or keep a drink. therefore they are unable to feed themselves decently. When the emotional province alterations they may go stressed and non desire to eat or imbibe and may besides bury that they need to eat


and imbibe.

For illustration. Miss K was a large lady who had assorted dementedness. She was able to speak and hear but needed full support at repast times due to her nutritionary demands. At repast times she would usually sit at the tabular array but she loved speaking to herself most of the clip. To deviate her attending. as it was already lunchtime. first. I used to recognize her in an appropriate mode and explained that it’s already clip to eat. She used to look at me and smiling. She accepted her repast with felicity and exhilaration on her face. as she was already hungry. I placed her nutrient and drink in forepart of her on the tabular array and after a piece I left her on her ain. I so noticed that she stared at her drink and I could state that she didn’t really cognize what she was making as she had forgotten what to make with the points in forepart of her.

She used to play with her nutrient and after a few seconds she would normally tip her drink onto the floor and throw her nutrient onto the drapes hanging by the window. In order for her to halt this behavior I ever tried to quiet her down in the gentlest manner possible. After quieting and settling Miss K down I carried out the cleansing and sanitising of the floor every bit good as the drapes to guarantee proper hygiene and cleanliness therefore avoiding any possible infections or taints. I ever made certain that I documented the position of Miss K so that all events were on record for future mention. I besides

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made it a precedence to advert any alterations of Miss K to the senior member of staff on responsibility so that they were kept up to day of the month with her status. After a few studies from the carers she was finally given one to one attention during mealtimes to help and back up her during feeding and imbibing.

1. 2 Explain how hapless nutrition can lend to an individual’s experience of dementedness. Poor nutrition can ensue Miss K going more baffled and stressed as she is non acquiring all the foods she needs. and because of her going more baffled which may ensue her in burying to eat and imbibe more so she became more hard-pressed which made her more ill. Good nutrition helps the manner all human existences look. feel and believe and if person with dementedness that doesn’t acquire adequate nutrition. it will surely demo by them losing weight and non feeling really good. Due to Miss K’s deficiency of involvement in feeding and imbibing her mobility was affected. She became unsteady on her pess. which made her utilize the wheelchair from clip to clip. I ever tried to give her motive and encouragement to imbibe and eat every bit good as other staff members.

It besides of import for me and other staff members to keep good nutrition to forestall sick wellness whilst at workplace. I made certain that I am physically fit. had Ate and imbibe good earlier traveling to work because sometimes if carers are ailing and have non eat or imbibe the degree of forbearance and passion to care for the service users were affected which could do them going more agitated and hard-pressed.

1. 3 Outline how other wellness and emotional conditions may impact the nutritionary demands of an person with dementedness An illustration of how other wellness and emotional conditions could impact the nutritionary demands of an person with dementedness is depression. as this could take to a loss of appetency and besides a deficiency of involvement in nutrient and drinks. For illustration. Mrs B has been depressed for rather erstwhile due to the decease of her hubby. She would prefer to be on her ain most of the clip. As a consequence of her deficiency of socialization she became socially isolated. This affected her nutritionary demands. as she didn’t feel like eating. It took a long clip until she agreed to travel to the dining room at meal times.

Once dinner was served she would lose involvement in eating and tended to return to the sofa without touching the repast. I systematically done my best to seek and promote her to eat. I offered her the pick of what she wanted to eat in the hope that she would take something she desired instead than non eating at all. I noticed that she became defeated and dying when questioned several times. When this became evident to me I would go forth her in the sofa and I would inquire other staff members to seek and speak to her to see if they could assist. I updated her records so that other staff members

could see that she hadn’t eaten. I besides had to describe the affair to the director so that they were kept in the image excessively.

1. 4 Explain the importance of recognizing and run intoing an individual’s personal and cultural penchants for nutrient and imbibe It is of import to recognize an individual’s personal and cultural penchants to nutrient and drink as this can do people feel like they are respected and included. This will promote single to eat and imbibe. but besides it will increase their emotional and physical wellbeing. Asking people with dementedness about their mealtime penchants. when and where they like to eat and what nutrients they enjoy is critical to guarantee all staff supply nutrient and options at mealtimes that are familiar to them. Peoples may hold different positions about nutrients depending on their cultural background. Supplying scope of familiar nutrients can assist do single feel at place. safe and welcomed.

An illustration. Mrs E. a Spanish lady who has no dementedness. is egoistic and has her ain feeding and imbibing penchants from clip to clip. It is really of import for me to place what Mrs E likes to eat and imbibe and what she doesn’t like because she tends to shout at carers if these are unmet. If I don’t recognize these I am non run intoing her penchants and that will do her to non eat and imbibe alternatively of gaining that it is something she doesn’t like. This will so do her feel unhappy. dying and stressed. If all members of staff know what she likes the direction ever assure that there is ever something available. Due to her nationality it is besides of import to place her cultural demands e. g. faith. assorted times of the twelvemonth where she may non eat or will merely eat certain nutrients. Every clip I am diffident and have inquiries sing her diet I ever double cheque with her attention program or I ask one of the members of staff who are more cognizant of her dietetic demands.

1. 5 Explain why it is of import to include a assortment of nutrient and drink in the diet of an person with dementedness It is really of import to include a assortment of nutrient and drink in the diet of occupants with dementedness. as they may bury what they didn’t like earlier and all of a sudden get down eating it. For illustration. Mr M has suffered from a intestine malignant neoplastic disease and other wellness jobs. He was under the alleviative attention due to his terrible status. He was unable to masticate and get down normal nutrient but still able to imbibe decently. After few hebdomads of non eating good Mr M had lose weight. He was checked by his GP and prescribed an Ensure drink for him. which contains the right sum of foods that will function as alternate to his nutrient.

I besides made certain to inquire Mr M if he had any penchants of nutrient and imbibe e. g. any spirit of drink or soup. He so told me that he likes chocolate flavour drinks. I

so informed the senior sing his wants. this was instantly passed on to his GP and merchandises were dispatched after a twenty-four hours. It is of import that there is ever a assortment for Mr M and other occupants to do certain that they are ever eating something and acquiring the right foods in their organic structures. After giving Mr M his drink and nutrient I so recorded it in his observation sheet so that other members of staff would be cognizant how much fluid consumption he had and to go on to supervise Mr M’s status.

Learning Outcome 2-Understand the consequence that mealtime environments can hold on an person with dementedness 2. 1 Describe how mealtime civilizations and environments can be a barrier to run intoing the nutritionary demands of an person with dementedness Mealtime civilizations such as repast sizes. figure of classs. specific meal times. order of nutrient etc. . may non be contributing to the demands of an person with dementedness. In my workplace. civilizations can be a barrier because some of the occupants may non cognize how to eat the nutrient that is in forepart of them and in the right order. Please see illustration 1. 1. There are some occupants who don’t want to eat with other occupants at the same clip as everyone else in a noisy. busier environment such as communal dining suites.

Communal countries can be a distraction for an person with dementedness as they can go overwhelmed. For illustration. a occupant who requires aid to eat. I ever make certain to inquire him if he would prefer to remain in the chief dining room or in a separate. more private room where he experience he won’t be watched. I ever guarantee that the environment for occupants is unagitated and relaxed in order for them to be able to concentrate on the nutrient they eat. This could avoid them going agitated. dying and stressed due to distraction of other occupants. Besides. all staff was trained to the right criterion to cover with mealtimes so that they run every bit swimmingly as possible to avoid struggles.

2. 2 Describe how mealtime environments and nutrient presentation can be designed to assist an person to eat and imbibe In my workplace. when I was assigned the kitchen responsibility I made certain I washed my custodies exhaustively before and after come ining the kitchen and before and after managing nutrient. Before mealtimes it was my duty to guarantee that all dining countries were orderly and clean. cutter was set on the tabular array and that a assortment of drinks were prepared and ready for the resident’s. I besides checked the floor to look for any spillages on the rug to avoid cross taint and tripping jeopardies. Furthermore it was my duty to administer all the trays to the occupants that remained in their sleeping rooms every bit good as the nutrient streetcar for the occupants in the sofas.

I made sure that the nutrient was served in a relaxed and unhurried mode. I checked with my co-workers to do certain that all occupants were ready for their repasts. leting them

to experience unagitated and relaxed in order to concentrate on their repasts. The presentation of each dinner tabular array and the presentation of the nutrient itself were of import excessively. Prints on home bases and tablecloths can be really confounding for occupants with dementedness. particularly if they have ocular perceptual experience troubles. Foods had to be easy identifiable ; kick pick home bases were used and were utile in assisting to demo up colorful nutrients. The presentation of the nutrient itself had considered coloring material. texture. odor. and overall entreaty. No 1 wants to eat a home base of unappealing nutrient. and occupants with dementedness respond good to centripetal stimulation.

2. 3 Describe how a individual centred attack can back up an person. with dementedness at different degrees of ability. to eat and imbibe There should ever be a individual centred attack to nutrient and nutrition to all persons having attention. every bit good as those with dementedness. In my workplace. there are assorted classs provided to all members of staff sing individual centred attack. nutrient hygiene and communicating to do certain that they are knowing and skilled plenty to back up individual’s nutritionary demands. Guaranting that mealtimes are sufficiently staffed to supply aid to those who need it is besides greatly of import when supplying a individual centred attack.

For illustration. Mrs R had undergone a nutritionary showing prior acknowledging in the place that was carried out by the line director. This involved records of her dietetic demands and penchants and any aid she needs at mealtimes to guarantee that members of staff act on this. Based on her attention program Mrs R had a normal diet. could eat and imbibe good but needed encouragement from clip to clip due to her status. When helping Mrs R I ever guarantee to esteem her rights and self-respect through supplying aid discreetly e. g. giving her napkins to protect vesture. supply altered dishware and cutter to enable her provender herself where appropriate. Making certain that nutrient expressions appetising and maintaining nutrients separate to heighten the quality of the eating experience is besides of import.

Whilst socializing during mealtimes should be encouraged. I besides offer privateness to those who have troubles with feeding. if they wish. to avoid embarrassment or loss of self-respect. I made certain that I give Mrs R and other occupants clip to eat because they should non be rushed. I made sure to non to do premises about their penchants on the footing of their cultural background- I guarantee to inquire them what their penchants are. My communicating accomplishments were besides of import when back uping Mrs R and others because some of them were unable to understand decently due to their dementedness.

I ever made certain to near and interact them in a nicest and in a properly mode. Ocular AIDSs. such as pictural bill of fare. and non-verbal communicating were besides used to assist to do picks. I besides guarantee to enter nutrient and unstable consumption of those resident’s who were monitored due to hapless nutrition. As demands and abilities change. these demands will necessitate reappraisal. to do certain that

nutritionary demands are systematically met. Besides cognizing Mrs R. and how. where. what times. and by which method she can outdo consume nutrient and drink will assist to back up her and her demands.

Learning Outcome 3-Be able to back up an person with dementedness to bask good nutrition

3. 1 Explain how the cognition of life history of an person with dementedness has been used to supply a diet that meets his/her penchants I was away at work when Mr O was foremost admitted in the place. I had no thought about his personal life. wellness status. nutritionary demands and penchants. When I came back to work I made certain to look into his attention program and day-to-day study signifier to derive cognition about his life history before covering with his personal demands. Having cognition of his life history has helped me and other staff members provide a diet that meets his penchants.

This helped me to happen out what he likes to eat. what are his favorite nutrients. what he don’t like to eat and if he has any allergic reactions to nutrients. By reexamining the attention program I found out that Mr O was diabetic. liked blackcurrant juice and black java but needed a carer to remind him to eat and imbibe during meal times as he used to bury them and merely slumbers if non encouraged and supervised. By utilizing his penchants shows that I am lodging onto his attention program. wants and desires when run intoing his demands. Recording any alterations on his penchants was besides recorded in his day-to-day study signifier and I besides handed in information to the senior in charged so that other staff would be cognizant.

3. 2 Explain how meal times for an person with dementedness are planned to back up his/her ability to eat and imbibe In my workplace. repast times are planned harmonizing to the individual’s status and picks. some occupants will sit at the tabular array and eat with others and some will non eat at all if they are in the company of others- these are occupants who preferred to remain in their sleeping rooms. My co-workers and I ever guarantee that occupants are in the most comfy topographic point they want to eat and imbibe. and that they are happy with it. In between mealtimes my co-workers and I offered them bites with assorted drinks and nutrient e. g. tea. java. hot cocoa. Horlicks. Ovaltine etc. . biscuits and bars whilst remaining in the life room or their sleeping room.

There are besides occupants who are unable to feed themselves. I ever make certain that I assist them with eating and imbibing and besides be planned to do certain that they are comfy and to cognize what they are traveling to be eating or imbibing in instance there is something that they do non desire. Any alterations on occupants nutritionary penchants I ever checked it with my director or other staff before giving them other picks because they may hold a particular diet or allergic to something.

3. 3 Explain how the specific feeding and imbibing abilities and demands of an

person with dementedness have been addressed Geting to cognize the specific demands and the feeding and imbibing abilities of an person should be addressed when assisting the person to do a pick in what they want to eat and imbibe. Besides cognizing the persons abilities should besides be in their attention program. I ever guarantee to look into each individual’s attention program before supplying them nutrient or imbibe particularly when he/she is foremost admitted in the residential place. I besides double look into their dietetic demands with my director or senior attention staff to avoid mistakes that may impact resident’s behaviour and wellness.

In my workplace. most of the resident’s changed their head from clip to clip although there was a specific penchant listed in their attention program. This will depend on their state of affairs because some occupants were unable to make up one's mind for themselves and were able to. I ever made certain to confer with them as they may bury of what they want or they may acquire fed up of lodging to one drink or nutrient all the clip. For illustration. based on Mr O’s attention program he likes orangish juice but when I offered him the drink he refused to accept it. He asked me if he could hold a blackcurrant juice alternatively. I respected his pick and gave him the blackcurrant juice. I besides passed my experience to the other staff members for them to go cognizant of his new penchant but he might besides alter his head in other clip.

It was besides of import to detect and supervise a occupant before taking an action to turn to them in feeding and imbibing. Another illustration. Mrs C had a normal nutrient and imbibe diet. as her dementedness progresses. she has developed a trouble in swallowing and imbibing. When I saw her suffered I instantly called the attending of my Senior to look into and detect Mrs C’s status. She so called the GP to farther buttocks her and besides speech linguistic communication healer was involved. After few appraisals Mrs C was so changed onto liquidised repast and 1 scoop of thickening in every 200mls drink. Her attention program was reviewed and this information was besides documented in her day-to-day study so that other members of staff will be informed sing her nutritionary alterations.

3. 4 Explain how a individual centred attack to run intoing nutritionary demands has improved the wellbeing of an person with dementedness The individual centred attack to run intoing nutritionary demands has improved the wellbeing of an person by bettering their province of head and their physical wellness. Based on 1. 1 illustrations. by giving Miss K a 1 to one aid during mealtimes she was able to eat and imbibe decently. Her ability to stand and walk was developed and I have noticed that she was calmer. polite and gentle when reacting to carers.

She besides took her medicine without any refusal or job. The attention and back up my co-workers and I have given to Miss K has improved her slumber forms. reduced confusion and anxiousnesss every bit good as infections

doing her live a happier and healthier life style. I ever guarantee to enter any alterations and of import information sing her physical and emotional status to assist farther appraisal and besides this will function as an grounds pattern for future observation and findings.