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I am certain that every individual that God created has its own uniqueness and kind. As such; these things that we have and owned are what make us who we are. We all have this differences with others; sex (male, female, including the LIGHT community), likes/dislikes, personal and spiritual beliefs, and so on. We sometimes feel intimidated by what others can do that you can’t, what others have that you don’t have and what others are that you are not; the question is “WHO ARE YOU? “. Read History of Short Story essay.

Personally I believe that God created us individually equal starting from none. The world is not a fair place. There are those who were blessed and those who were not. That is the logic of our capitalistic world, and I have no intention of denying that. But why does that matter? Does someone say that those who are not blessed must stay that way their whole lives? Think again, we are the captain of our own ship; we are responsible for driving the ship back to the shore and to stay safe or to sink unto the bottom of the sea where no one can find us.

The answer to question is; we are who we are. It may sound ironic but that is the fact that we must live to. We must achieve our goals, continue on growing and face the life that God have prepared for us. Chapter 4 “FILIPINO CHARACTERISTICS” The Filipino values centralized with the family, which is one thing that I can be proud of. As Filipino we gave importance to our family, friends, acquaintance and relatives. That made us difference with other foreign values whereas it centralized on the individual itself.

Having a family is what we need in life; they are the persons that we need to survive. With them we can be courageous and vigorous enough to face life. Those are examples of characteristics of a Filipino should have. “Ball an” and “tang an Bibb”, are some negative expressions that can be equated to the positive one. But to sum up, Filipino Characteristics are by far good enough to survive the modernization of the world. Because we Filipinos; are family oriented, religious, and hardworking in nature. Chapter 5

The stories were priceless; each of them gave us morals that we can parallel to our life. The House of Life by Andrew Maria (2004), was a wonderful story, it makes us realized that if we have respect for the life that God has created for us, that life would not be empty. It teaches us that the true beauty of life can be seen with respect. Father’s Mistake – No Time by Bell San Luis (2004), was a story between family Ana work. I nerve are tense persons won are working too Nora out Tormenting Tanat a family is not a family without love and care as a foundation of it.

It tells us that we should never forget that we have family. The Truth about Lies (2004), tells us that in the end nothing is good about lies. It Just bring us despairs and lies in our lives. To Every Man His Due of the Institute for Development Education Center for Research and Communication (2004), tells us, that to have Justice we need to give Justice to others, because what you do to others will always come back to you – theory of karma. Skulls By Andrew Maria Almoner (2004), tells us that we may differ on our tanning in our lives but we all have the same old destinies.

A Chinese Legend by Benign P. Bellman (2004), this story tells us that there are things that are ought to be sacrificed for the goodness of others. The Giving Tree By FRR. Benign P. Bellman (2004), is a story of give and take. We sometimes forget that we are taking more than giving. And that can ruin others life. But in the story I believe that like family a mother or a father would always give their best in order to support their child to the fullest.

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