Nevada State Pharmacy Law

The state board of pharmacy consists of how many members?

The state board of pharmacy members are appointed by who?

pharmacists on the state board must have at least how many years of experience

members of the state board of pharmacy are appointed for what length of terms
3 years

how many consecutive terms can a board member serve

an applicant to become a registered pharmacist must pass the MPJE with what minimum score

an applicant to become a registered pharmacist must complete at least how many intern hours

application for licensure is good for how long
1 year

a temporary license in NV if granted

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is good for how long
6 months

Every registered pharmacist, intern, and technician must give written notice to the executive secretary if they move within how long
10 days

when does a pharmacist’s certificate of registration expire
October 31 of odd years

when do intern and technician certificates of registration expire
October 31 of even years

T/F: If a pharmacist volutarily surrenders his license due to a disciplinary matter in another state, he can practice in NV

If a technician applying for NV license is coming from a state that does not offer registration an applicant must accumulate _____ experience hours in that state, ____hours in this state, and ________.
1500, 350, written statement of competency from the pharmacy manager

A tech in training has how long to accumulate the required hours
24 months

Under direct supervision of a pharmacist a tech may/may not, enter information into the computer system including information in a new prescription

Under direct supervision of a pharmacist a tech may/may not, compound prescriptions

Under direct supervision of a pharmacist a tech may/may not, take a new prescription by telephone
may not

the legal technician to supervisor ratio is
3 to 1

which two persons are responsible for the technician in-service training
pharmacy manager and owner

how many hours of law training does a tech require every two year

how many total hours of in-service training should a tech receive every two years
12 hours

In order for a pharmacist to supervise a forth tech in training he must have at least how much experience in his program, but less than how much experience in practical training
9 months, 240 hours

T/F There are circumstances in which an intern can receive payment working at the same pharmacy in which he works to receive credit for internship from his college.

T/F: An intern can perform most every task that a pharmacist can to include verification of entered prescriptions

If a preceptor wishes to terminate an internship must do what
provide written notice with specific reasons to the school

Two things that a school must provide an intern are
a scope of duties, a form to evaluate his internship

Some PAs may prescribe CS and Rx, and others can do what in addition

A PA must pass a law exam and also_______ before practicing
be registered to a supervising physician

A PA must notify the board in writing if he changes the location of his practice or if he changes his supervising physician within how long
10 days

The days supply that a PA has the authority to prescribe/dispense cannot exceed
356 days

One limitation of a PA’s power to prescribe is he may not be able to
order on the chart of a hospital patient

T/F Pharmacists and Interns must follow a written protocol by a physician in order to administer immunizations

What American Heart Association certification must a pharmacist maintain in order to give immunizations

The dead-line for immunization CE is on which date and how often
October 31, annually

where must controlled substances of demised patients be kept in a skilled nursing facility until destruction
secured in a locked compartment

The form provided by the DEA to document destruction of controlled substances is
DEA 41

In a pharmacy controlled substances must be destroyed at least how often
once a year

How often must a pharmacy in a correctional institution register with the DEA?

IN addition to the managing pharmacist the registration form in a medical facility must also be signed by whom
chief executive officer

A full time pharmacist is required in a hospital with _____ beds or more, or in a correctional institution with _____ inmates or more
100, 1500

T/F a part time consultant pharmacist can met the legal requirement for a correctional institute with 1000 inmates

T/F formal written contract is not necessary between a consultant pharmacist and a medical facility.

what quantity of drug may be removed by practitioners if a pharmacy is closed in a medical facility
sufficient quantities for immediate therapeutic needs

Can a licensed nurse remove drugs from a closed pharmacy in a correctional institution

If drugs are removed from a pharmacy while the pharmacy was closed in a medical facility a pharmacist must verify the withdrawal within what time frame for a hospital and a prison
hospital = 72 hours, prison = 96 hours

If a facility employs a pharmacist consultant withdrawals must be verified within
30 days

A pharmacy shall maintain which records (7)
1. DEA 222, 2. supplier’s invoice, 3. supplier’s credit memos, 4. biennial inventory, 5. DEA 106, 6. DEA 41, 6. CV register log

A pharmacy wishing to use a centralized system for keeping records must submit _____ to DEA via ______ ______.
written notification, certified mail

A pharmacy must wait how long after submitting for authorization for centralized system of record keeping
14 days

at least how often must a immediate care/skilled nursing facility destroy outdated controlled substances
once a month

T/F: Flushing controlled substances down the toilet is an acceptable method of destruction in a skilled nursing facility

Who determines the quantity of each drug to be stocked in an immediate care facility
pharmacy and therapeutics commmittee

Quantities of stocked drugs at an intermediate care facility must not exceed how much per drug
20 units

An employed pharmacist of a surgical center must establish policies and procedures and must evaluate their effectiveness at least how often
every month

A consultant pharmacist must submit a written report to the Board reporting a surgical center for what (2)
1. not compliant with the law, 2. a discrepancy of 5% or greater in quantity of a CS

A doctor working in a hospital who calls a prescription into the pharmacy for entry on a chart must sign the order within how long
48 hours

T/F even a special bulletin issued by the board must be maintained on premises of the pharmacy for 2 years

The barrier separating the public section from the pharmacy section of a store must be how tall

Under what circumstances may a repairman enter the prescription area
pharmacist present at the same time

One exception to the requirement for pharmacies to maintain an alarm on its premises would be
a 24 hour store

T/F Drugs purchased by a pharmacy may be drop shipped so long as thye are shipped to the pharmacy address registered with the board

A person in charge of a pharmacy must notify the board withing how long after terminating a registered employee with written notice
10 days

T/F: Law requires all pharmacy personnel to receive a meal break, but management can dictate when that break is taken

T/F: Regardless to how many pharmacists are on duty he may either stay on the premises or leave for his meal period

What can a pharmacy do to continue to receive prescriptions during a pharmacist’s meal period (2)
1. provide a secure receptacle, 2. provide an authorized receiving employee

Pharmacy management may require a pharmacist to stay on premises during meal periods, but not obligate them to work.

T/F: A pharmacist’s license includes the authority to prepare radioactive prescriptions

T/F: A pharmacist may now administer influenza, shingles, and rabies vaccines to the public

T/F: A pharmacy outside of Nevada providing patients with prescriptions inside of Nevada by mail order needing to make a substitution must follow provisions of Nevada law instead of the state in which the pharmacy is located

The toll free required by state law to be provided with mail order prescriptions must be available no less than how many hours per week

A laminar airflow hood must be certified every _____year(s), and records must be maintained every _____ year(s).
1, 2

A pharmacy preparing ______ solutions must do so in a vertical laminar airflow hood according to NAC 639.78

A pharmacy furnishing ______ solutions must be available 24 hours a day.

A requirement for a practitioner to dispense is ____, and a requirement for the prescription is ______
certification with the board/fee, written

T/F It is legal for a practitioner to investigate a patient who he suspects may abuse controlled substances

T/F: A practitioner need not include the symptom on the prescription unless otherwise requested by the patient 89

T/F: Controlled substances must never be given by electronic transmission/fax

T/F prescriptions received by fax must contain the practitioner’s signature or equivalent

What is one piece of information not required by law to be on the prescription label, but is often present regardless.
pharmacy phone number

Do not use with alcohol or nonprescribed drugs without consulting the prescribing practitioner is required by ______law, but not by _______ law. (fed/state)
state, federal

If a doctor has a clerk call a prescription into a pharmacy and a technician takes the information, and the information was erroneous how many people are at fault?

If a doctor sends a prescription for Lortab refill PRN, how many times can it legally be refilled?

A controlled substance prescription cannot be refilled after how long
6 months

A Rx for a dangerous drug will not be re-fillable after how long
1 year

A pharmacist can furnish a sufficient supply of a controlled substance for a sufficient time for a pt. to communicate with his doctor if (2)
1. cannot contact the physician, 2. treating a chronic illness is deemed necessary

T/F: A prescription may be rescinded by a pharmacist even after authorization is given, even if the prescription was given orally, and even if it is rescinded by a doctor other than the original prescriber who is acting in his behalf.

What two things must a copy of a prescription have besides all the information appearing on the original prescription
1. “Copy, not refillable — for reference purposes only”, 2. name/initial of pharmacist

For how many months must a pharmacy maintain a prescription on file

If a practitioner has prescribed a drug by brand name, but did not specifically specify that substitutions weren’t allowed, and a cheaper version of a bioequivalent generic of the same strength is available what should a pharmacist do
give generic

What is required by law for a pharmacist to do to the patient before substituting a generic, but hardly ever done
advise of intent to substitute/advise of right to refuse

A patient may not request brand name over generic if
paid by a governmental agency

Are all of the following proper methods for a physician to request a brand name over a generic: oral communication to the pharmacist, handwriting “dispense as written” on the RX, and same verbiage on an electronic Rx

Generic drug prescriptions do not apply to (4)
1. hospital inpatients, 2. mail order, 3. violation of health care plan 4. ineligible for 3rd party reinbursement

Can only pharmacists or pharmacists and interns do all of the following: take new orders, interpret Rx, interpret patient’s charts, consult with a prescribing doctor.
pharmacists and interns

T/F: A pharmacist need not counsel nor provide written form of required counseling information if the drug is to be delivered to a licensed medical facility to be administered by an RN

T/F: All new prescriptions are required by law to be accompanied by counseling even if unwanted by the patient

T/F: A prescribed medication can be legally delivered directly to a patient, staff of the medical facility, or dropped off with a person at the patient’s residence

T/F: A friend, neighbor or relative may not be compensated for picking up the prescription from a pharmacy on behalf of someone else.

T/F: If a computer system is approved by the board and the practitioner transmits the prescription to the pharmacy the pt. chooses he may use it to transmit all his controlled substances

A prescription for a CII drug may not be sent via fax unless (3)
1. direct IV/SQ/IM administration, 2. LTCF, 3. hospice

How many times can an CIII-CV be transferred

T/F: The state pharmacy board must be involved in the “going out of business” sell of a pharmacy.

T/F: If a CII has remaining refills it may be transferred once

Pharmacies receiving a transfered RX must write the word ____ on the face of the Rx, while the sending pharmacist must write the word ____ on the face of the Rx
transfer, void

T/F: Under certain circumstances such as outstanding bills, a pharmacy can refuse tranfer out of Rxs until paid

After a disaster/damage what must happpen before a pharmacy can be cleaned up
board inspection

A doctor in charge of what two facilities can dispense amount adequate to treat patients when a pharmacy is closed
1. emergency room, 2. surgical center

T/F If a prescription is written by a doctor in another state, and the pt. lives in a seperate state than the doctor, and it is requested to be dispensed in a manner other than directly to the pt. and to be paid for in cash a pharmacist should refuse to fill it

T/F:All of the following are reasons that a pharmacist may decline to fill a prescription: unlawful, harmful, fraudulent, against his religious beliefs, not a legitimate medical purpose

T/F: A pharmacist who declines to fill a Rx may either return the RX to the pt. or retain it at his discretion

T/F: Part of what compounding pharmacies do is to compound drugs that are no longer available due to being removed from the market

A compounding pharmacy can only sell compounded drugs to practitioners who will be administering the drug

Are advanced practitioners of Nursing allowed to prescribe under collaborating physician even if the Rx is for a 365 day supply

Advanced practitioners of nursing may not prescribe controlled substances to exceed how many day’s supply

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