Nevada Constitution for Nevada Teacher Exam

Nevada constitution convention met?
In Carson City on July 4, 1864 and adjourned on July 28

When did Lincoln admit Nevada into the union?
October 31, 1864
This is why we have Nevada Day!

When was the Nevada Constitution approved by the people of Nevada?
September 1864

Article 1 in the Nevada constitution is?
The Nevada Bill of Rights

State Seat of government is located where in Nevada?
Carson City

Can the State of Nevada loan or donate money?
Yes, to corporations formed for educational or charitable purposes

If the Governor or lieutenant Governor of Nevada die, who takes over?
The president pro tempore of the senate shall act as governor until the vacancy is filled

Qualifications to be elected for governor of Nevada
25yrs or older
Qualified elector
Resident citizen of NV for 2 years proceeding election

Length of term for Nevada Governor
4 years

Who is in charge of the great seal of the state of Nevada?
The Governor

Who may act as Governor of Nevada when he/she is absent from the state?
The lieutenant Governor

How are senators and assemblymen apportioned?
By legislature according to number of inhabitants in the districts

What happens when a NV legislator dies or resigns?
The commissioners from which the legislator was elected will appoint a replacement from the same area the legislator was elected from.

Who holds the authority to impeachment in NV?
The assembly, with a 2/3 vote by senators

Who has the authority to change public officers’ salaries in NV?
The legislature, but it cannot be changed in the term for which the officer was elected.

How long is a regular session of legislature?
120 calendar days

How many days does a judicial officer have to miss before their office has been deemed vacated?
90 consecutive days

Can supreme court judges, chief justice be removed from office if the complaint is less than sufficient grounds for impeachment?
yes by a 2/3 vote from legislature

Who provides a uniform system for public schools?

Can Religion be taught in public schools?
No, Separation between church and state

If you are NOT a qualified elector, can you run for public office in Nevada?

How many days does a Governor have to sign a bill or return It unsigned before it becomes a law without his signature?
5 days including sundays

Nevada Citizen Voting rules
18 years or older
resided in the state for 6 months, in district 30 days, in precinct 10 days

What happens if a public officer does not resign within 5 days after his recall petition is filed?
A special election is ordered within 20 days to determine if people will recall the public officer

How many months does an officer have to be in office before they can be recalled?
6 months. A senator or assemblyman only 10 days after start of legislature session

Who signs all grants and commissions given by the state?
The Governor and countersigned by the secretary of state

Can Nevada have a State lottery?
No, except for charitable /non-profit events

Can inheritance taxes be levied?

Who can be impeached?
The governor, elected state and judicial officers. (except justices of the peace)

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