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In order to drive a motor vehicle on the public roadway in WA state, you must have _____ or a vaild _______
Instruction permit drivers license

When driving with an instruction permit, a _______ driver who has at least ______ years driving experience must be ____ the learner
Licensed, 5, beside

An instruction permit is valid for____; a drivers license is valid for____
1 year, 6 years

Special equipment, such as eye protection, must be worn while driving what?
A motorcycle

What is required to operate a motorcycle?
An endorsement to the regular drivers license

What’s the closest distance you can park from a drive way?
5 feet

What’s the closest distance you can park from a stop sign?
30 feet


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the closest distance you can park from a railroad?
50 feet

What’s the closest distance you can park from a fire hydrant?
15 feet

What’s the closest distance you can park from a crosswalk at an intersection?
20 feet

What’s the closest distance you can park from a fire station?(opposite side of street)
75 feet

How far must you signal before a turn?
100 feet

When making turns, you should turn from the ______ lane of the street you are leaving to the _____ legal lane of the street you are entering
Closest, closest

When turning right what should you keep as close as possible to?
The curb

Does oncoming traffic have the right-of-way over traffic turning left?

When approaching an unmarked intersection, you must yield the right-of-way to CROSS TRAFFIC approaching from your ________

Yielding the right-of-way means:
Allow others to go first

When do peds have the right-of-way?
All crosswalks and intersections

When parking a vehicle with an automatic transmission, set the ______ and put the heat selector in_______
Parking break, park

When parking, the tires (front and rear) must be within how many inches of the curb?
12 inches

Up, up and_____

What are prohibited parking places?
Within an intersection, on a bridge, on a sidewalk, and on a crosswalk

What is the only situation that a driver may legally exceed the speed limit?
When passing another vehicle on a 2 way 2 lane highway

On a two lane roadway when passing is unsafe, a slower motorist must _____ when _____ or more vehicles form a line behind him
Pullover, 5

what are the locations where a driver should not pass on a two lane, two way street?
Hills and curves, intersections, lane restrictions, space to return, railroad grade crossing, oncoming vehicles

When you are traveling on a road that has two lanes in one direction, which lane should you travel in?
The right lane

When entering a freeway on-ramp, ____your speed to match that of the _________ ____. You must yield the right-of-way to _______
Match, traffic flow, freeway traffic

To leave a freeway, move to the lane ______ ___ ___ _____ _____. If you don’t see your exit in time, _______________________
Closest to the exit ramp. Keep going take another exit

What is a lane called that’s provided for speed-adjustment before entering a freeway?

What’s a lane called that’s provided for speed-adjustment after leaving the freeway ?

When it is safe to do so, ____________________, to allow on-ramp traffic to enter the freeway
Move to another lane

State highway speed limit
60 m.p.h

Country roads speed limit
50 mph

Streets of cities and towns speed limit
25 mph

School zone speed limit
20 mph

When changing lanes, you should look over your _________ towards the rear fender to check your ______
Shoulder, blindspot

What shape is the yield sign

What does a stop sign look like?
Eight-sided, red

What does a regulatory sign look like?
Rectangular, black on white

What does a warning sign look like?
Diamond, black on yellow

What does a construction warning look like?
Diamond, black on orange

What does a guide sign look like?
White on green

What does a recreation guide sign look like?
White on brown

What does a service sign look like?
White on blue

What does an interstate highway sign look like?
Red, white and blue

What does a state highway sign look like?
Silhouette of George Washington

When you see the sign with the broken parallel line you should?
Allow others in

Sequence: Right turn on steady red
Complete stop, yield, proceed with caution

Sequence: Steady yellow before intersection
Complete stop

Sequence: Steady yellow while in intersection
Proceed with caution

Sequence: Flashing red
Complete stop, yield, proceed with caution

Sequence: Flashing yellow
Proceed with caution

A steady green arrow, accompanied by either a green light or a red light, indicates a PROTECTED TURN and you may turn in the direction indicated without ________ but you must yield to the right-of-way to ______
Stopping, pedestrians

What is the proper way to make a right turn when approaching a red traffic signal?
Stop, yield, proceed with caution when clear and safe to do so

When backing, you must yield the right-of-way to ________ therefore, the most important thing to do while backing is to _____________
All traffic, looking back over your shoulder

Is there an arm signal for backing?

When backing from a driveway, you must stop before crossing a _______ or entering the _____
Sidewalk, road

What percentage of alcohol in blood is considered legally drunk?

Is alcohol a stimulant or a depressant?

When traveling at 50 mph how many feet will it take for you to come to a full stop?
243 feet

If you have car trouble on the freeway, what should you do after pulling off the road?
Tie white on antenna, raise hood

How soon must you report a vehicle sale?
5 days

How soon must you report a name or address change?
10 days

How soon must you report a vehicle purchase (title and registration must be transferred within)?
5 days

How soon must you report a collision report in writing? To whom do you report it? Must every collision be reported this way? Explain.
4 days to www.wsp.wa.gov/publications/collision.com.

No. $700+ damage/injury

When must motorcycles have their lights on?
All the time

When must your headlights be on?
30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise

It is important that you know your stopping distance and never _______ your headlights at night, since avg. headlights provide safe vision for only ________ feet
Overdrive, 400 feet

When driving in fog at night, should you use your high beams or low beams?
Low beams

If blinded by an oncoming vehicle with bright headlight at night, where should you look?
Ahead with glances to the right side of the road

How fast is the avg persons reaction time to apply brakes when needing to stop suddenly is ______ during that time a moving vehicle is traveling at 50 miles an hour, will travel ____ feet
3/4 a second, 55 feet

Farm equipment, and vehicles traveling less than _____mph, require a triangular _________-colored sign. When you see a sign on a vehicle ahead of you, you should _____slowdown and ___________
25, orange , slow down, flash brake lights

When driving on slippery roads, you should ________ and ________
Slow down, no fast moves

Drivers must _______ when so directed by the signs of school patrol members.

When SCHOOL ZONE or SCHOOL CROSSING signs are posted, drivers should _______ and watch for children.

When a school bus is stopped ahead of you displaying a stop sign and flashing red lights, what should a driver do?

You are traveling on a highway with two lanes in one direction, and you see a warning sign which reads “SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT.” The speed limit is 55 mph. Do you drive in the left lane?
No, right lane

When turning left from a one-way street onto a one-way street, you should turn from the ______ lane to the ______ lane
Left, left

After stopping at a red light and yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians and traffic on your _______, you may turn left from a ______or _______ street onto a ________ street with traffic moving to your left
Right, 2-way, 1-way, 1-way

When parking upshot with a curb, on the left side of a one-way street, you should turn your front wheels ______ the curb

When re-entering traffic from parallel parking on the left side on a one-way street , what is the proper signal to use?
Right signal

If you have a tire blowout what do you do?
Slow smoothly and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel

If your car begins to skid what do you do?
Turn the front tires in the direction you want go. Take your foot off the gas immediately and don’t use the brakes

Are all crosswalks indicated by painted markings?

Where should pedestrians walk along the road?
Towards oncoming traffic on the shoulder

The law requires that you must dim your headlights when an oncoming vehicle comes within:
500 feet, and
when following 300 feet behind a vehicle

An IDL can be obtained when these requirements are met:
•Min. 16 years old
•Had permit for min. 60 months
•Completed drivers Ed
•+50 hours of supervised driving/10 at night

Are people with intermediate drivers license all to have non-family passengers under 20 for the first 6-months?

Are people with intermediate drivers license allowed to drive from 1am-5am for one full year?

Are people with intermediate drivers licenses allowed to have more than 3 non-family passengers for the second 6 months?

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