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Hi Folks. Good forenoon! I’m Joliever Villanueva. for those who don’t cognize my names co’z I don’t cognize your names excessively.

Well’ traveling to discourse is about the NATURE OF POWER OF TAXATION.

– But First I want you to cognize the significance of Sovereignty. Sovereignty in hanger-on is Karapatang Mamahala. But how it relates to taxation?

– because.

1. The power of revenue enhancement is built-in in Sovereignty. it is indispensable or of import to the being of every authorities.

– But why? Why do you believe it is of import? Any invitee?
– Where do you believe the financess of the authorities came from to construct schools. infirmaries and roads?

Tax is of import because it is the beginning of the fund that being used to construct the public constitutions and services.

-Therefore. even though there’s no written jurisprudence about the revenue enhancement the authorities can still enforce revenue enhancements.

2. It is legislative in characters.

But if the revenue enhancement is implemented by the fundamental law the power of revenue enhancement is legislative in character. It can non be exercised by the executive or judicial subdivision of the authorities.

-Which means merely legislative subdivision of the authorities can enforce the revenue enhancements. Yes the Congress is the legislative subdivision of authorities can merely revenue enhancement.

The power to revenue enhancement is besides granted by the fundamental law to local authorities topic to such guidelines and restrictions as provided by jurisprudence.

3. It is capable to constitutional and built-in restrictions.

The power of revenue enhancement is capable to certain restrictions. Most of these restrictions are specifically provided in the cardinal low or implied therefrom while the remainder spring from of the taxing power itself.

– As we know cats here in the Philippines we have revenue enhancements but those revenue enhancements are guided by the cardinal jurisprudence. Which means it besides have restrictions or evidences.

=Sir do you hold anything to add or portion with us sing this subject?


Sound Tax System

1. Fiscal Adequacy 2. Equality or theoretical justness. 3Administration Feasibility

( We can state that our revenue enhancement system is sound or strong if these three basic rules are bing in our authorities.

-If one of them is losing the revenue enhancement system would be weak hence our economic system will fall in.

What are these Principles

1. Fiscal Adequacy. Is a rule which means that the beginning of gross should be sufficient to run into the demands of public outgos

= for illustration the authorities needs a hundred million for the public outgo or to construct schools. Our revenue enhancement system should be able to supply the needed sum of money from revenue enhancements.

2. Equality or theoretical justness means that the revenue enhancement load should be proportionate to the revenue enhancement payer’s ability to pay. This is the alleged Ability to pay rule.

= the revenue enhancement that will be levy to a individual should be a just to the mean revenue enhancement remunerator.

For illustration.

The revenue enhancement remunerator A. which is individual will pays higher than to revenue enhancement remunerator be Which has dependents of three kids. 3. Administrative Feasibility means that revenue enhancement Torahs should be capable of convenient. merely and effectual disposal.

Thank you.

So I believe that a State of faithful revenue enhancement remunerators assures the healthy economic system for everybody to bask.

Thank you.

End of my study.

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