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Movies today provide millions of people an experience that stimulates emotion as well as intellect. Film on screen can capture an audience and provide an escape from reality. Many people can actually get so involved in the film that they see themselves as a character in the show and feel the joy and sorrow of the character. There are many different ways that the screenwriters can tell a story on film. The content of the film can range from a feel good love story to a very controversial political topic.

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Many films have been created on the subject of modern day warfare. I find this particular subject as a means to express opinions on war that may conflict with that of the government. This is where the constitution and freedom of speech can become a part of the movie. Many films have been written to directly challenge the actions of the government and provide the public with information that is not published in any other form of media.

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On the other end of the spectrum, movies allow the government to also boost the moral of the nation by telling a story that inspires patriotism and commitment to freedom. The movie theaters, at one point in time provided the nation with newsreels that were shown before the feature film. This was one of the only means of broadcasting information to the public before the television. Prior to this point in time, the radio was used for reporting news and for broadcasting entertainment programs.

With the radio, the audience was only exposed to one of the major senses, the sense of sound. With the movie experience, the audience could be exposed to two senses, sight and sound. This new experience was totally captivating and quickly became a popular part of American culture. Movies are more than just entertainment; they can often influence the viewpoint and moral of the nation on controversial topics.

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