Modern World History Chapter 8 Study Guide

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What did Mary Shelley write ?
What did the uprisings of 1848 result in?
The resignation of Metternich
Who did the independence movement in Mexico?
Miguel Hidalgo
Nationalism was a force that did what ?
Tore apart centuries – old empires, gave money to raise the nation – state, and was apposed by conservatives
Jose de San Martin was a military officer who did what?
Liberated parts of Spanish-speaking south American
What was true about nationalism?
One’s greatest loyalty shouldn’t be to a king, One’s greatest loyalty should be to a nation of people, and that nation should have a common culture
How did music change during the romantic period ?
It became part of a middle-class life
Who was one of romanticism first composers ?
Ludwig van Beethoven
And which way were France and Russia similar during the 1800s?
Both have policies that encourage industrialization
Which man led a revolt of enslaved Africans in St. Domingue ?
Toussaint L’Ouverture
What was the goal of impressionist artists and composers ?
To illustrate a moment in time
During the 19th century what occurred in Europe?
A conflict between conservatives and liberals movements, resurgence of conservative War liberals, and the decline of established empires
What led to the formation of the second reich ?
Ruthless leadership
How are the liberation movements in Spanish South America and Brazil similar?
Both involve the Creole class
Which person would have most likely been a radical in the 1800s?
A poor student who has read extensively about democracy
How are romanticism and nationalism link?
National heroes and cultural pride were themes
Who spearheaded the independence movement in Latin America?
The Creoles
In the 1860s, the expansion of Prussia was achieved under whose leadership?
Otto van Bismarck
What did Camilo di Cavour do ?
Expanded Piedmont-Sardinia’s power and unified Italy
In the early 19th century Europe, what did Liberals want to do?
Give more power to elected parliaments
Which statement would Otto Von Bismarck not agree with?
A ruler should never violate the Constitution of his or her country
By 1871 in Europe, which nation changed?
Prussia became Germany
In which way did the liberation of Mexico and Brazil differ?
Mexico’s liberation was violent, but Brazil’s liberation was not violent
What was not a major characteristic of romanticism?
The promotion of established ideas
What was that influenced by nationalism during the 1800s?
Groups accepting a long established form of government
In Latin America during the early 1800s, would probably belonged to the Creole class?
A Colonel in the Spanish colonial Army
How were the unifications of Italy and Germany similar?
Both used military force to unify various territories
Which artistic style would accurately depict the oppressive working conditions of Latin Americans under Spanish control ?
What was not strongly influenced by economic problems?
The declaration of war by France on Russia
Which type of art or literature was a reaction against realism?
A renior painting

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