MKTG 420 – Final Exam

_____ are often referred to as high-involvement media because they generally require some attention and e ort on the part of the consumer to process the information that they provide.
Which of the following is true of consumer magazines?
They are useful for reaching general consumers of services.
An ad for California Almonds is a close-up view of a swirl of white and milk chocolate topped with sliced almonds. The chocolate swirls extend to the very edge of the page. This ad is an example of a(n):
bleed page.
Magazines that are published for special-interest groups are targeting:
greater selectivity.
Gatefolds, bleed pages, inserts, and creative space buys are ways of increasing:
the creativity of magazine ads and their ability to attract readers’ attention.
_____ media are used to reach those people in the target market the primary media may not have e ectively reached and to reinforce, or support, their messages.
_____ is targeted at the millions of people who are exposed to commercial transportation facilities, including buses, taxis, commuter trains, trolleys, airplanes, and subways.
Transit advertising
The agreement that Revlon brand cosmetics would pay a fee to have its products prominently featured in twenty episodes of the soap opera, All My Children, is an example of:
product placement.
Ads on small billboards that are mounted on trailers and driven around or parked in the geographic areas being targeted are known as:
mobile billboards.
A major reason for the continued success of outdoor advertising is:
innovation through technology.
_____ is a system of marketing by which organizations communicate without intermediaries to the target customers to generate a response or transaction.
Direct marketing
The announcer on the television commercial said, “Get your credit card and call now to order the Monster Ballads of Rock & Roll CD.” This is an example the _____ direct marketing approach.
Unlike traditional marketing, the typical goal of direct marketing is to:
generate an immediate behavioral response.
One of the reasons for the recent, rapid growth of direct marketing in American society is the:
increased use of consumer credit cards.
Which of the following statements best defines an infomercial?
It is a long commercial that is designed to fit into a 30-minute or 1- hour time slot.
Which of the following best reflects an example of corporate advertising?
Toyota promoting its concern for the environment
– Social issue, seeking involvment
_____ is the management function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an organization with the public interest, and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.
Public relations
Which of the following communications methods is potentially the most powerful in terms of its ability to make or break a product or a company?
Mobil Oil ran an ad in which it addressed the potential problem of global warming. The ad encouraged others to take time to truly understand the problem and to not act hastily. This ad is an example of:
advocacy advertising.
Making outright donations to a nonprofit cause, having companies volunteer for the cause, donating materials or supplies, running public service announcements, or even providing event refreshments are some of the ways of _____ marketing.
Companies often make use of _____ when they have significant news to announce, such as the introduction of a new product or advertising campaign.
press conferences
Digital Melody, an online digital media store, allows customers to “sample” songs before they make a purchase decision. In this scenario, Digital Melody is trying to:
stimulate trial.
Direct selling of goods and services on the Internet is known as:
_____ are ads that appear on a user’s computer screen while he or she is waiting while downloading content from a site.
Many shopping bots have become _____ or search engines in which advertisers pay only when a consumer clicks on their ad or link from a search engine page.
paid searches
Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between marketing and communications objectives?
Communications objectives are derived from marketing objectives
The concept of advertising expenditures producing long term rather than immediate results is known as
The Carry Over effect
When Ford Motor Company was preparing to introduce a new model, ads were run for several weeks that talked about the new car but never showed it. This is an example of ___________ advertising.
USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno are all examples of:
Media Vehicles
___________ refers to the potential audience that might receive a message through a media vehicle.
___________ are shows that are sold or distributed on a station-by-station, market-by-market basis.
Syndicated Programs
An automobile manuf. runs an advertisement proclaiming that one of its luxury cars has been the best-selling model in the United States for two straight years. This is an example of an ad using a __________ appeal.
____________ is the ability to generate fresh, unique and appropriate ideas that can be used as solutions to communication problems.
Advertising Creativity
The Oxygen cable network promotes its ability to capture young, upscale women who like to try new products, as well as recommend them to others. This is an example of how _____________ is possible through televisions.
A _______________ refers to the approach used in an advertisement to elicit some consumer response or to influence the feelings of consumers toward a product, service, or cause.
Advertising Appeal
British Airways employed _______________ when it used product placement to make sure that viewers of the movie Die Another Day knew that James Bond flies first class on British Airways. The airline ran advertising campaign based around the slogan “Save your Pennies, fly like Bond,” referring to the secretary that Bond flirts with in each film.
Integrated Marketing Communications
China is the worlds second largest beer market after the US. It is also one of the fastest growing with annual growth of 10 percent. Anheuser-Busch responded to this _____________ in China when it established Budweiser Wulhan International Brewing in Central China.
Market Opportunity
When Coca-Cola only had one product in its line and was targeting everyone, the company was employing:
Undifferentiated Marketing
An ad for Aricept, a prescription-only drug for patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, was published in a Better Homes & Garden magazine. Since the ad encouraged consumers to ask their doctors about this drug and whether it would help them or someone they knew, the drug company that placed the ad is using:
a promotional pull strategy
Yummy Soups positioned itself as better tasting and more appropriate to the adult palate to gain an advantage over Magic Soups, another packaged soup manufacturer. In the given scenario, which of the following positioning strategies has Yummy Soups used?
The set of environmental forces that consists of the demographic characteristics of the population and its values is referred to as
Social forces
______________ occurs when Mae reads only the book section of the New York Times Sunday newspaper and not look at the other sections of the paper.
Selective Exposure
Zing candy bar launches an ad that shows people being revitalized after eating its candy bar. The ad attempts to deliver the message of “Instant energy.” Janice Cooper is a viewer of the ad, thinks that the ad reflects people in it as rude and boorish. In terms of the communication process, Janice has ___________ the message improperly.
Marketers try to select spokespeople whose traits will maximize their message influence. According to Herbert Kelman, the three categories of source attributes that should be considered during the selection process are:
Credibility, Attractiveness, and power
Marketers can try capitalize on source similarity by hiring:
Salespeople who have characteristics that match those of their customers
– Activities designed to support marketing objectives.
– Build excitement before media advertising breaks.
– Build Brand-to-consumer bonds
Image Advertising
Promote org image, thru ads, sponsorship, recruiting
Event Sponsorship
Sponsor events, sports, arts, fairs.
Advocacy Advertising
Promote position rather than firm directly.
Cause-related Advertising
Sponsor charity or nonprofit org.
Direct-Marketing Approaches
One-Step: Medium is used directly to obtain an order.

Two-Step: Multiple efforts used to generate a response

1st Effort: Screen potential buyers
2nd Effort: Generates the response

Support Media
– Uses non traditional channels to deliver communications and promote products.
– Alternative Media
– Nonmeasured Media
– Nontraditional Media
Licensing of the right to broadcast television and radio program by multiple statation, without brodcasting.
Krispy Kreme Video
People were willing to wait just to try to the product. Similar to In-N-Out
Jordans Video
People waited in line just for a brand which they did not care about.
Tim Tebo Video
Family values, thru support media, prolife, abortion
Media Planning
Primary obj, to develop a framework that will deliver the message to the target audience in the most efficient cost-effective manner possible.
Refers to the generation of news about a person, product or service that appears in broadcast or print media.
Integrated marketing communications
British Airways employed _____ when it used product placement to make sure that viewers of the movie Die Another Day knew that James Bond flies first class on British Airways. The airline ran advertising campaign based around the slogan, “Save your Pennies, fly like Bond,” referring to the secretary that Bond flirts with in each film. British Airways also paid for the rights to screen the film on its flights before the movie was available at video stores.
A Florida based flashlight company has been extremely successful due in part to the number of hurricanes in Florida that result in a loss of power. The need to rely on another company to supply the survival kits would fall in which quad of the SWOT?
A Florida based flashlight company has been extremely successful due in part to the number of hurricanes in Florida that result in a loss of power. The company’s rep would fall in which quad of the SWOT grid?
demographic segmentation
Division of the market based on age, sex, family, size, income and other measurable characteristics is known as:
Pluto Inc., a car manufacturer, makes high-end, expensive sports cars. The company targets people who live life on the fast lane and are generally considered to have flashy personalities. In this scenario, Pluto is using _____ segmentation
the place a product offering occupies in consumers minds on important attributes
Product positioning refers to:
the process people engage in when searching for, selecting and using products and services they need
Consumer behavior is defined as:
evoked set
Todd buys a cold drink every afternoon. He either buys a Coca-Cola or Minute Maid lemonade. He will not consider any other brand or type of soft drink because the two drinks make up his:
It is a systematized process that encourages ppl to speak favorably about a product
Which of the following is true of buzz marketing?
central processing
Jake is planning to buy a new smartphone. He studied the contents of an ad describing the superiority of TL smartphones and scrutinized how the advertising message argued in favor of TL’s superiority. According to the elaboration likelihood model (ELM), Jake is engaging in which of the following routes to persuasion?
African pride ads
Which of the ads integrates external influences on consumer behavior?
primacy effect
A commercial that begins “is it just forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s disease?” and then lists the warning signs of Alzheimer’s is stating the strongest point first to gain reader’s attention on a subject that most people would rather not consider
sleeper effect
The notion that a low-credibility source may be just as effective as a high-credibility source with the passage of the time is known as the?
humorous commercials are always perceived as entertaining
Which of the following statements is true of the use of humor in an ad campaigns and commercials?
communications objectives are derived from marketing objectives
Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between marketing and communication objectives?
the carry-over effect
The concept of advertising expenditures producing long term rather than immediate results is known as?
Ads that are highly creative may not increase sales of brand
Which of the following statements about creative strategy and its execution is true?
Which of the following is a major determinant of creativity which reflects the degree to which various elements of an ad are meaningful, useful, or valuable to the consumer?
The particular features, benefits, or attributes that serve as the basis for these appeals generally do not vary by market segment
Which of the following statements is true about informational/rational advertising appeals?
Recreation vehicles (RV’s) advertise throughout the year but typically advertise more heavily in June and September. Which of the following scheduling methods does this pattern represent?

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