MKTG 3000 – Chapter 17

Collaborative filtering was the first company to use _____, which is technology that sorts through customer purchasing patterns to create personalized site content.
to obtain an immediate response and build a lasting customer relationship
What are the two main goals of marketing?
Modern direct marketers rely heavily on database technologies and the Internet, while early direct marketers primarily used direct mailers, telemarketing, and _________.
direct marketing, eBay, and GEICO employ ______ as the only method of doing business with customers.
Direct marketing is continuing to become more ______ oriented.
guaranteed low prices
All of the following are benefits of direct marketing for buyers EXCEPT?
mass reach and frequency
All of the following are benefits of direct marketing for sellers EXCEPT?
offers access to buyers outside local markets
One of the advantages of direct marketing for sellers is that direct marketing _______.
a good customer database
Which of the following is essential for direct marketing to be effective?
A customer database is an organized collection of geographic, demographic, psychographic, and _______ data about individual customers or prospects.
Information about a customer’s age, income, and family make-up is in the ______ category of a customer database.
activities; opinions
Psychographics data in a customer database used by direct marketers includes information regarding a customer’s _______ and ______.
gathering marketing intelligence about competitors
All of the following are common uses for a direct marketing customer database except __________.
companies match customer needs and interests with products and services
How does database marketing benefit customers?
public relations
All of the following are forms of direct marketing EXCEPT __________.
direct-mail marketing
Which kind of marketing involves sending an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item to a person at a particular address?
direct-mail marketing
Catalogs, brochures, CDs, and DVDs are all examples of which type of marketing?
less expensive than TV and magazine ads
Which of the following reasons is LEAST likely to explain why direct-mail marketing drives more than a third of all U.S. marketing sales?
The use of which of the new forms of direct-mail marketing is booming?
Most companies that create print catalogs now also provide _______ catalogs to eliminate production, printing, and mailing costs?
a stronger emotional connection with customers
Which of the following is an advantage of printed catalogs over digital catalogs?
Marketers use ______ telephone marketing to receive orders from television ads and catalogs.
purchasing convenience for customers
Which of the following is an advantage of a well-designed and targeted telemarketing plan?
Telemarketers are more effectively managing relationships with existing customers
How has the National Do Not Call Registry changed the telemarketing industry?
to attract the attention of new customers
Why are historically online shops such as and adding catalogs to their marketing method?
Which of the following is the most accurate name for a 30-minute television advertising program marketing a single product?
home shopping channels and infomercials
What are two major forms of direct-response television marketing?
a 1-800 number or Web address
Direct-response advertisements always contain ______, making it easier for marketers to gauge the effectiveness of their sales pitches.
The ability to track phone calls and Web-site hits make it easy to measure the return on advertising investment.
Why have direct-response television commercials seen an increase in popularity in recent years?
home shopping channel
A television program or entire channel dedicated to selling goods and services is known as a(n) _________.
Firms such as Kodak and Fuji, are placing ______ in stores, airports, and other locations to provide people with information about products and services to enable customers to place orders.
mobile phone
Ring-tone giveaways, mobile games, and text-in contests are all examples of _________ marketing.
Unlike telemarketing, mobile phone marketing is initially appealing to most cell phone users.
Marketers view mobile phones as the next big marketing medium for all of the following reasons EXCEPT _________.
Which of the following enables consumers to download files from the Internet to a handheld device.
Interactive television
________allows consumers to gain additional information about a product through the use of a remote control.
online marketing
What is the fastest growing form of direct-marketing?
click-only companies
The internet gave birth to _________, which only operate on the Internet.
As one of the first _________, changed the rules of marketing and set the bar high for the online customer experience.
content sites
New York Times on the Web,, and Encyclopedia Britannica Online are known as _______ because they provide financial, research, and other information.
_____ is the term used to describe a company that does not use online marketing.
become click-and-mortar firms
The growth of the internet caused many brick-and-mortar firms to ________ in response to customer demands and a changing marketplace.
B2R (business-to-retailer)
Which of the following is NOT one of the four major online marketing domains?
The popular press has paid the most attention to _______ online marketing, which is the online selling of goods and services to final consumers.
social networks
B2B uses all of the following online resources to reach new business customers EXCEPT _______.
The online exchange of good and information between final consumers is called _________.
C2C, eBay, and are popular market spaces that facilitate the online exchange of goods and information and are examples of ______ online marketing.
Blogs are an inexpensive yet personal way to reach a fragmented audience.
What is the benefit to companies of using blogs as marketing tools?
The content of blog is difficult to control
Which of the following is a potential drawback to advertising on a blog?
______ online marketing sites are online exchanges in which consumers search out sellers, learn about their offices, and initiate purchases.
When customers can drive transactions with businesses, what type of online marketing is being used?
create a Web site
For most companies, the first step in conducting online marketing is to _______.
to build customer goodwill
What is the main purpose of a corporate Web site?
Corporate Web sites
_____ are designed to build customer goodwill and to supplement other sales channels, rather than to sell the company’s products directly.
Marketing Web sites
_____ are designed to engage consumers in interactions that will move them closer to a direct purchase or other marketing outcome.
customer: the way the customer is given incentives to use the website.
To attract new visitors and to encourage revisits, online marketers should pay close attention to the seven Cs of effective Web site design. Which of the following is NOT one of the seven Cs?
Of the seven Cs of effective Web site design, _______ refers to the ways that the site enables user-to-user communication.
According to the seven Cs of effective Web site design, a Website’s capability to enable commercial transactions is its level of ______.
______ are online ads that appear between screen changes on a Web site, especially while a new screen is loading.
Which of the following types of ads can users block through the use of applications developed by Web browser providers?
rich-media ads
Display ads that use eye-catching techniques such as float, fly, and snapbacks are called ______.
contextual advertisements
A large percentage of online advertising expenditures goes towards __________, which are text-based ads and links that appear alongside search engine results.
alliance and affiliate programs
When companies work with each other online and offline to promote each other, they are creating _______.
It refers to word-of-mouth marketing that occurs online.
What does the term viral marketing mean?
Marketers have little control over who receives the viral message.
Which of the following is a primary disadvantage of viral marketing?
All of the following are examples of online social networks EXCEPT __________.
online social networks
Online communities where people socialize or exchange information and opinions are called _____.
Users often resent an intrusive marketing message.
Which of the following is a challenge of marketing through online social networks?
audiences of people with similar interests
What characteristic of niche sites makes the medium MOST appealing to marketers?
Unsolicited and unwanted commercial e-mail is known as ________.
Online marketing will remain an important approach in an integrated marketing mix.
According to your textbook, what is the most likely future for online marketing?
direct-mail marketing
In an attempt to take advantage of impulsive buyers, heat merchants use ______ to deceive customers.
Which of the following is a type of identity theft that uses deceptive e-mails and fraudulent web sites to fool consumers into revealing their personal data?
viral marketing
Which of the following is NOT a deception or fraud concern for Internet users and marketers?
Congress passed the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.
What happened in direct response to the FTC finding that many Web sites were collecting personal information from children without disclosure or parental permission.
requests for more Internet oversight and legislation
All of the following are the likely result of direct marketing abuses EXCEPT _______.
the ability to learn more about their customers and tailor offerings to fit their needs.
Adams Cutlery has always relied upon advertising to market its products to final customers. However, the marketing team at Adams Cutlery now wants to begin a direct marketing campaign consisting of a company Web site, e-mails to current customers, and an online catalog. Which of the following would the marketing team expect to gain as a result of implementing this direct marketing plan?
Financial services provider USAA sends materials about teaching teenagers how to drive safely to USAA customers who have children approaching driving eligibility age. USAA is using _____ information from a customer database to determine which customers should receive the materials.
direct-mail marketing
Fiona Lambrech is the marketing director of a charity that raises funds to help provide the educational services to children and families in developing countries. Fiona wants to reach a select market of individuals who have recently donated to international charities. Which of the following types of direct marketing will Fiona most likely use?
catalog marketing
Organic designs is a small, successful chain of stores offering stylish clothes made of all-organic materials for infants, toddlers, and young children. Most of the Organic Designs stores are located in urban areas. Now Organic Designs is considering using direct marketing to reach potential customers who live outside of the company’s existing markets, with the goal of creating emotional connections and long-term relationships with a new group of customers. Which of the following methods of direct marketing would most likely be effective in accomplishing this goal?
National Do Not Call Registry
Gutter Guys is a gutter installation company in Southern California that used to generate most of its sales through telemarketing but now uses direct mail to reach prospective customers. Which of the following explains the reason that Gutter Guys switched from telemarketing to direct mail?
direct-response television advertising
Neal Murphy sells his company’s unique gift items on television programs and entire channels dedicated to selling goods and services. Neal is using _____.
mobile phone
A producer of beverages and snack foods wants to market its products to the 18-34-year old demographic by providing incentives to respond instantly to time-sensitive offers. Which of the following forms of direct marketing would this producer most likely choose?
By adding online marketing options, Company X would become a click-and-mortar company
Company X began as a brick-and-mortar company. Which of the following statements MUST be true?
Office Depot focuses on large accounts through its online presence and small businesses through its retail stores.
Office Depot is a click-and-mortar company. Which of the following is LEAST likely to be an advantage that Office Depot has over click-only competitors.
Green Gardens is a click-and-mortar seller of gardening and landscaping goods and equipment, but the marketing department wants to promote the Green Gardens Web site. When customers are unable to find a product they need on the shelves of their local Green Gardens, the marketing department wants them to search the product on the Green Gardens Web site. Which of the following marketing devices is the best match for this goal?
ABC Company sells directly to final consumers and avoids intermediaries, while catering to a broad group of demographic segments. This marketer falls under with online marketing domain?
C2C online marketing
Jane Cheatham, a stay-at-home mother, regularly posts new entries on a widely read blog. In these entries, she often reviews consumer products that she uses during the course of her day. Jane participates in _______.
C2B marketing
By using potential buyer can bid for airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises, and vacation packages. It is then up to the seller to decide whether or not to accept an offered bid. This is an example of _________.
a marketing site
Converse has a website that welcomes consumers to “the Converse Century,” invites readers to post their Converse stores, and offers a wide variety of Converse shoes for direct purchase. The site even allows customers to individually design their own shoes. The Converse site is most accurately categorized as which of the following types of Web sites?
purchase products
Oscar Aviation has a corporate Web Site. Prospective customers are most likely to do all of the following EXCEPT ________.
In attempting to design an effective Web site, Company A tried to address all of the seven Cs. The site, however, has a weak layout and design. Which C does this represent?
You are looking up airline schedules on the Internet. A bar at the top of the screen reads, “Stay at Holiday Inn and get a 25 percent discount!” This is a(n) _______.
You have accessed fare information on Northwest Airlines’ Website. You want to compare it with United Airlines’ fares. In between screen changes, an ad appears from Alamo Car Rental. This is a(n) ________.
viral marketing
Uptown Cleaning Crew is a company that provides house cleaning services in a major urban and suburban areas. Marketers at Uptown Cleaning Crew developed a short, humorous video promoting the company’s services, and they hope that customers who see the video will be so entertained that they will pass it on to their friends and colleagues. The marketers at Uptown Cleaning are using _________.
web community
Runners can compare performances, set up profiles, and meet new friends on Nike’s Nike Plus Web site. Nike Plus is an example of a ________.
permission-based e-mail marketing
After selecting a sweater on the Land’s End Web site, Kelly Oldham filled out the required customer and credit card information. A box with a checkmark inside was next to the following statement: “Yes I would like to receive promotional information via e-mail from Land’s End.” the statement suggests that Land’s End is using which of the following marketing tools?
Charlie Putnam received an e-mail promoting a new financial services institution that offers surprisingly low mortgage rates. The e-mail simply asked customers to provide their address, date of birth, social security number, and current mortgage information in order to receive a free loan quote. Suspicious of the offer, Charlie researched the company and discovered that the e-mail was fraud. This is an example of __________.

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