MKT-232 Exam Prep

SMM is different because:
It does not employ traditional marketing methods in the usual way, it does not control the content of the message, and it emphasizes audience contribution.
What is the primary lesson behind the “United Breaks Guitars” case?
Companies must be active in monitoring their brands online in order to respond in a timely manner to customer issues.
According to the text, social media is a part of a larger media ecosystem made up of:
Paid media and owned media.
Social Media Marketing is a form of what type of marketing?
Word of mouth
Is not one of the seven myths of SMM:
SMM isn’t right for most businesses.
One way to manage the time invested in social media marketing:
Leverage tools like Hootsuite that are designed to improve efficiencies.
Why is social media so attractive for consumers?
It gives the consumer more power.
Brand development:
Not a key obective of SMM
Expanding brand loyalty:
Not a secondary objective of SMM
Social media marketing goals must be flexible because:
New development sometimes occur while using social media.
When developing social media strategies, it is important that companies:
make sure to adapt them to their individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Which of the 8 C’s refer to understanding the etiquette, nuances, and spoken of unspoken rules of a particular social media platform?
Increasing the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers:
Is not considered a social media marketing goal.
Driving traffic:
Is not part of the social media marketing planning cycle.
Why is it important to listen to conversations about a brand?
Comments can help a company understand how it is perceived and where opportunities may lie.
The leading purchase influencer in four different countries is:
word of mouth
Can be learned from listening:
how people feel about a company, product, service, person or issue; which media platforms appear to be the most viable in order to achieve SMM goal; how competitors are using social media platform.
8 C’s of SMM
SMM primary goals
SMM secondary goals
Important aspect of SMM
On Facebook, most brand posts are made:
on Thursday and Friday.
Regarding SMM:
Messages are useful only if they reach the right people.
The only major platform to offer data based targeting options to brand pages is:
Once a fully-developed persona and marketing plan are developed, they can be used on many different platforms.
The Persona Development Cycle does NOT include:
mass messaging
Process for creating a SMM plan does NOT include:
the listing of reasons for reaching this target market.
What is a common issue with social media marketing plans?
Defining the target audience too broadly.
Which group on the Social Technographics Ladder is identified as those that subscribe to RSS feeds?
When developing personas it is important to identify all relevant personas by role.
Which rung on the Social Technographics Ladder represents the largest segment?
“Big data” provides opportunities to perform behavioral targeting.
Why is the Social Technographics Ladder useful?
It provides a set of persona profiles for a company to reference.
Why are messaging objectives important?
They help provide the persona with the information they need to make a purchase or other conversion.
Why is it considered important to focus on the buyer persona?
They are the ones who make the purchasing decisions.
Developing personas is an ongoing process that often requires that messages and content be adjusted as customer feedback is provided.
Technographics Ladder Rungs:
According to the social media rules of engagement, which of the following is not recommended?
Sticking to a marketing message regardless of the social channel.
Authenticity can be described as:
telling the truth in a personable and genuine manner.
When first engaging in social media, it is important to listen first before creating content.
The passive engagement strategy focuses on:
Which of the following is NOT an example of permission marketing?
Viewing an online ad on a mobile phone.
Which of the following is NOT considered one of the rules of engagement?
Entertaining your audience
Rules of engagement:
Which of the following is NOT part of an active engagement strategy?
Broadcasting messages
Being honest is one way for a company to build credibility.
Which of Walmart’s social media strategies was considered successful?
Its Facebook page
Why is communicating with citizens from countries other than the U.S. important for a social media marketer?
Social media is international, with adoption and usage on the rise in many countries.
How much people trust you is less important than the overall number of fans and followers you have.
Why is it important to understand the engagement in social media?
It helps avoid potentially costly mistakes
According to the text, traditional advertising has no value to consumers.
Most people use social media because they are looking for discounts and deals.
Social media marketing ethics involve all of the following except:
employing information gathering software on social profiles.
The code of ethics for SMM is the same as for traditional marketing.
With a global audience, which of the following should be avoided in your content?
Expressions, helpful proverbs, folksy friendly sayings, sarcasm
What are three steps a social media marketer should take when taking responsibility for a mistake?
1. Be honest, acknowledge they are at fault.
2. Sincerely apologize.
3. Take all the measures possible to fix their mistake.
As a marketer, one thing to keep in mind is that social media users are:
For the social media marketer, “know the audience” means:
understand where they hang out.
Discussion boards are an earlier form of social networks.
If your product is visual, the best social media platform would likely be:
It is considered a best practice for companies to set up a profile on Facebook.
The only platform that is inclined toward African-Americans and Hispanics is:
What is a social network site?
An online service where members can establish relationships.
What social network did not succeed in the US but has been successful in other countries?
A while label social network can also be called a corporate social network.
When considering what social media platform to use, the marketer should consider whether:
the target audience are consumers or professionals; the product is visual; the consumers like to collaborate; product demonstrations are needed
Which of the following statements is false?
People on social networks seek out brand relationships.
Why are social networks so useful for businesses that sell to consumers?
They are a great way to find and reach potential customers.
Social networks blur the line between business and personal life.
Why should firms consider investing in a presence on larger social networks?
They set social media trends and have the largest audiences.
According to the text, which is NOT recommended in optimizing a profile for LinkedIn?
Include your job title.
Large social networks are being threatened by niche social networks that cater to specific interests.
How does Twitter make other social media tools more effective?
It provides a distribution outlet that can reach millions of people.
The best content a brand can provide on Twitter is:
interesting, fun, and valuable.
Odeo was the first microblogging service.
What is one disadvantage of the mass follow strategy?
Most of the users who follow back are mass marketers and spammers who will not see the tweets.
What is one element that is universal across microblogging and social platforms?
Peoples’ value and interests.
One should not include links to other social media platforms on a profile page on Twitter.
What is the most important element of microblogging?
It must be short.
When marketing on Twitter, brands should:
focus on relationships.
It is considered best practice for a brand to use its logo as its Twitter avatar.
Which of the following is likely to generate the highest click through rate to your Twitter account?
You should follow me on Twitter here (link).
Why does Twitter require strong writing skills?
It requires a brand to be persuasive and interesting in a very limited number of words.
Why is Twitter a useful channel for building personas?
The search function allows a marketer to easily study different users and their interests?
What type of tweet category is described as “Look at What I’ve Been Doing”?
Picture tweets
It is important for a brand to identify the unique value it can bring to its Twitter followers
One use of microblogging is to start a discussion or participate in an existing conversation.
The quantity of Twitter followers is more important than the quality of the follower profiles.
The equal ratio strategy describes when one follows lots of other profiles and hope the decide to follow back.
Microblogs have become a source of
news and citizen journalism
Twitter is ideal at achieving all marketing objectives, with the exception of brand building.
According to the text, why is it important to choose an articulate host or moderator for a podcast?
Recorded audio can amplify speaking quirks.
In blogging, the suffix at the end of a URL address of the blog site indicates:
the service hosting the blog.
When developing a podcast, it is important to determine the length of the podcast before you identify the content.
One of the challengers with using podcasts in a marketing plan is:
the commitment required to creating the podcast content.
Many professional or corporate blogs fail because they do not accomplish their objectives or are unclear on what those objectives should be.
Regarding video streaming, all of the following are true except:
it is best done using the video stream only, and other forms of social media are not used to interact also.
The fact that everyone is a publisher means:
anyone can become a publisher on the Web.
The important breakthrough that made podcasting possible was:
the development of RSS technology
The primary difference between a podcast and a webinar is:
a webinar is designed to be interactive.
When creating a content strategy, the use of metrics helps the marketer understand who is reading the content and when.
What distinguishes a blog from other types of social media is that:
it is findable, viral, and linkable.
What is one way to create interaction during a webinar?
Including polls whose results are displayed during the webinar
A primary benefit from blogging is to learn about the “tone” of the online community with regard to certain topics.
What should be considered when determining how long a podcast should be?
The proposed format and amount of content available.
When producing a podcast, it is best to:
avoid eating too much.
Webinars are a better format for training sessions.
Creating a blog is almost always the hardest part of the process.
Webinars are a great tool for gauging audience reaction.
What are the five considerations when producing podcasts?
1. Choose and articulate speaker.
2. Create talking points.
3. Brevity.
4. Don’t over edit.
5. Include music.
What are the three types of podcast formats?
1. Informative/Presentation
2. Q & A
3. Co-host
A marketer can encourage users to share its video by doing all of these:
creating an entertaining video; interacting with other content creators; having contests or incentives to encourage sharing; offering something for free advertising
Brevity is important when creating videos because:
people have short attention spans
Creating a video to demonstrate how to use the product is called:
Showcasing the product
Most sharing of information online is done with:
One reason that video creates a stronger connection with consumers is:
because viewers are more vested in content where there is a human face attached.
Regarding smartphone use, which of the following is false?
Consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they see the add on tv instead of their smartphones.
The medium on which people spend most time viewing is:
Using real people in actual locations when creating a video is an example of:
Which of the following is not a best practice for video marketing?
Make a creative sales video.
View completion of videos is greatest on which device?
Desktop computer
What was the main challenge facing the creators of the Old Spice Guy video?
Positioning the body wash as masculine while marketing to women.
Which of the following is a true statement?
Secondary sharing is the most important stage to establishing a videos audience.
Mobile and time-shifted video are the trends marketers must accommodate.
One benefit of focusing on delivering content to a core audience is that it can result in higher conversion rates.
One way to make video sharing easier is to ensure each video has descriptive keywords, tags and a title.
Online video can act like an infomercial by showcasing a product’s features and benefits.
Tertiary sharing is the easiest step in sharing videos online.
Stock photography is:
professional photography produced by agencies or photo libraries.
What is a photo sharing site?
A website that allows users to upload photos for public or private viewing.
What is behind the growth in photo sharing?
The growth of smartphones.
Which of the following does NOT describe a photo sharing site?
It lets people buy or license images.
A photo sharing strategy will require a large time commitment.
Tagging images with relevant keywords helps users find images easier.
What is a worry that companies may have about sharing photos?
Trade secrets may be uncovered through the images they share.
Why is it important for a company to stay connected on a photo sharing site?
Interacting with other users help draw people back to your content.
Image sharing can help drive web traffic to a website.
Marketers should be constantly changing and updating their images.
Update video sharing and other social media tools, target audiences are not as important for photo sharing.
Typically the most popular images are those that are carefully planned and stages.
In addition to stand-alone discussion boards, all of these sites include discussion boards as part of their features except:
Social Bookmarking sites allow users to do all of these things:
store, organize, search, and manage “bookmarks” of web pages; organize them by tags, single word descriptors that categorize the bookmark; search social bookmarking sites using the descriptor to find content and bookmark that content within their own accounts; monetize their traffic
What is a social news site?
A site that lets users submit their links to news stories or other web pages to be ranked and displayed.
What is the most important factor in an article’s success on a social news site?
The article title.
A moderator:
facilitates discussions and enforces forum policies
On discussion forums, a troll is:
someone who attacks or personally insults other users
Discussion boards are the youngest of the three types of sites discussed in this chapter.
A Q & A site lets people post questions and receive answers back.
In their original form, discussion board use is growing.
Q&A sites are the best place to promote a product.
Social news sites have affected the way news is consumed today.
One of the earliest types of social media is the discussion board.
Social news sites are appealing to marketers because they can generate moderate amounts of traffic even for smaller stories or websites.
A white paper is defined as:
a technical document that describes how a product solves a particular problem
How does an e-book differ from a white paper?
An e-book is written in a lighter tone.
The primary difference between articles found in directories and those in newspapers and magazines is that:
newspapers and magazines provide editorial oversight.
The term “No Follow” means that an article has been penalized by search engines and is omitted from search engine results.
The text identifies what mistake companies make with white paper and e-book marketing?
Treating them as a pure marketing platform.
The primary goal for creating white papers, e-books, or articles is to build a company’s thought leadership and expertise in an area, ultimately generating sales leads.
What is an article directory?
A website where users submit articles for syndication
White papers typically have at least 10 pages of text, are double spaced, and include sources.
What is the first step when publishing and distributing an article as part of a marketing strategy?
Identify a catchy title.
E-books and white papers have a high perceived value.
An article title needs to create some incentive to read the article.
Why should white papers include visual aids, short paragraphs, and informative titles?
To ensure it is easy for readers to scan
An article differs from a blog in what way?
An article is longer and goes into more detail.
Using marketing jargon in a white paper helps it appear more educational and credible.
What content is important to include in a white paper?
Industry specific acronyms and marketing phrases.
White papers are generally intended to:
help consumers before they make a purchase.
Why are interviews important when writing a white paper?
They may provide new information that is not widely known.
An overt goal is one that is not directly mentioned in a white paper or e-book.
The “look and feel” of an article, white paper, or e-book is not a concern, only the content.
In public policy, white papers are delivered to policy makers to inform them on important issues.
Among the losers in the shift to mobile are:
desktop PC’s and television
CX is;
and omnichannel experience
Global growth in the use of mobile is such that:
more than half of the world’s people use mobile.
Location-based technology use is increasing in:
retail applications.
The top two activities consumers perform on their mobile smartphones are:
emailing and texting
Using becons, retailers are doing all of this EXCEPT:
as the customer leaves the store, a parking valet brings the customer’s car to the door.
Mobile has taken hold around the world, and growth is mostly uniform.
Today’s smartphone contains many branded apps.
Forrester Consulting argues that the mobile customer experience is created in micro-moments throughout the day, and listed all of these except:
want to show
Desktop and TV are losing share to other types of screens
Proponents of the audience first marketing strategy recommend using massive amounts of:
big data
Regarding the process of purchasing, the “upper funnel” is:
the early activities like comparing.
The most popular communication app outside of the US is:
The omnichannel approach to marketing considers all of these:
social media; online; CRM; physical store
Apps have little effect on the use and growth of mobile.
Consumers generally shop and compare on their computers, then purchase with their smartphones.
Given the growth in the use of mobile, we can predict with a degree of certainty that the new “buy” buttons on such sites as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter will all be successful
Important best practices for choosing the most useful Internet metrics include all of these except:
deciding which metric choices are appropriate, then tell the brand managers.
Regarding the “honesty” of metrics, which of the following statements is false?
Only platforms with the highest security are able to prevent dishonest metrics.
Measuring Return on Investment in social media is challenging for most marketers.
The first step in evaluation is:
The text indicates that all of the following are metrics in the Valid Metrics Framework except:
Which of the following is NOT a likely metric for its objective?
Increase sharing of blog content on Twitter by 25%, measured by number of posts on Twitter.
The amount of SMM spending is expected to increase sharply between 2014 and 2019
Evaluation is important for measuring social media because
It delivers impressive results without much effort
The Net Promoter Score:
measures the loyalty of a brand’s relationship with its customers.
The process of data gathering is generally referred to as:
Why is ROI not considered an ideal qualitative measurement for social media?
It is difficult to tie increased sales to qualitative metrics like share of voice and sentiment analysis.
The Valid Metrics Framework represents an attempt to standardize the variety of models and terminology used for social media measurement.
There are few tools, and they are expensive, for social media tracking.
“Don’t fondle the tool” means:
one must stay focused on what must be accomplished
“Start small” means:
if possible, use free tools; if possible, use simple tools.
In choosing the right tool for the job, all of these are good advice except:
purchase a tool for the primary user, as he or she will spend most time with it.
Regarding editorial calendars, which of the following statements is false?
It measures productivity.
Facebook furnishes Facebook Insights to any user who wants to use the tool.
Regarding social media platforms, which of the following statements is false?
Given the rise of digital marketing, skilled personnel are abundant.
The AT&T app and the Guardian Hero app are examples of:
apps for the business user
The tool “Mention”:
allows the business user to create alerts and be notified when it appears on the web
Purchased services are organized around:
the SMM planning cycle
Social media marketing tools are designed to support or automate common SMM activities which include content generation, publishing, testing, analysis, and more.
Regarding choosing the right tool for the job, which of the following statements is false?
The purpose of using SM tools is to make SMM more efficient; The purpose of using SM tools is to reduce the chance of errors; There is a learning curve for each new tool that is adopted.
Which of the following is/are not categorized as SMM tools?
All are SMM tools: Social listening software; Social analytics software; content curation.
In some ways, suppliers of these services act like advertising agencies.
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