MGT 4.1

Which of the following refers to the deployment of organizational resources to achieve strategic goals?
Strategy defines ____ to do (it) while organizing defines ____ to do (it).
what; how
Organizational structure includes which of these?
All of these are part of organizational structure.
Organization structure is defined as the
framework in which the organization defined how tasks are divided, resources are deployed, and departments are coordinated.
The organization chart
shows both the characteristics of the organization’s vertical structure and is a visual representation of the organization’s structure.
Which of the following refers to the degree to which organizational tasks are subdivided into individual jobs?
Work specialization
When work specialization is extensive
employees perform many tasks.
Jacob was recently looking at his company’s organization chart in an attempt to discover who reports to whom. Jacob is studying his organization’s
chain of command.
____ is also referred to as work specialization.
Division of labor
Unity of command and the scalar principle are both closely related to the
chain of command.
A(n) ____ team is a multifunctional, and sometimes multinational, team that works under stringent timelines and is provided with high levels of resources and empowerment to accomplish an accelerated product development project.
Which of the following means extending the search for and commercializing new ideas beyond the boundaries of the organization and even beyond the boundaries of the industry?
Open innovation
Today’s most successful companies are including ____ directly in the product and service development process.
Which of the following is a person who sees the need for and fights for productive change in an organization?
An idea champion
____ change is the primary way in which organizations adapt to changes in markets, technology, and competition.
Product (and service innovation)
A unit which functions as a separate unit and gives free rein to members is called a(n):
new venture team
____ change refers to a major shift in the norms, values, attitudes and mind set of the entire organization.
The manager of a golf course has noticed a decline in female membership even though one of the golf course’s stated goals for this year was to increase its female membership by 15 percent. This manager has identified a(n):
performance gap
___ is the process of determining which forces drive and which forces resist a proposed change.
Force field analysis
To reduce resistance to change, ____ are/ is used when solid information about the change is needed by users and others who may resist implementation.
communication and education
____ refers to the activities undertaken to attract, develop, and maintain an effective workforce within an organization.
Human resource management
The strategic approach to human resource management recognizes key elements. Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in successful human resource management?
Only top-line managers are predominantly human resource managers.
All of the following are current strategic issues of particular concern to managers EXCEPT
right people to become more competitive on a local basis.
All of the following are goals of human resource management EXCEPT
turning over an effective workforce.
Today, more than ever, strategic decisions are related to human resource considerations. Which of the following refers to the economic value of knowledge, experience, skills, and capabilities of employees?
Human capital
Which of the following created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?
Civil Rights Act
The hiring of applicants based on criteria that are not job related is called
Lainie was denied a promotion to partner in her accounting firm because of her gender. Lainie is a victim of
____ is a policy requiring employers to be proactive in being certain that equal opportunity exists for all within their organization.
Affirmative action
Greene, Inc. requires that all managers undergo gender sensitivity training with the intent of eliminating gender stereotypes in the organization. This is an example of
equal employment opportunity.

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