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World History II

geographical barriers Communication was difficult in Ancient Greece because of __________. Communication ___________ was difficult in Ancient Greece because of geographical barriers. voice their opinions The following right was given to Spartan women: the right to ______ publicly. own The following right was given to Spartan women: the right to ______ property. transact business The […]

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Muybridge UNTITLED (sequence of galloping horses) December 1878 This style of photography was influenced by painting, and how artists thought animals moved (walked, ran, etc.) Muybridge and the types of photos he would take made him think of himself more as a scientist than photographer. Before these photos, animals moved so fast that no one […]

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US History 1301 Test 1

Hernando Cortes well educated conquistador that traveled to Cuba to become famous but left due to it already being conquered; conquered Mexico and Aztec Indians Encomienda used by Spanish to reward conquistadors; Indians used as slaves, and many died due to European diseases so more Indians would be brought in to be slaves Gold, God, […]

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AP Art History Unit Test One Images

question Venus of Willendorf answer \”Venus of Willendorf\” Village of Willendorf, Austria Paleolithic c. 28,000-25,000 BC An ancient maturity doll, most likely used to provide good fortune for female reproduction. The figure stands about 4in tall and is certainly not a goddess. Her features are defined in the regions most important to reproduction. question Hall […]

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world history chapter 9 section 1

question Constantinople answer formerly Byzantium; capital of the eastern Roman empire question Justinian answer emperor of the Byzantine empire from 527 to 565, he rebuilt Constantinople and made reforms to the law question Justinian’s Code answer The Corpus Juris Civilis, or \”Body of Civil Law\”; a comprehensive collection of Roman legal writings assembled by Justinian […]

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AMSCO AP US History Chapter 27

question elections of 1952, 1956 answer In these two presidential elections Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon defeated Adlai Stevenson quite easily. (p. 580-581) question Dwight Eisenhower answer The United States general who supervised the invasion of Normandy and the defeat of Nazi Germany. In the election of 1952 he became the the 34th President of […]

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AP Art History- Ancient Mediterranean

question White Temple and Ziggurat, Uruk answer FORM: Ziggurat is mud-brick FUNCTION: The Ziggurat was used to symbolize the significance of the god/goddess honored there. The Temple is theorized to honor the sky god, \”Anu.\” CONTEXT: Modern-day Iraq; 3200-3000 BC. The oldest surviving Ziggurat. Sumerians. CONTENT: The White Temple sits atop the Ziggurat, as a […]

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AP World History Review Sheet

question Why were countries interested in Africa during the First Age of Imperialism? answer slaves for Triangular Trade, place to imperialize, evangelize, civilize question Describe the slave trade and its effects on Africa and the World. answer used Africans b/c they were resistant to European diseases, Middle Passage = poor hygine, dysentry, disease, maltreatment, average […]

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American History After 1865

question Radical Republicans answer These were a small group of people in 1865 who supported black suffrage and believed the South should be harshly punished and thought that Lincoln was sometimes too compassionate towards the South. They were led by Senator Charles Sumner and Congressman Thaddeus Stevens. They supported the abolition of slavery and a […]

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Psychiatric – Chp 14

question The nurse observes a client who is becoming increasing upset. He is rapidly pacing, hyperventilating, clenching his jaw, wringing his hands, and trembling. His speech is high pitched and random; he seems preoccupied with his thoughts. He is pounding his fist into his other hand. The nurse identifies his anxiety level as a) mild […]

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question While waging the American Revolution and running the government before 1787, how was Congress limited by the Articles of Confederation answer The articles did not give Congress the authority to order states to comply with its requests. question Which of the following areas was a loyalist stronghold during the Revolution answer New York question […]

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AP World History ch. 25

question Toussaint L’Ouverture answer leader of slave rebellion on the French sugar island of St. Domingue in 1791; led to creation of independent republic of Haiti in 1804 question Ferdinand VII answer deposed Spanish king in 1810 (deposed by Napoleon’s brother); still had juntas set up in his name question juntas answer ruling committee in […]

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US History Chapter 5 – The Constitution of the United States

question Articles of Confederation answer Plan that established, in 1781, a limited national government in the United States, later replaced by the Constitution of the United States. question Legislative Branch answer Branch of government that makes the laws; Congress. question Executive Branch answer Branch of government, headed by the President, that enforces the laws. question […]

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America’s History 8th Edition Henretta Chap. 5

question Sugar Act of 1764 answer Grenville won parliamentary approval with this act used to replace the Molasses Act of 1733. The earlier act had set a tax rate of 6 pence per gallon on French Molasses a rate so high that it made trade unprofitable. The new rate was set at 3 pence so […]

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Int’l Commerce, Snorkeling Camels, and The Indian Ocean Trade

question Indian Ocean trade routes answer – Connected various port cities around the Indian Ocean Basin, including Zanzibar, Hormuz, and Canton – Bigger, Richer, featured more diverse players than the Silk Road question The Monsoon Marketplace was well-recognized between answer 1000 CE and 1200 CE question When did the Monsoon Marketplace start to decline answer […]

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Art History – Modern Art:The Scene Since 1945

question Which of the following best describes how pop art is made? answer a. by borrowing mass-produced images question What emotional tone can be detected in pop art images? answer c. ironic and cynical question Who is often considered the founder of the pop art movement? answer d. Richard Hamilton question What characteristics distinguish Lichtenstein’s […]

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AP World History Chapter 21 Vocabulary

question Russian Revolution (1917) answer Removed Nicholas II and the Romanovs from power. The new Provisional Government was divided between upper class and socialist members and couldn’t accomplish anything. Gave reformers time to reform and do massive land redistribution. Provided an in for the Bolsheviks and Lenin who turned Russia towards full communism. Took Russia […]

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Chapter 19 Margin Questions Ways of the World

question In what ways did the Industrial Revolution shape the character of nineteenth-century European imperialism? answer • The enormous productivity of industrial technology and Europe’s growing affluence created the need for extensive raw materials and agricultural products found in other parts of the world. • Europe needed to sell its own products, and foreign regions […]

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Modern World History: The French Revolution and Napoleon

question Old Regime answer The social and political system of old France question Estate answer One of three classes France was divided into question 1st (Estate) answer Estate that contained clergy and paid almost no taxes question 2nd (Estate) answer Estate that contained rich nobles who paid no taxes question 3rd (Estate) answer Estate that […]

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AP World History Chapter 2 Vocab

question Norte Chico/Caral answer one of the early civilizations in Peru from 3000 B.C.E. to 1800 B.C.E. Received little rainfall but had runoff rivers from the Andes Mountains. They were a series of about 25 urban centers, with earthen mounds for ceremonies. This is significant because it was unique from other civilizations. It did not […]

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Crash Course U.S. History #3: The Natives and The English
09 Aug 2020 Database

question Why did English go to Indian Land? answer They went to indian Land to steal from the indians. question In 1642 when some leaves the colony what happens? answer In 1642 when someone left the colony they are sentence 3 years of hard labor. question True or False, Did the English and the Indians […]

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AP World Chapter 27 Vocab

question Zaibatsu answer large family-controlled banking and industrial groups that owned many companies in Japan before World War II question Zemstvoes answer local political councils created as part of Alexander II’s reforms; gave the middle class professional experience in government but did not influence national policy question Crimean War answer Conflict between the Russian and […]

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