MGT 312 Final Prep

The ______ influence tactic involves trying to convince someone with reason, logic or facts.
rational persuasion
Which of the following is false regarding the communication styles of men and women.
Men apologize even when they have done nothing wrong.
Which of the following statements about nonverbal communication is true?
People tend to avoid eye contact when discussing bad news.
A(n) ______ communication style is expressive, self-enhancing, and based on treating oneself and others with dignity and respect.
In the ______ style of handling conflict, the individual uses a give-and-take approach involving moderate concern for both self and others. This style is appropriate when parties have opposite goals or possess equal power.
______ is (are) an example of nonverbal behavior of someone with a nonassertive communication style.
Little eye contact
When a situation is characterized by ______, managers should expect conflict.
interdependent tasks
Which of the following is true?
Organizational conflict is inevitable.
Greater employee diversity leads to decreased organizational conflict.
Greater amounts of face-to-face communicates lead to increased organizational conflict.
Conflict is to be avoided whenever possible.
Organizational conflict is inevitable.
Groups should be included in the decision process when ______.
decision acceptance is relatively important
The ______ model proposes that managers use a four-step sequence when making decisions: 1) identify the problem; 2) generate alternative solutions; 3) select a solution; and implement and evaluate the solution.
______ involves solving problems by choosing a solution that meets some minimum standard of acceptance.
______ represents the idea that decision makers are restricted by a variety of constraints when making decisions.
Bounded rationality
______ involves solving problems by producing the best possible solution.
______ occurs when an individual’s judgment is distorted by the unanimous but incorrect opposition of a noncohesive group.
The Asch effect
______ help organizational members determine right from worng and clarify behavioral expectations.
Which of the following is the correct sequence of the stages of group development?
Forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning
_____ teams are responsible for performing day-to-day operations.
Question The ________ technique reduces the roadblocks to group decision-making by separating idea generation from evaluation, promoting balanced participation among members, and incorporating matematical voting techniques in order to reach consensus.
nominal group
If trait theories of leadership are valid, then leaders are
A surgery team is an example of a(n) ______ team.
If trait research had been successful, we would _______, whereas if behavioral studies were correct, we would _____
select the right person for the job; train leaders.
A leader high in initiating structure would do which of the following?
assign group members to particular tasks
The graphic portrayal of a two-dimensional view of leadership style by Blake and Mouton is known as the
Managerial Grid.
If the least preferred co-worker is described in relatively positive terms, then the respondent is
Which of the following rankings (high to low) represents the relative information richness of media?
Face-to-face, telephone, personal written, formal written, formal numeric
Three situational criteria identified in the Fiedler model are
leader-member relations, task structure, and position power.
Which of the following is not true of charismatic leaders?
They are rarely sensitive to follower needs.
The most important thing a person should do when looking for a job and building and managing his/her career(s) is
The most important aspect of power is that it
is a function of dependency.
When French and Raven refer to bases of power, they are referring to
what the powerholder has that gives him or her power or influence.
The statement “That person can make things difficult for people, and you want to avoid getting him angry,” describes someone with what type of power?
The ability to control and distribute discretionary funds involves the power base known as
reward power.
The power that the College Dean has been granted by the University over the faculty because he holds the position of Dean is termed
legitimate power.
Celebrities are paid millions of dollars to endorse products in commercials because the advertisers believe the celebrities have _____ power.
The most popular power tactic used by managers to influence subordinates is
reason/rational persuasion.
Unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that affect an individual’s employment can potentially be
sexual harassment.
abuse of power.
all of the above
all of the above
__________ are the most frequent perpetrators of sexual harassment in organizations.
When a person highlights his best qualities and downplays his worst ones, he is using the impression management technique of
A written statement of the minimum acceptable qualifications a jobholder needs for a given job is
a job specification.
The most frequently used selection device in this country is the
Which of the following are methods of performance evaluation?
critical incidents.
written essays.
360-degree feedback.
graphic rating scales.
All of the above.
All of the above.
All of the following are ways to overcome problems encountered with performance evaluations except
emphasizing traits.
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a better predictor of leadership than IQ.
Critical incidents as a method of performance evaluation focus on key behaviors.
The key characteristic of organizational culture which assesses the degree to which organizational activities emphasize maintaining the status quo in contrast to growth is
Which one of the following terms in not part of the definition of a strong culture?
weak norms
The research indicates that national culture _____ on employees than does their organization’s culture.
has a greater impact
The ultimate source of an organization’s culture is
its founders.
Top management has a primary impact on the organization’s culture by
maintaining norms that filter down through the organization.
All of the following are examples of rituals except
the physical layout of Spartan Company’s offices.
A strong culture can act as a substitute for rules and regulations.
Individuals who rigorously document activity to project an image of competence and thoroughness are using which of the following defensive behaviors?
Self-evaluation is consistent with empowerment.
Observing the physical surroundings, characterizing the style of the
people, and observing the degree of formalization of rules and
regulations in an organization are all ways t
read the culture of an organization
All of the following except one are ways managers can build trust with their employees:
practice charismatic leadership
Your doctor advised you to take a series of medications. You comply because of her __________.
expert power
People who are high self monitors are _______ likely to engage in political behavior at work.
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