MGMT 311 Practice Quiz 1

Which of the following is used in systematic study to determine cause and effect relationships?
Scientific evidence

Organizational behavior includes all of the following employment situations EXCEPT
Research and development

What is the goal of organizational​ behavior?
To understand and predict human behavior in organizations

____includes looking at​ relationships, attempting to attribute causes and​ effects, and basing our conclusions on scientific evidence—that ​is, on data gathered under controlled​ conditions, and measured and interpreted in a rigorous manner.
Systematic study

Which of the following social science disciplines studies people in relation to their social environment or​ culture?

Learning ways to design motivating​ jobs, techniques for improving management​ skills, and skills to create more effective teams are all examples of​ ________.
Improving people skills

Which of the following is NOT a topic included in organizational​ behavior?
Product development

Course work in human behavior and people skills did not receive much attention from business schools until the​ ________________.
late 1980s

Which of the following is true of contingency​ variables?
They refer to situational conditions that impact the relationship between two or more variables.

If employees see that their organization is breaking the​ law, they have the choice to blow the whistle or not. This is an element of​ ____________.
Ethical behavior

Which of the following determinants of behavior does organizational behavior​ study?

Studying the concept of change is an element of which aspect of organizational​ behavior?
Social psychology

Which impact of the 2008 recession is directly related to​ OB?
Increases in layoffs and job losses

Organizational behavior pulls from all of the following sciences EXCEPT​ __________.

OB can help managers increase the success of interactions with buyers and potential buyers by showing how employee attitudes and behavior influence​ ___________.
Customer service

Which of the following is defined as the concept that organizations are becoming more heterogeneous in terms of​ gender, age,​ race, ethnicity, sexual​ orientation, and inclusion of other diverse​ groups?
Workforce diversity

​_________________ studies how organizations develop human​ strengths, foster vitality and​ resilience, and unlock potential.
Positive organizational scholarship

Which of the following best defines​ “big data”?
The extensive use of statistical compilation and analysis

Which of the following is NOT a critical issue for which OB seeks to provide meaningful​ insights?
Maximizing profitability

Given the number of employees in the United States who are in​ single-parent homes or are caring for elderly​ parents, which of the following is essential for organizations that want to recruit and retain the most capable and motivated​ employees?
Work-life balance

Which of the following social science disciplines seeks to​ measure, explain, and sometimes change the behavior of humans and other​ animals?

Which of the following social science disciplines is the study of societies to learn about human beings and their​ activities?

The OB model presented in the chapter defines the field of OB and stakes out its​ ____________.
parameters, concepts, and relationships

What is a​ “foreign assignment”?
A transfer to an employer’s operating division or subsidiary in another country

Intuition can be best described as​ ___________.
gut feelings

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