MGMT 250: Chpater 7

five trends in the past decade have significantly influenced the landscape of global marketing. One of them is
an increase in most countries’ GDP coupled with a n increased degree of consumer ethnocentrism
Government taxes on products or services entering a country that primarily serve ot raise prices on imports are referred to as
the balance of trad is the
difference between the monetary value of a nations exports and imports
Ital currently has a limit on the number of motorcycles that can be imported from Japan. This restriction would be consider a(n)
When firms originate, produce, and market their products and services worldwide, it is referred to as
global competition
The EU has benefited its member nations because firms do not need to market their products and services on a nation-by-nation basis; most tariffs that affect pricing practices have been removed and
there are fewer regulatory restrictions on transportation, adverting, and promotion
These restaurants featured recipes that were revised for local tastes, alcoholic beverages, and increased outdoor seating.
a global
A brand marketed under the same name in multiple countries with similar and central coordinated marketing programs is referred to as
a global brand
A global marketing strategy refers to
the strategy of transnational firms that employ the practice of standardizing marketing activities when there are cultural similarities and adapting them when cultures differ
Around the world, middle-class, youth, and elite markets that consume similar assortments of products and services are referred to as
global consumers
A firm the views the world as consisting of unique parts and markets to each part differently is referred to as
a multinational firm
Which of the following statements about the emergence of a networked global market space is most accurate?
the most active participants in the networked global market space are companies in developing nations
A country’s communications, transportation, financial, and distribution systems are considered to be its
economic infrastructure
Four general options exist: 1___ 2 licensing 3 joint venture 4 direct investment
A create new product emphasis refers to which type of strategy?
product invention strategy
In which option would two companies share the ownership?
joint venture
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