Mental Illnesses in Finding Nemo Essay Example
Mental Illnesses in Finding Nemo Essay Example

Mental Illnesses in Finding Nemo Essay Example

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  • Published: September 7, 2017
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Are They Normal Fish? In Finding Memo, it is evident there are fish whom have a mental illness. The illnesses in the movie range from COD to schizophrenia. One can tell if a fish in the movie has a mental illness from the fish's actions. Marlin, Memo's father, is suffering from depression and PATS. This can be seen by observing the way Marlin acts towards Memo going to school. Marlin is very overprotective of Memo. Along Marlin's Journey to find Memo, Marlin meets another fish named Dory.

Dory has ADD, which stands for attention deficit disorder. Dory has this because she cannot keep her attention on something for a long period of time. She often forgets what she is doing, where she is going, or what recently happened around her. When M


arlin and Dory start to look for Memo together, they come across three sharks. The sharks are Bruce, Anchor, and Chum. The sharks have an addiction to eating fish. At first, they try to keep themselves from eating fish, but when Dory gets a cut, Brace's addiction comes out.

Marlin is not the only one who meets some fish with mental illnesses on his journey. Memo met some fish with mental illnesses in the fish tank he was staying in. Bloat, the puffer fish, has anger management problems. This can be seen when he puffs up due to a reaction to something. Debt is schizophrenic. She thinks she has a sister, when really she is looking at her reflection on the fish tank. Girt has a phobia to germs. He has to clean everything he gets is hands on. He also has PATS

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post traumatic stress disorder, from being ripped out of the ocean.

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