Medical Office Management Chapter 1

Advanced registered nurse Practitioner (ARNP)
A healthcare professional who has pursued additional education beyond a nursing degree. In some states allowed to treat own panel of patients as a primary care provider.
Physicians who treat allergic conditions such as food and environmental allergies
Physicians who perform and oversee anesthesia for surgical cases.
Autocratic Leadership style
Style where the leader makes all the decisions for the group
Physicians who treat disorders of the skin. Will see patients of all ages. May specialize in certain conditions.
emergency physician
Have specialized training in emergency conditions, typically in hospital setting.
family practice physician
Treat patients of all ages, from newborns to geriatric. some may treat pregnant women and deliver babies. May perform minor surgery in the office that requires a local anesthetic.
Physicians who treat conditions of the esophagus, gallbladder, stomach, liver, pancreas, intestines, and rectum. May focus on a specific condition.
general partnership
A group practice. Type of medical practice with two or more physicians partnering to work together. Each physician is open to liability should one of his or her partners be sued for medical malpractice. Hospital rotation often rotated.
Physicians who specialize in conditions associated with aging. Typically elderly, may be physical or mental illness.
Treat women for female-related conditions, such as hormone imbalances or uterine disorders. May also practice obstetrics.
Physician who treats disorders of the blood.
Physicians who specialize in the treatment of the liver. This physician is a subspecialist because gastroenterologists also treat liver disorders.
infectious disease physician
Those who specialize in the treatment of infectious diseases such as E. coli or HIV.
Those who treat adult patients typically those over the age of 16. Treat many of the same conditions and symptoms as a family practice physician.
laissez-faire physician
leader who sits back and allows others to make decisions within the group
Less training than an RN. Scope generally less than what an RN is able to provide.
same as LPN
limited liability partnership
Type of practice in which the physician partners have registered with their state in order to obtain limited liability for all of the partners.
medical assistant (MA)
Assists the physician or nurse. May have gone through an accredited program or on the job training. EKGs, vital signs, may administer injections with certification status.
Physicians who specialize I the treatment of the kidneys. (diabetes, kidney failure, involved with kidney transplants or treatment of kidney stones)
physicians who treat conditions associated with the nervous system including seizure disorders
Specializes in the field of nutrition. Designs specialized diets for patients with special needs or consulting on food allergy conditions.
Specialize in the treatment of pregnant women and the delivery of babies.
Diagnose and treat conditions associated with cancer. may specialize in certain types of cancer.
Specialize in treatment of the bones and joints.
Diagnose and treat conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat. (ENT physician)
Physicians who supervise the clinical laboratory and the tests that are performed there.
Patients limited to children typically up to the age of 16 to 18
Trained to draw blood for physician ordered laboratory work. Also trained to perform EKGs and to process certain types of blood and urine lab samples.
Diagnose and treat conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system.
physician assistant (PA)
Healthcare providers who work under the direct supervision of a physician. Able to prescribe medications and assist during surgery.
treat conditions associated with the feet.
professional corporation
A medical practice structure in which the physicians have filed paperwork with the state where the practice resides in order to obtain corporation status. Physicians are protected should one or the other be sued.
primary care practice
Services provided are primary in nature. Physicians are typically family practice physicians, pediatricians, and internists. Services provided vary from physical exams and immunizations to minor surgical procedures that can be done in the ambulatory setting.
treat conditions associated with the eye. Able to perform surgery for conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma.
Treat patients who suffer from mental and emotional disorders.
treat patients for conditions associated with the lungs.
specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of patients via the use of x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scans, and radioactive materials.
registered nurse (RN)
Provide direct care, administer medications and treatment under a physician’s order. May not practice alone; must be supervised by a physician.
retail clinic
Settings where healthcare providers offer services in a retail setting. May be found in pharmacies or department store chains. Typically accepts a limited number of conditions or patients, and all care is cash based, with no insurance billing offered. Most are staffed with advance care practitioners such as an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP
Diagnose and treats disorders related to the joints, such as arthritis or joint inflammation.
sleep medicine physician
Are often pulmonologist who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.
sole proprietorship
Not a common practice today. Typically consist of a physician who practices alone, with a staff that may include nurses, medical assistants and receptionists.
speciality care practice
May exist apart from primary care or in the same setting. Patients will see a specialist for a particular condition.
Performs surgery. Most limit practice to a certain portion of the body.
specialize in the treatment of the urinary system of both male and female patients.
Physicians who treat conditions of the heart and cardiovascular system.
democratic leadership style
style where the leader seeks input from others before making final decisions

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