Media Industry and Management Test 2

Subliminal advertising using hidden sales messages is considered to be highly successful by major advertising agencies. (True or False)
The advertising agency department responsible for developing the actual advertisements.
creative planning
an ad selling cleaning services to hotels
The advertising agency department responsible for deciding where to place the advertising
media planning
the cost of reaching 1,000 consumers with a particular advertisement in a particular medium
In 2006, the advertising industry revised its guidelines for advertising ______ to children.
One disadvantage of advertising in monthly magazines is that you need a long lead time to purchase space for your ads. (T or F)
An advertisement designed to sell soda to a young, hip audience would be called ______ advertising
Broadcast television networks carry an average of ______ of advertising and promotion clutter per hour.
15 minutes
Integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaigns typically involve ______.
Public Relations, Advertising, Sales Promotion
According Edward Bernays, public relations campaigns should be designed to do which of the following?
establish mutually beneficial relationships for the company and various publics
Companies should view social media as a way of interacting with their publics rather than just as a channel for transmitting marketing messages. (T or F)
The term focus group means which of the following?
a group of people brought together to talk about how they perceive an organization, product, or issue
An INTRANET is a tool to communicate with which of the following?
internal publics
Very little of the news originates with public relations practitioners. (T or F)
Using respected individuals to influence members of the community is known as _________ leadership
A press conference is a tool primarily to communicate with which of the following?
the media
Companies facing an online crisis from negative information spreading on the Internet should do which of the following?
Track the blogosphere and social media to see what people are saying about your company or organizations.
What did PR efforts by Rita Hayworth and Rihanna mentioned in the text have in common?
Both were part of stories announcing non-existent awards
All U.S. television broadcasting became digital in which year?
Network affiliates are which of the following?
local broadcast stations that carry network programming
The major company doing television ratings in the United States is which of the following?
Nielsen Media Research
The popular children’s educational program Sesame Street made the switch from public television to HBO in 2015 for first-run episodes because they would ______.
They would be better able to distribute their programs to mobile devices
Nielsen media research provides TV ratings data is provided only for people who watch Live TV. (T or F)
Television networks are now showing more diverse programming for which of the following reasons?
The want to attract a larger audience
A low-earth-orbit satellite that provides television programming via a small, pizza-sized satellite antenna; DBS is a competitor to cable TV.
A standard for high-quality digital broadcasting that features a high-resolution picture, wide-screen format, and enhanced sound.
A company that provides programs to local stations around the country; the local affiliate stations choose which programs to carry.
Broadcast Networks
The four times during the year that Nielsen Media Research measures the size of individual television station audiences.
The earliest components of the Internet were in use by the year ______.
The Internet is a diverse set of ______ networks interlinked to provide its users with the appearance of a single, unified network.
Mobile devices are the most dominant way of going online. (F or T)
A method for breaking up long messages into small pieces and transmitting them independently across a computer network.
packet switching
Internet discussion groups made up of subscribers that use e-mail to exchange messages between as few as a dozen people or as many as several thousand
A high-speed continuous connection to the Internet using a cable modem from a cable television provider or a digital subscriber line from a phone company
broadband service
Material in a format containing links that allow the reader to move easily from one section to another and from document to document.
Journalism created by people other than professional journalists, often distributed over the Internet
citizen journalism
User-generated content, comments, and ______ are part of what makes social media social.
The first national computer network.

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