MASC 151 Final Exam Quiz 8

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Who is the new U.S. Secretary of State under President Donald Trump?
Rex Tillerson
Bertelsmann is based out of which country?
The globalization and consolidation of the communication industry is likely going to increase over time.
Mediaset is mostly owned by Pearson PLC.
Which of the following is the largest Spanish language network in the United States?
Univision Communications
“Bollywood” is a combination of the words “B-movie” and “Hollywood.”
Mediaset is a _________ broadcast company.
The future success and earnings of American multimedia giants will be determined by international sales.
News Corporation was founded in which country?
There is a strong connection between sports and mass media.
Media systems in Europe were largely deregulated beginning in which decade?
_______________ is a highly diversified communication conglomerate, ranging from broadcasting, to feature films, to the Internet, to theme parks and resorts, which operate in hundreds of locations worldwide
The European Union has yet to be able to construct and implement trans-European media policies.
Which right-wing populist recently failed to win the national elections in the Netherlands despite a lead in the pre-election polls?
Geert Wilders
Disney is the third largest communications empire in the world.
Most foreign commercial markets buy US television and movies for their television and theater outlets.
Which company is not headquartered in the United States?
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is a significant transnational entity for private broadcasters across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.
Bertelsmann has had much success with its internet ventures through AOL, Napster, and Barnes and Noble online.
Most peripheral nations lack the necessary technical infrastructure, ability to provide security, or sufficient disposable income to make it economically worthwhile for American multimedia giants to establish major activities in their regions.
The notion of a _____________, a hypothetical area between the private realm of the family and the realm of the state, is very influential in European media studies.
Public Sphere
What EU audiovisual program(s) offer(s) financial and other support to the media industry?
Television without Frontiers was replaced with what directive in 2007?
Audiovisual Media Services
Euronews is widely known as Europe’s answer to ______.
The EBU is the largest association of national broadcasters in the world.
English is the dominant language in the music industry with one notable exception:
Since the end of World War II, US aerospace industries have provided the primary export product. However, by the end of the Cold War the demand for military aircraft had subsided. What is the primary export product now?
Music and movies
Online advertisers increasingly attempt to place their ads next to hate videos as they have the most views on YouTube.
The Audiovisual Media Services directive aims to ____________________.
Create a single European market for media broadcast and film
According to Bob Levey, one of the biggest changes in today’s news environment is that audiences choose news sources that they already agree with.
Bob Levey predicts that the Washington Post will be available as an Amazon Prime product in the future.
Legal and illegal downloading is a major concern of the music industry.
MTV has become so influential that major Hollywood studios will use MTV as a vehicle to coordinate new film releases
As audience size decreases; advertising revenues increase.
Television without Frontiers contends that the majority of the broadcast time in Europe should be earmarked for European products.
European audiences remain faithful to their national broadcasters.
Which newspaper did Bob Levey work for as a columnist?
Washington Post
Barely a generation ago, Europeans only had access to one or two state-funded radio and television channels.
To avoid import restrictions on media buys, it is a good strategy for US companies to:
Form joint ventures with domestic media companies
Foreign talent wants to work in New York or Hollywood. This is why the United States has had an international advantage of superior talent.
BBC and CNN are the two global all news stations.
Before their Gulf War coverage, CNN was once lampooned by rivals as the “Chicken Noodle News.”
While once a power house, budget cuts and management changes have caused CNN’s market share to fall behind Fox News.
Fox News proudly catering successfully to the __________.
right of center audience
President Bush, who was at his vacation home in Kennebunkport, Maine, stated that all he knew about Tiananmen Square was what CNN was showing – just like the rest of the world.
CNN’s reputation has been enhanced by coverage of such stories, all EXCEPT:
Turkish elections for secular government
The merger with AOL shifted the CNN focus from news to personality based news highlighting such stars as
Christiane Amanpour
Because of CNN’s success in the niche market of news broadcasting they are bound to be followed by imitators. Which of these networks is NOT a direct imitator of CNN?
CNN changed the global format to:
24 hour news broadcasting
War coverage was changed when the Pentagon decided to:
Embed journalists in combat units in Iraq 2002
CNN’s major competition is Al-Jazeera.
During the first Gulf War, CNN was the only global agency granted permission to broadcast live from Baghdad.
Which country just submitted its paperwork to leave the EU?
Great Britain
CNN can force governments into damage control mode when it reports such stories as Abu Ghraib and violations at Guantanamo Bay.
Russia recently experienced some of the largest mass demonstrations in years, when crowds across the country took part in anti-corruption rallies.
What stories CNN focuses on is called the CNN Effect or CNN Factor.
Pressure created by the CNN Effect forced US and British Administrations to respond to which international conflict?
Somalia Crisis
The United Kingdom’s major broadcasting network, who has been covering global events for decades is:
British Broadcasting Corporation
Deutsche Welle, a major online and worldwide radio and television broadcaster, is stationed in:
CNN managed to make niche television a global phenomenon.
Reuters was established to transmit what information in 1851?
Business and stock market quotations between London and Paris
Inter Press Services is unique among the other press services. Why?
It promotes a horizontal, cooperative basis among developing countries
Who is the current president of China?
Xi Jinping
With its financial orientations Dow Jones competes directly with Reuters and Bloomberg.
The three major global wire services are
Thomson Reuters, Associated Press and Agence France Presse
Xinhua is the leading integrated news agency out of Taiwan.
Another issue with wire service coverage of peripheral nations was
Predominantly negative or sensational news items
Wire services focus on covering news that was mainly relevant to colonial powers.
With the demise of the Cold War, East-West tensions have lessened but criticism remains in North-South media coverage.
Which country’s government recently ordered a gas attack on its own people during the civil war there?
Associated Press was established by
A group of six New York newspapers to save costs
UPI was sold in 2000 to what church whose founder specializes in sensation journalism and thus making UPI a laughingstock?
The Unification Church
AP and Reuters have both dropped TV news services as part of their product lines.
Agence France Presse’s largest customer is
The French Government
A major advantage for Reuters to establish an international wire service was:
Following the growth of the British Empire’s colonies
Xinhua is the leading news agency in Asia. It is striving for a global role by delivering media services to the regions of China through print and the internet. There is one glaring problem. What is it?
Is tightly controlled and watched by the Chinese government
The high cost of newspaper coverage during which war was the impetus for creating the Associated Press?
The Mexican-American War
IPS works with NGOs to cover peripheral nations’ causes.
One major issue with the wire services is their focus on coverage in _______.
Core nations
Bloomberg focuses coverage on economics, business, financial markets, tech and global stock markets and trends.
Al-Jazeera refused to air Bin Laden’s tapes because they were inflammatory to the Arab people.
In 1996, Al-Jazeera became the Arabic region’s first all-news satellite channel.
“Media cities” sprang up in the Arab region starting where?
The popularity of Arab TV is because Arabs are tired of seeing their region from a Western point of view.
The Emir of Qatar launched Al-Jazeera for what selfish reason?
To make Qatar a major player in the region
Arab media was the mouth piece of governments, tame political parties, or regime friends until
The Emir of Qatar fronted the money for an all Arab news station
Which NATO country is holding a referendum that could determine the future of its democracy?
Al-Jazeera’s original news team was almost all veterans of the BBC’s Arabic TV service.
Al-Jazeera believes it has a responsibility to cover Arab news from the Arab perspective.
The Saudi royal family controls all Arab media outlets.
Saudi owned Al Arabiya is the main competition in the media wars.
Western style journalism upsets Arab countries because it reports news the government/regimes would rather were not reported.
All Arab television stations and most radio stations are owned by
National Governments
Arab print media is more akin to government public relations than true journalism.
Before Al-Jazeera became the channel to hate by Western media and governments it was similarly disliked by
Arab regimes
Local politics are the story areas that can cause the most trouble. And therefore, most Arab journalists lack the concept of local news.
Since all Arab media is government owned, Arab news outlets are competing against countries, not other companies like in the West.
Who is Sergei Lavrov?
Foreign minister of Russia
The Bush Administration considered Al-Jazeera a “beacon of light” in the Arab world.
The Bush administration did not like Al-Jazeera because they reported heavily on the civilian consequences of Afghanistan and Iraq.
The Korean Wave is a result of Kim Jong-ii’s strategy to enhance “Korean-ness” in Asia.
In what country has Korean TV turned out to be a big hit?
Korean programming is becoming more popular than Japanese programming in Asia.
Bollywood, the affectionate name for India’s film industry, is a combination of what two cities?
Hollywood & Bombay
The most popular form of Japanese television programming is?
The Chinese media “aircraft carrier” is an attempt to have the Chinese “voice” to be more heard throughout the world.
The U.S. and China are currently cooperating to resolve a major international crisis involving which country?
North Korea
Chinese media outlets are subsidized and are all advertising dollars disbursed equally.
All media institutions in China are still government institutions.
What is the “Korean Wave”?
Increased circulation of the Korean culture through TV and film
Both India’s huge Diasporas and _____ have helped the internationalization of the Indian film industry.
All of the answers are correct
The term “Bollywood” has come to encompass the entire Indian movie industry like a brand name.
The Middle East is the main importer of Indian film exports.
From 1949 to 1975 media in China under Mao Zedong was used for what purpose?
An ideological tool for the communist party
The Indian government does not subsidize its film industry but does, now, allow what to enhance growth?
Foreign Direct Investment in financing, production, and distribution of films
Xinhua’s visual news service is considered to be at the same level as leading global news agencies like Associated Press (AP) and Reuters.
The new Indian Diasporas have played a significant part in Indian film industry, why?
Higher purchase power
China’s only non-governmentally owned TV organization is actually in Hong Kong.
China Radio International (CRI) is the largest external broadcasting service in the world.
What is China’s new “open door policy” regarding media?
All of the answers are correct
The modern advertising agency is distanced from its clients because of global concerns and language barriers
Armstrong Williams was paid by Ketchum PR to hype an education program. This caused quite a negative media storm.
75 percent of all global advertising is by US firms.
The major global ad agencies are all based in core nations. They act as savvy electronic imperialist on behalf of their global clients.
Major advertising agencies are based in core nations and have spilled over to semiperipheral and peripheral nations of
Values, attitudes, and business practices
As multimedia outlets expand they require successful advertising to generate revenue to attract new customers.
Who is Emmanuel Macron?
Presidential candidate in France
Mid sized firms such as Havas are perfectly positioned to succeed in an industry of giants.
In 2005 Omnicom Group’s Ketchum PR Agency received unwanted attention due to what circumstance?
Laundering a large government contract with the Dept of Education
President Trump has praised the free trade agreement NAFTA for its job creation impact in the United States.
The impact of global advertising in Eastern European regimes was that
Values imported in audio-visual in total contradiction to their own
Many mergers are taking place so that top firms can avoid being taken over themselves.
Today’s advertising agencies are global in scope. Many work with global products and offer a vast array of services beyond print and broadcast media. What other services are NOT being offered?
Government permits and grant writing
Advertising has a great effect in totalitarian nations by introducing new ideas through visual media.
The top global advertising firms have had a lot of mergers in recent years. Give one example why.
All of the answers are correct (Acquire talent, mid sized firms risk takeover in competitive global arena, positive synergy)
Foreign customers turn towards larger companies rather than local, specialty firms because
Lack of resources and services in smaller firms
As corporations are going more global advertising is still a local concern.
All the top advertisers are US-based companies and that is why, to be successful, a company must have a US based office.
President Donald Trump recently said that a major conflict is possible in a standoff with which nuclear power?
North Korea
In 2012, _______ purchased the British-based Aegis Group.
Dentsu Inc.
The Cold War
Tensions between Eastern communism and Western democracies.
the Crimean War
The first war covered by war correspondents.
New World Information and Communication Order
An attempt to balance the global news flow.
electronic colonization
The latest era of global colonization.
World System Theory
Global economic concept based on classifications of nations as core, semi-periphery and periphery.
Development Communication
An attempt to counterbalance electronic colonialism.
Economic Growth Model
It equates development with economic growth.
A research tradition concerned with marketing concerns of the consumer society.
A research tradition that found that core media shape media systems in the periphery.
This research tradition analyzes technocratic effects of imported communication infrastructures.
This international organization runs educational, scientific, cultural and communication programs.
too much reliance on support from the Soviet Union
The major mistake of UNESCO in the debate over NWICO.
the non-aligned movement
Former colonies that wanted independence from the U.S. and the USSR.
the MacBride Commission
It studied the imbalance of the global news flow for UNESCO.
World Summit on the Information Society
This event restarted the debate over the issues discussed in NWICO.
What is Public Diplomacy?
The international campaign by President George W. Bush after 9/11 is an example of this communication strategy.
the Cold War
Public Diplomacy was started during this era.
the USIA
This government agency is responsible for Public Diplomacy in the U.S.
Ashton Kutcher, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
These celebrities are examples of a new kind of diplomat.
two-way communication
An exchange of ideas across social and cultural boundaries.
the Global Village
Marshall McLuhan’s concept of an interconnected world.
International Telecommunications Union
This international agency coordinates international use of telecommunications systems.
the periphery
This group of nations holds the majority in the ITU.
Maitland Commission
This body studied inequities in the global telecommunications systems and found great disparities in penetration levels.
This intergovernmental organization was founded in 1965 to coordinate the global satellite system.
The construction of this Internet precursor started in 1969.
Tim Berners-Lee
He developed the concept of hyperlinking.
Marc Andreessen
He developed the Mosaic browser and started Netscape.
The country with the highest number of Internet users.
A powerful and controversial institution that controls the rights to add top-level domain names.
Disney, Newscorp, Time Warner, Viacom and NBC Universal
The largest five media conglomerates
percentage of TV programming from the U.S. imported in Europe
Media corporation that owns Paramount, MTV and Nickelodeon
NBC Universal
is now controlled by Comcast
has origins in Australia
media corporation from Germany controlled by a family trust
French corporation that once controlled Universal
Italian media conglomerate controlled by a former prime minister
European Broadcasting Union
organization focusing on programming exchanges and broadcasting rights for sports events
Indian equivalent of Hollywood
Television without Frontiers
The 1989 media directive of the EU Commission.
Germany, Sweden and Denmark
Countries with a Democratic Corporatist Media Model.
Public Sphere
concept by German scholar Juergen Habermas adopted to EU media policy
is Europe’s answer to CNN
Universal Music Group
the largest global music company owned by a French conglomerate
Sony Music Entertainment
Acquisitions from CBS and Bertelsmann made it a global player in the music industry
Live Nation
A music label started in 2005 with artists dissatisfied at other companies
TV channel reaches 350 million viewers in 145 countries
A globally syndicated and very successful TV series about a team of lifeguards
Ted Turner
founded CNN
Tiananmen Square
news event established CNN as a news leader at the global stage
Peter Arnett
provided live coverage of the bombings on Baghdad in 1991
CNN Effect
CNN’s ability to influence U.S. foreign policy
Operation Tailwind
A debunked CNN report on the U.S. Army allegedly killing defectors in Vietnam
It was founded to transmit stock market quotations between London and Paris
today owned by the Unification Church and lost its former reputation
Bloomberg and Dow Jones
compete directly with Reuters for business news
leading news agency in China
attempt by Saudi Arabia to establish a competition for Al-Jazeera
Wael Ghonim
A Google executive who organized protests in Egypt
Al-Jazeera English
reaches a global audience with an Arab perspective on the news
“protocol news”
type of news Arab TV audiences received before the emergence of Al-Jazeera
Clinton administration
It saw Al-Jazeera as a “beacon of light”
“open door policy”
has led to great changes in China since the 1980s
China Radio International
equivalent of Voice of America
media company withdrew its business from China due to difficulties with the socialist/capitalist culture
produced more movies than Hollywood
Proctor & Gamble
largest advertiser in the world
Armstrong Williams
commentator hired by Ketchum PR to promote the Bush Administration’s education policies
parent company of Ketchum PR
satellite broadcasting
creates new global advertising markets

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