Marketing Exam 3 Practice Questions

The connected chain of all of the business entities, both internal and external to the company, that perform or support the logistics function is know as the ___
Supply chain
When the Boeing Co. announced it would delay the introduction of its new 787, the CEO blamed the problem on the company’s supply chain. Airplanes use thousands of individual parts, and in attempt to relieve the smaller, individual supply chain quandary, Boeing used major suppliers to construct large pieces of the plane. Boeing would have benefited from more ___ integration
Supply chain
In which logistical component of the supply chain will you find electronic data interchange a common feature out of: production scheduling, transportation, order processing, and materials handling
Production scheduling and order processing
The goal of inventory management is to
Minimize inventory levels while maintaining an adequate supply of goods to meet customer demands
In which logistical component of the supply chain will you find distribution resource planning (DRP) a common feature?
Inventory control
The goal of any effective materials handling system is to
Move items quickly with minimal handling
A tremendous amount of ___ exists between Lowe’s and Whirlpool, which is evident by the long-lasting, value-added offerings Whirlpool provides to Lowes
Customer and resources integration
Given that accessibility and reliability are keys to Lowe’s marketing strategy, what mode of transportation is most likely used in this relationship?
W.W> Grainger Inc. is one of the world’s largest B2B distributors of equipment, component parts, and supplies in the US and Canada. It has ownership title to over 220,000 products, which are stocked in one national and nine regional warehouses to guarantee product availability and quick service to the many manufacturers who are its customers. W.W. Grainger is an example of a(n) ___
Merchant wholesaler
What are the three basic functions channel intermediaries perform?
Transactional, logistical, facilitating
Customers can purchase HP computers from retail stores like Best Buy and Office Depot, online directly from HP, and through various catalogs. HP is using a(n) ___ distribution arrangement
Intensive or multiple
One of the earliest, largest, and most famous examples of vertical integration was the Carnegie Steel Company. The company controlled not only the mills where the steel was manufactured but also the mines where the iron ore was extracted, the coal mines that supplied the coal, the ships that transported the iron ore, and the railroads that transported the coal to the factor. Carnegie Steel had a(n) ___ channel relationship
The capacity of a particular marketing channel member to control or influence the behavior of other channel members is known as ___?
Channel power
Channel conflict that occurs between different levels in a marketing channel is referred as ___?
Vertical conflict
The first task of developing a retail strategy is to ___?
Define the target market
Production studios are potentially producing ___ among its existing distributors by allowing Redbox to rent their DVDs for $1.00
Horizontal conflict
The main function of a promotional strategy is to ___?
Convince the target customers that a firm’s products offer competitive advantages over those of its competition
Vegetarians sometimes have trouble making sure they get enough protein in their diets. Protons are a new, poppable snack made with super-crunchy tofu. They are bite sized nuggets that come in both sweet and savory flavors. Protons’ features, including that they are organic, vegan, and cholesterol free, give the new product its ___
Competitive advantage
Between clutter from competitors’ messages or great expense on a per person exposed basis, which is not a disadvantage a firm using mass media might experience?
Great expense on a per person exposed basis
The communication process itself consists of ___
Encoding, decoding, channel, sender, and receiver
___ is the interpretation of the language and symbols sent by a source through a channel
The marketing campaign for Alpo dog food uses posters in veterinarian’s offices, radio and TV ads, and a website to promote benefits of the dog food. In terms of the communication process, Alpo uses several different ___
Within the communication process for a car dealer’s ad, out of competing ads, news stories in the newspaper, physical surroundings in which the individual reading the ad is located, and the presence of other people while the ad is being read, which would be an example of noise?
All of them are exaamples
Out of coupons, transit advertising, free samples, contests, and trade shows, which is not an example of a sales promotion?
Transit advertising
In the characteristics of the elements in the promotional mix, is the sponsor or company identified in advertising?
Yes it is identified
AIDA stands for
Attention, interest, desire, action
Molson beer was produced in Canada. Coors was manufactured in the US. A merger of the two breweries gave each brand access to a significantly larger market. To effectively reach both markets, the merged company needed to coordinate its promotional mix to produce a consistent, unified, and customer-focused message. In other words, the brewery need to use ___
Integrated marketing communications
When a product is in the ___ stage of its product life cycle, advertising and PR are particularly important
Smith has developed a product for cleaning grout called Grout-Chee. Everyone who has tried the product really appreciates how quickly it works, but Smith is having trouble getting retail stores to carry the product. She decided to send retailers free samples and use other trade promotions to encourage stores to carry her product. Smith is using a(n) ___ promotional strategy
The American Plastics Council wants to stimulate more consumer demand for products that are packaged in plastic. The ads will be run in consumer magazines and will hopefully cause customers to ask retailers to carry more products packaged in plastic. The APC is planning to use a(n) ___ strategy
Kraft’s marketing efforts for its Macaroni & Cheese include TV commercial and magazine inserts. These are all activities associated with ___
Before any creative work can begin on an advertising campaign, it is important to ___
Determine what goals or objectives the advertising should achieve
A feature product is call a(n) ___
Ads for Yoplait Greek Yogurt highlight that the product has twice the protein and three times the calcium of other yogurts. This advertising highlights product ___
___ is what consumers will receive or achieve by using a product
In advertising, the goal is to sell the ___, not the ___ of a product
Benefits, attributes
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