Marketing Communications Exam 3

the exposure pattern or schedule used in an ad campaign is its
in 1982 when Reese’s Pieces were used to lure E.T. out of hiding
The biggest surge in the popularity of product placements occured
Hyperbole cognitive message strategy
untestable claim based upon some attribute or benefit
No, we will miss it by 31000
The awareness objective is to obtain awareness in140,000 households. We estimate that with 90 TV ads run over 30 days, we can obtain 80,000 targeted households aware. With publicity associated with a special event, we can obtain another 45,000 households aware of us. We estimate that 20% of the target households who see the ad will also see the publicity for the event. The cost for producing the TV ad is $20,000. The cost for placement is $3500 each time the time is run. For publicity, a months retainer is $15,000 and we need three months effort in obtaining publicicity. Will we reach our objective of 140,000 households aware of us?
The type of appeal closely follows the steps in the hierarchy of effects model
Newspaper ads
In terms of media, local retailers tend to spend the most dollars on this
A high level of frequency
If the objective of an advertising campaign is to increase brand recall, then the emphasis should be on this
If an advertisement appears on the CSI television show three times and the show has a Nielsen rating of 12.3, the GRP would be
satisfying needs related to intensity of distribution
The primary factor under consideration when using multi-distribution is
a decorative model
Placing a female wearing a bikini in an advertisement for power tools targeted to men is an example of
the share
The number of households tuned into a program divided by the total number of households with a television turned on calculates
maximize reach through using multiple media and multiple outlets
Based on recency theory, the best media strategy for a firm advertising lawn mowers would be to
Spot ad
a one time placement of an ad on a local television station
A price strategy that uses price skimming exclusively
In Marketing Is Everything, McKenna describes “market ownership” as a strategy that can insure long-term growth and customer satisfaction. Of the choices listed, which one is NOT consistent with this market ownership strategy?
In Marketing Is Everything, McKenna points out that, in todays market, advertising is
generate revenue
For movie makers and television producers, the primary motivation behind product placement and branded entertainment is to
Freestanding inserts
The primary vehicle for distributing print coupons is
the company’s or products position
Mountain Dew’s marketing team might learn that the soft drink is considered more hip and trendy than the Coke during an analysis of
trade allowance
Offering financial incentives to channel members in order to motivate them to make a purchase is a
This is not a method of segmenting business-to-business markets
selective sampling
Giving out samples at a site such as a state fair, parade, or sporting event is
self liquidating premium
Consumers must pay a small amount of money for a
They tend to have higher margins than national brands
Private labels are attractive to retail stores because
satisfying needs related to intensity of distribution
The primary factor under consideration when using mult-distribution is
Retailers use each of the following reasons to justify slotting fees except
the fees level the playing field between small and large retail outlets
key target markets
In the IMC planning process, marketing objectives are paired with an understanding of
Trade promotions encourage out-of-season buying
Compared to consumer promotions, this is an advantage of trade promotions
problem recognition
After watching an advertisement for Wrangler jeans, Denise decides she would like to buy a new pair. This is an example of which step of the consumer decision making process?
affect referral
Carrie buys a Honda accord without considering other brands because she really likes the Accord and believes it is the best automobile on the market. Carries evaluation of alternatives is best explained by this model
private brands are usually manufactured by the same companies that make the national brands
Private/store brands are gaining greater acceptance among consumers for all of the following reasons except
communications research
The first step in the IMC planning process is
Digital marketing
marketing that incorporates the components of e-commerce, internet marketing, mobile marketing, and social media
selling goods and services on the internet
a type of lure or attraction that brings people to a website
Interactive marketing
the development of marketing programs that create interplay between consumers and business
Content marketing
providing useful information and product use solutions to potential customers
advertising designed to reach customers where they are located based on contacting their mobile communication devices
Dwell rate
measures the proportion of ad impressions that resulted in users clicking an ad or mousing over it
Dwell time
measures the amount of time individuals spend engaged with an advertisement
The online musings of an individual or group; the term is derived from “web logs”
Brand spiraling
the practice of using traditional media to promote and attract consumers to a website
Personalized URL’s
a personalized web page preloaded with the customers personal data, contact information, purchase behavior, and previous interactions with the company
Search engine optimization (SEO’s)
The process of increasing the probability of a particular company’s website emerging from a search
Social Media
any digital tool or venue that allows individuals to socialize on the web
Social network
a social structure of individuals and/or organizations that are tied together in some manner
Social media marketing
the utilization of social media and/or social networks to market a product, company, or brand
General social networking sites
websites that are broadly based and designed to appeal to all demographics, regardless of gender, age, race, income or generation
Niche social networking site
a website that focuses on a specific interest, hobby, or demographic group
Social bookmarking sites
websites that allow individuals to share bookmarks of websites
Social listening
a social media marketing strategy that involves listening to social chatter
Content seeding
a social media marketing strategy that involves providing incentives for consumers to share content about a brand
Real time marketing
the creation and execution of an instantaneous marketing message in response to and in conjunction with- an occurrence during a live event
Interactive blogs
a marketing strategy in which a blog allows visitors to make comments or posts
Viral marketing
an advertisement tied to an email or other form of online communications in which one person passes on the advertisement or email to other companies
Buzz score
a measure of the number of times a brand receives a mention on a social network within a specific time frame
Public relations department
a unit in a firm that manages publicity and other communications with all of the groups that make contact with the company
the mention of a company’s name in a news story
a person or group with a bested interest in a firm’s activities and well-being
Corporate social responsibility
an organizations obligations to be ethical, accountable, and reactive to the needs of society
Purpose marketing (pro social)
promoting a brand or company by focusing on values, behavior, and beliefs of the company to sell the company’s products
Cause-related marketing
matching marketing efforts with some type of charity work or program
Green marketing
the development and promotion of products that are environmentally safe
activities presented as being green or environmentally friendly that are not
Damage control
Reacting to negative events caused by a company error, consumer grievances, or unjustified or exaggerated negative press
attempts to claim responsibility for positive outcomes of events
attempts to increase the impact of a desirable outcome of an event in the eyes of the public
Internet interventions
confronting the negative publicity on the internet, either in website news releases or by entering chat rooms, blogs, or social networks
Crisis managment
Either accepting the blame for an event and offering an apology or refuting those making the charges in a forceful manner
Impression management
the conscious or unconscious attempt to control images projected in real or imagined social situations
Sponsorship marketing
when the company pays money to sponsor someone or some group that is participating in an activity
designed to accurately portray the effectiveness of a marketing communications plan
Message evaluation techniques
methods used to examine the creative message and the physical design of an advertisement, coupon, or direct marketing piece
Online evaluation metrics
methods used to examine online advertising and marketing campaigns
Respondent behavior evaluations
methods used to examine visible customer actions, including making store visits, inquiries, or actual purchases
tests used to evaluate a marketing piece that is finished or in its final stages prior to production
Portfolio test
a test of an advertisement using a set of print ads, one of which is the ad being evaluated
Theater test
a test of an advertisement using a set of television ads, including the one being evaluated
Warmth monitor
a method to measure emotional responses to advertisements
Biometric research
a method to measure physiological reactions to advertisements and marketing messages
Cognitive neuroscience
a brain-image measurement process that tracks brain activity
Positioning advertising copytesting (PACT)
principles to use when assessing the effectiveness of various messages
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