Marketing Chapter 17 Review

persuasive communication used to inform people about products and services and to enhance public image and reputation and to persuade people that their products are valuable
Attract Attention, Build Interest and Desire, Ask for Action
Product Promotion
businesses use product promotion to convince prospects to select product or services instead of competitors product or service. (Explain features and benefits of product, where sold, introduce new offers, answer questions, advertise sales) Also helps companies foster good relationships with loyal customers
Institutional Promotion
creates favorable image for the company, help it advocate for change, take a stand on social /community issues. Use of website to provide news, and answer customer questions to create good reputation and increase sales.
Types of Promotion in the Promotional Mix
Personal Selling, Advertising, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, public relations
Personal Selling
company employs sales reps. to maintain/generate contact with customers through emails, telemarketing, etc.
form of non personal promotion. Companies pay to promote ideas goods or services via media outlets such as magazines newspapers television and social media
one-way communication to prospect
Direct Marketing
type of advertising directed to targeted group of people rather than to a mass audience

Two Forms:
Printed mail

Goal is to generate sales or leads for sales rep. generates response from customers with coupons offers special merchandise delivery prices

Gives prospects an incentive to respond by visiting a store , or sending an email, or calling a toll free number etc.

One way communication

Sales Promotion
all marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising, and public relations- that are used to stimulate purchases and sales

creates positive image, increase sales and informs potential customers about product

Public Relations-
enable an organization to influence a target audience. campaigns try to create positive image for company, products, or policies

cultivates relationship with media reporters in industry

News Release-
announcement sent to appropriate media outlets. Announces developments about companies product or service, distribution channel, facilities, and operation, partners, revenue, and earnings, employees and events
Promotional Mix
combination of strategies and cost effective allocation of resources
Push Policy
Manufacturer promotes a product to large retailers through personal selling advertising and buying discounts

Push policy is only used with the next partner in the distribution channel

Manufacturer pushes product to retailer. main purpose is to convince retailer that to stock products being promoted relies heavily on personal selling and sales promotion at trade shows

Pull Policy
directs promotion towards promotion towards consumers

Designed to create consumer interest and demand consumer demand can also help to encourage retailers to carry product that is being promoted

strategy relies heavily on advertising geared to consumers as well as premiums, samples and demonstrations

Sales Promotion

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