Marketing 300 Chap 1-3

the following activites are rightly considered marketing except:
building a facility to make furniture
a marketing manager planning to launch a successful new product should begin by:
identifying a product or service that customers need.
Predicting what types of bicycles different customers will want and deciding which of these customers the business will try to satisfy are activities a firm should do as part of
For Tesla, a new firm that makes an electric sports car, estimating how many competitors will make electric vehicles and what kinds they will make, is
a part of marketing
Macro-marketing examines all the following challenging scenarios except
Cedar Point Amusement Park would like to attract customers all year long, but its marketing strategy is currently limited to discount season pass offers during winter months while the park is closed.
applies to both profit and non profit organizations
a set of activiteis in an indiviual organization
-affects almost every aspect of our daily lives.
the aim of marketing:
identify customers’ needs and provide need-satisfying products, whether the product is a physical good, a service, or even an idea.
effective marketing should begin with:
potential customer needs
Marketing should:
make decisions about product design and packaging, prices or fees.
Emphasizes how the whole marketing system works
tries to effectively match supply and demand
The fact that US car companies are located in the upper Midwest while their customers are
located throughout the U.S. is an example of:
spatial separation
When consumers do not know where to buy a product or what it costs and the product’s
producer does not know where its target market is located, this is an example of:
seperation of information
From the perspective of macro-marketing, e-commerce specialists CarFax (which provides
vehicle history reports) and (a website offering auto comparison shopping) have emerged
within the auto industry because:
the information they provide makes the exchange process between producers and consumers more efficient and effective
Market research firm BestOne sells reports about competitors, products, and other areas to
various clients in the software industry. BestOne performs which universal marketing function:
market information
The standardization and grading function of marketing involves:
sorting products according to size and quality
The advantages of working with an intermediary usually increase when there is
a greater number of customers
facilitate or provide one or more of the marketing functions other than buying or selling
Which of the following is LEAST likely to be classified as a marketing collaborator?
Qualitty Coatings and Paint Company
In a market-directed economy:
the individual decisions of the many producers and consumers make the macro-level decisions for the whole company
Which of the following statements about economic systems is true?
consumers usually have more freedom of choice in a market-directed economoy
Identify the incorrect statement about market-directed economies.
the American economy is completely market-directed
Which of the following BEST describes what is necessary for a country’s MACRO-marketing
system to be “fair and effective”?
there is not enough information to select an answer
The economic freedom provided within a market-directed economy produces the greatest
number of
entrpreneurs and innovators
Which of the following is the BEST example of management thinking during the “production
“If we produce a good product, customers will find us and buy it.”
The president of a company that produces cardboard boxes is concerned about the large
number of competitors with extra capacity. As he put it, “our best shot is in the hands of our sales
manager—she makes all of our marketing decisions and is creative enough to figure out how to sell
more boxes.” It seems that this company is run as if it were in the:
sales era
During the sales era
increased competition made firms focus on winning customers
Asa Meyer was just named FireFly Products sales manager, with responsibilities for all
marketing planning. FireFly’s president told him that his job is to “outsell the competition.” Apparently,
FireFly is operating in the ______________ era.
SouthFace Corporation just named Chloe Perry to a marketing management position. One of the
reasons she accepted a position with this company was its reputation for market-oriented long-range
planning. SouthFace Corp. is probably operating in the ______________ era.
marketing company
Compared with other approaches to business, the marketing concept is distinct in that it:
focuses on satisfying customer needs
The three basic ideas in the “marketing concept” are:
customer satisfaction, total company effort, profit
The “marketing concept” says that a business firm should aim all of its efforts at:
satisfying its customers–at a profit
One basic idea of the marketing concept is
survival and success require a profit
Which of the following illustrates the marketing concept in action?
all of them
All of the following are examples of a production orientation, as opposed to a marketing
orientation, EXCEPT:
the firms focus is on reducing its costs
. In a firm with a production orientation
marketing research, if used at all, is for determining customer reaction.
0142. Which of the following statements about customer value is true?
Customer value is the difference between the benefits a customer sees from a market offering and the costs of obtaining those benefits.
0143. Customer value typically would NOT be impacted by a marketing manager’s decisions
Any of these might impact customer value.
0144. Which item would likely possess the highest customer value for a person who makes
The glue that does the best job at the most affordable price
0145. Which of the following is not a challenge related to social responsibility?
Some consumers make purchases based on the perceived societal benefits of a product or service.
0146. Which of the following is an example of the micro-macro dilemma?
all of the above
0148. Which of the following is the BEST example of the micro-macro dilemma?
High performance cars are fun to drive but may be dangerous to others.
0149. Which of the following is NOT an example of the micro-macro dilemma?
Some people like to eat a lot, but later feel guilty about eating too much.
0150. Concerning marketing ethics:
all are correct
0201. Which of the following statements about target marketing is incorrect?
target marketing is associated with the typical production-oriented approach that aims at everyone with the same marketing mix
0202. Target marketing
0203. Marketing managers should view potential customers as
0204. “Target marketing,” in contrast to “mass marketing,”
0205. The marketing mix
0206. The “four Ps” of a marketing mix are:
0207. “Product” is concerned with:
0209. “Place” is NOT concerned with:
0210. Scott Paper uses many intermediaries to reach its target markets; Citibank uses none. Which
of the marketing mix variables is being considered here?
0211. A “channel of distribution”:
0212. An office supplies producer sells a variety of office supplies to final consumers and businesses
using its own mail order catalog. Here
0213. Marketing strategy decisions concerning Promotion include decisions about
0214. Advertising is:
0215. Sales promotion:
0216. “Price”:
0217. When developing a marketing mix, a marketing manager should remember that:
0218. When ranked in importance from greatest to least, the four Ps line up as follows:
0219. The appropriate marketing mix is determined in large part by:
0220. The main difference between a “marketing strategy” and a “marketing plan” is that:
0221. A “marketing plan” is:
0222. Which of the following is part of a complete marketing plan?
0223. Which of the following would probably NOT be in a proposed marketing plan?
0224. Managers should make operational decisions
0225. Which of the following statements about operational decisions is FALSE?
0226. Which of the following statements by a marketing manager refers to operational decisions,
rather than strategy decisions?
0227. Which of the following is an operational decision–rather than a strategy decision?
0228. Which of the following is an example of an operational decision?
229. A retailer’s operational decision to hire new salespeople would best relate to the marketing mix
decision area of
0230. Customer equity
0231. Customer equity is
0232. Which of the following is NOT a reason the marketing program should build customer equity?
0233. Which of the following statements about customer equity is FALSE?
0234. Which of the following would be likely to help you develop a “breakthrough opportunity?”
0235. A S.W.O.T. analysis
0236. Differentiation
0237. Kraft Foods recently increased its advertising and couponing to its present cheese customers.
It appears that Kraft is pursuing what kind of opportunity?
8. When a customer goes online to register Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, the Web page promotes
other related products, including its popular Photoshop software. This is an example of:
239. Avon, which in the past relied on door-to-door personal selling, is trying to reach new
customers by distributing mail-order catalogs, adding toll-free telephone ordering, and opening online
retail sites. Avon is pursuing a ______________ opportunity.
GreatGadgets, an Internet-based marketer of innovative gift items, decides to sell products in
its own retail stores–to reach consumers who don’t like to buy without first seeing the item in person.
This is an example of:
An Australian wine producer, facing declining sales at home, set up a new channel of
distribution to sell wine in the United States. This seems to be an effort at
0242. In an effort to increase its total sales, Champion has started exporting its spark plugs for use by
several German auto producers. Champion is pursuing a ______________ opportunity.
To compete more successfully with its many competitors offering packaged cookies, Famous
Amos added its own line of “extra chunky” premium cookies. This seems to be an effort at:

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