Marketing 2101 Chapter 5 (Temple University)

​_____ describes the process of using computer software to extract large amounts of data from websites.
Web scraping
​_____ comprises a group of technologies and processes that enable marketers to​ collect, measure,​ analyze, and assess the effectiveness of marketing efforts.
Marketing analytics
The​ _____ rate is the percentage of a​ company’s customers​ (within a given span of​ time) who by the end of that time span have defected.
For​ years, supermarkets, such as​ Safeway, have sold data derived from all the items processed at the cash register when consumers check out with their loyalty cards. Which of the following refers to this type of​ information?
Scanner data
Which of the following utilizes the four​ steps: identify,​ differentiate, interact, and customize to facilitate a relationship with​ consumers?
​One-to-one marketing
Applications of​ _____ can be seen through examples such as the success of the Oakland​ Athletics, a major league baseball team that used the analysis of large data sets to help identify undervalued players and make strategic decisions in games.
Big Data
Click-through rates, conversion​ rates, and cost per order are all examples of​ _____ that help marketers to watch the performance of their marketing​ campaigns, initiatives, and channels and when appropriate serve as a control mechanism.
marketing metrics
Which of the following refers to gaining an order in terms of the marketing investment made to turn a Web site visitor into a customer who has chosen to make a​ transaction?
Cost per order
​_____marketing channels are those specific means of distribution through which digital marketing communications can be delivered to current and potential customers.
Which of the following refers to the percentage of an individual​ customer’s purchase of a product that is a single​ brand?
Share of customer
Digital marketing has become an increasingly important element of the​ marketer’s toolbox. According to a survey conducted by Pew Research​ Center, ________ of Americans use at least one social networking site.
Which of the following digital marketing methods refers to a systematic process of ensuring that your firm comes up at or near the top of lists of typical search phrases related to your​ business?
Search engine optimization​ (SEO)
Which of the following uses large quantities of data within variables that have identified relationships to more accurately forecast specific future​ outcomes?
Predictive analytics
Which of the following refers to a systematic tracking of​ consumers’ preferences and behaviors over time in order to tailor the value proposition as closely as possible to each​ individual’s unique wants and​ needs?
Customer relationship management​ (CRM)
​_____ searches through​ multiple, disparate data sources in order to discover hidden insights that will provide a competitive advantage.
A data scientist
Which of the following terms refers to any direct interface between customers and a company​ (online, by​ phone, or in​ person)?
A(n) _____ is where companies store and process data.
data warehouse
​Google’s paid search ads can be purchased or bid on based on a​ ________ in which the cost of the advertisement is charged only each time an individual clicks on the advertisement and is directed to the Web page that the marketer placed within the advertisement.
cost per click
In digital​ marketing, which of the following refers to an online ad purchase in which the cost of the advertisement is charged each time the advertisement shows up on a page that the user​ views?
Cost per impression
True or false:
Costs are higher and profits are lower if every customer is a​ first-time customer.
Which of the following refers to data that is typically numeric or​ categorical; can be organized and formatted in way that is easy for computers to​ read, organize, and​ understand; and can be inserted into a database in a seamless​ fashion?
Structured data
Which of the following refers to a marketing metric that signifies an event that occurs on a Web page that indicates the meeting of a predefined goal associated with the​ consumer’s interaction with that​ page?
​_____ can analyze the content of social media communications within the context of a specific brand or product and determine what emotional category the communication fits within.
Sentiment analysis
Which of the following refers to​ non-numeric information that is typically formatted in a way that is meant for human eyes and not easily understood by​ computers?
Unstructured data
Which of the following refers to sophisticated analysis techniques to take advantage of the massive amount of transaction information now​ available?
Data mining

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