MARK312 – C7 – Email Marketing

Disadvantages of the Internet as a Marketing Tool
• Difficult to Control
• Limited Audience/Consumer Types (old people don’t use the internet)
• Driven by The End User (we’re not in control)
• Lack of Technical Support
Customer Acquisition Techniques
– Email promotions
– Online advertising
– Affiliate programs
– Portal deals
– Viral marketing
– Events and PR
– Offline advertising/promos
Advantages of Email
• Creates A True 1 to 1 Channel
• Can be used by any marketer
• Cost-Effective
• Can Be Personalized
• Well-Suited to Retention Campaigns
• Measurable (like any good Direct Marketing Technique)
• It’s Everywhere
• Direct and Indirect Reach (Forwarding)
Email has evolved
From broadcast (high volume, irrelevant spam) to permission (segmented, relevant, value added communications) to engagement (personalised, one to one, dialogue based emails).
Steps of integrating email and SM
– Collect emails from visitors to SM site
– Verify permission
– Send permission-based emails
– Use ongoing communications to develop relationships
– Enhance relationships through customer dialogue
Increasing levels of permission
– Double opt in (best)
– Confirmed opt in
– Opt in
– Opt out (worst)
Disadvantage of double opt in
You lose about 60% of customers
Developing an Email Marketing Campaign
1. Gather customer data
2. Derive customer insight
3. Evaluate response
4. Suggest proactive action
Measuring Response
• Click-Through Rate-Number of email offers clicked on divided by number opened
• Click to Purchase Rate-Number of purchases on divided by number of emails opened
• Open Rate-Number of email offers opened divided by number delivered
refers to directing marketing communications to individuals or businesses that have been identified as valid prospects for acquisition or retention for the good or service.
involves the creation of specialized content for a prospect/customer with a known profile
is the creation of new content, services, or even products based on the needs and wants of an individual
Golden R’s of Email Marketing
• Relevance – make it relevant

• Respect – do it with respect (Is my data used responsibly?)

• Recipient Control (Do I have a choice over how my data is used?)

Email marketing advantages
• Can Be Developed Quickly
• Content Is Flexible, Including HTML and Rich Media
• Distribution Is Controllable By Marketer
• Can Be Tested And Revised For Effectiveness
• Inexpensive
What is the key issue with Email Marketing?
Getting and Maintaining Good Opt in Lists
Email Summary:
• Email is Pervasive: Newsletters, Alerts, Other Communications
• Consumers Start Their Day with Email
• Message Timing Increases Response
• Personalization, Short Subject Lines Can Help
• Acquisition without Permission is Risky
• Customer Retention Marketing is Appropriate Use
• Spam is a Threat to Email Marketing
• Good List, Permission are Key
• Integration with Other Communications Channels, i.e. Social Media, increases effectiveness
• Anti-SPAM Compliance Critical
• Campaign Management Can Increase Effectiveness

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