Margret Atwood Murder in the Dark Essay Example
Margret Atwood Murder in the Dark Essay Example

Margret Atwood Murder in the Dark Essay Example

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  • Published: December 13, 2017
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  1. Introduction /Margaret Atwood Author Info
  2. Murder in the Dark Summary/Hurricane Alicia Historical Event
  3. Survival, Space, and Place
  4. Victim Positions/Work Sited Introduction

The author of my independent study novel is Margaret Atwood. Atwood is a multi-award winning writer, and also a hobby painter. She is a well known writer of poetry, fiction novels, and many others. Atwood is most honoured in her recent fiction novels, and is very well known in the writing scene. She has published 15 books of poetry to this day.

Margret Atwood

Margret Atwood was born November 18, 1939. Atwood was born in Ottawa, Ontario and studied at Victoria College in the University of Toronto in 1957. After graduating, in the year 1968 she married Jim Polk, they divorced in 1973. Atwood became a very well known Canadian poe


t, novelist, literary critic, essayist and environmental activist; she is among many well known fiction authors in recent history. Margret Atwood has been nominated for many awards, winning the Arthur C. Clark Award and Prince of Asturias award for literature.

She has been a finalist for the Governor Generals award 7 times, winning twice. Atwood has published 15 books of poetry to this day. Murder in the Dark This novel didn’t really have a story line so it is hard to summarize, it is a very confusing, and jumpy book. It is definitely not a typical Margaret Atwood book. The Novel begins with two page chapters with different topics and completely different story lines. The books begins chapter one with “Making Poison,” this tells us about when her and her brother made their own “poison” when they were very young, and that she doesn’t remember what the

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did with it.

Then it skips through to many different topics with a two page description. The entire book follows this pattern. It is very confusing and has very little story line at all. Hurricane Alicia A main event taking place in 1983 is Hurricane Alicia. Hurricane Alicia was the costliest tropical cyclone in the Atlantic since Hurricane Agnes in 1972. Alicia caused the third depression, and it was also the first tropical storm. It was the only major Hurricane of the 1983 Atlantic hurricane season. This Hurricane caused Texas 2. billion dollars worth of damage (1983 USD; 5. 73 billion 2012 USD) and killed 21 people; this was the worst Hurricane Texas has seen since 1961, when Hurricane Carla. Hurricane Alicia was the first billion-dollar tropical cyclone in Texas history. The Red Cross provided food and shelter to 63,000 people in the hurricane’s wake, costing about 166 million dollars ($366 million in 2012 USD). Survival, Space and Place Survival; In Hamlet survival was a factor for many. Claudius; he tried to hide the murder he had committed to Hamlet the king, for the entire play.

He knew as soon as the truth got out he would be fighting for his life because Hamlet would be after revenge of his father’s death. Place and Space; In the novel Hamlet believes that his place is in Denmark and that he is wanted and loved. After finding out about King Hamlets death, he tries to revenge his father’s death. Thus making all of Denmark believe he is crazy and out to kill anyone. This put Hamlet out into a space he was unsure about, with no one really loving

him. He feels alone and unwanted, causing him to go even crazier. Victim Positions King Hamlet is a victim to Claudius at the very beginning of the novel, as Claudius murders King Hamlet.

  • Claudius is a victim to Hamlet, as Hamlet revenges his father’s death at the end of the novel, as he stabs Claudius and pours poison down his throat.
  • Hamlet is a victim of Laerties, when the battle at the end of the play end up with Hamlet being stabbed by Laerties and his poisoned sword. * Polonius is a victim of Hamlet, as Hamlet stabs Polonius when he is hiding behind the tapestry in Hamlets mothers’ room.

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