MAR 255 CH8 – 15 Quiz

One reason integrated marketing communications is necessary is​ __________.
consumers​ don’t distinguish between content sources the way marketers do
What is the goal of a pull​ strategy?
To build consumer demand
Which promotional tool engages directly with carefully targeted individual consumers and customer communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting customer​ relationships?
Direct and digital marketing
Which of the following statements regarding the changing communications landscape is​ correct?
The dominance of​ television, magazines, newspapers and other traditional mass media is declining
The public relations function of​ _______ is used to build and maintain national or local community relationships.
public affairs
Specific promotional tools used in​ _______ include press​ releases, sponsorships,​ events, and web pages.
public relations
Which promotional tool is best suited to deliver a personalized and immediate message to a specific customer or customer​ community?
Direct marketing
Which advertising objective is used heavily when introducing a new product​ category?
The​ _____________ message execution style shows one or more​ “typical” people using the product in a normal setting.
slice of life
Logos, stationery,​ brochures, signs, business​ forms, business​ cards, buildings,​ uniforms, and company cars and trucks are examples of which promotional​ tool?
Corporate identity materials
​________ advertising is utilized most often by​ mature, well-known brands.
What is the goal of integrated marketing​ communications?
To deliver​ clear, consistent, and compelling messages about the organization and its brands
When advertisers determine the qualitative value of message exposure through a given​ medium, they are assessing​ ________.
media impact
Which advertising objective is best suited to building selective​ demand?
Advertising appeals should have three characteristics. These characteristics​ are:
to be​ meaningful, to be​ believable, and to be distinctive
Which of the following statements is correct regarding the use of advertising as a promotional​ tool?
Consumers tend to view advertised products as more legitimate.
​________ is a​ short-term incentive to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service.
Sales promotion
Companies who primarily direct their promotional activities to channel members are using​ a(n) ______ strategy.
Generally, _________ is a​ company’s most expensive promotional tool.
personal selling
Working with donors or members of nonprofit organizations to gain financial or volunteer support represents which public relations​ function?
Specific promotional tools used in​ ______ include direct​ mail, catalogs, online and social​ media, mobile​ marketing, and more.
direct and digital marketing
What are the two major elements in developing advertising​ strategy?
Creating advertising messages and selecting advertising media
Which of the following statements about public relations is​ correct?
The lines between advertising and public relations are becoming more and more blurred.
One popular method of branded entertainment is​ ________, which embeds brands as props within other​ programming, for​ example, television shows and movies.
product placement
In the promotion​ mix, ________ refers to any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of​ ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.
Which type of retailer carries a narrow product line with deep assortments within those​ lines?
Specialty stores
​Increasingly, different types of retailers now sell the same products at the same prices to the same consumers. This trend is called​ ___________.
retail convergence
One retail trend resulting from economic conditions is​ ________.
tighter consumer spending
Which of the following statements about major retail trends is​ true?
Online buying is growing at a much brisker pace than retail buying as a whole.
Which wholesaler channel function helps reduce inventory holding costs and the risks of suppliers and​ customers?
Which of the following statements about retailer marketing decisions is​ correct?
Many retailers identify three critical factors for retail​ success: location,​ location, and location.
Superstores that are actually giant specialty stores and have seen tremendous growth recently are called​ _______.
category killers
Retailers must decide on which three major product​ variable
Product​ assortment, services​ mix, and store atmosphere
___________ are the largest single group of​ wholesalers, accounting for roughly 50 percent of all wholesaling.
Merchant wholesalers
Carefully orchestrating the​ store’s layout and​ displays, background​ music, colors, and smells is related to​ ________.
experiential retailing
By practicing​ ______ retailing,​ today’s retailers are increasingly adopting environmentally sustainable practices.
What is the overall goal when retailers choose their product​ assortment?
Differentiate the retailer while matching target​ shoppers’ expectations.
Which of the following correctly describes the retail practice known as​ high-low pricing?
High-low pricing means charging higher prices on an everyday​ basis, coupled with frequent sales and other price promotions.
What are the four major types of retail​ organization?
Corporate​ chains, voluntary​ chains, retailer​ cooperatives, and franchise organizations.
The practice of coming into retail stores to check out merchandise and prices but making purchases online using a computer or mobile device is called​ _______.
Macy’s carries several product linesl—typically ​clothing, home​ furnishings, and household goods—with each line operating as a separate department managed by specialist buyers or merchandisers.​ Macy’s is best described as​ a(n) ________.
department store
After segmenting and defining their target​ markets, what should retailers do​ next?
Decide how they will differentiate and position themselves in the market.
Hotels and​ motels, banks,​ airlines, restaurants,​ colleges, hospitals, movie​ theaters, tennis​ clubs, bowling​ alleys, repair​ services, hair​ salons, and dry cleaners are all examples of​ ________.
service retailers
Which of the following statements about wholesaling is​ true?
Wholesalers must make decisions regarding their marketing mix.
________ refers to the activities involved in selling products or services directly to final consumers for their​ personal, nonbusiness use.
Which of the following statements about shopping centers is​ correct?
The most common type of shopping center is a strip mall.
A discount store​ (for example,​ Target, Kohl’s, or​ Walmart) sells standard merchandise at lower prices. To do​ this, discount stores accept which of the following two​ conditions?
lower margins and higher sales volume
By performing the channel function of​ ________, wholesalers’ sales forces help manufacturers reach many small customers at a low cost.
selling and promoting
_______ involves focusing the entire marketing process toward turning shoppers into buyers as they approach the point of sale.
Shopper marketing
The retail marketing mix consists of which of the​ following?
Product and service​ assortment, retail​ prices, promotion, and location
Which of the following describes a​ just-in-time logistics​ system?
Just-in-time logistics systems allow producers and retailers to carry small inventories to last for only a few days of operations.
When the company has defined its channel​ objectives, it should next identify its major channel alternatives in terms of the types of​ intermediaries, the number of​ intermediaries, and​ __________________.
the responsibilities of channel members
The length of a channel is indicated by​ ___________.
the number of intermediary levels
A(n)_______ is a layer of intermediaries that performs some work in bringing the product and its ownership closer to find the final buyer.
channel level
_______ involves​ reusing, recycling,​ refurbishing, or disposing of​ broken, unwanted, or excess products returned by consumers or resellers.
Reverse logistics
Under which type of system does the customer share​ real-time data on sales and current inventory levels with the​ supplier, and the supplier then takes full responsibility for managing inventories and​ deliveries?
Vendor-managed inventory
Which of the following is a reason that producers use marketing channels and channel​ intermediaries?
Marketing channel members are able to transform the assortments of products made by producers into the assortments wanted by consumers.
Which of the following is an example of horizontal channel​ conflict?
A Ford dealer complaining that another Ford dealer is advertising in its territory.
Which channel partners in a​ company’s supply chain are upstream from a manufacturer or​ producer?
When setting channel​ objectives, companies should state the objectives in terms of​ ______.
targeted levels of customer service
What is the first step in marketing channel​ design?
Analyzing consumer needs.
Which technology could one day make the entire supply chain intelligent and​ automated?
Radio frequency identification
Channels often involve​ long-term commitments and companies have many alternatives. What type of criteria should be used if the company wants to keep the channel flexible so that it can respond to environmental​ changes?
Adaptability criteria
What are the four major functions of​ logistics?
Warehousing, inventory​ management, transportation, logistics information management
A(n) _____ is made up of one or more independent​ producers, wholesalers,​ retailers, and consumers.
conventional distribution channel
Companies today see channel members as​ first-line customers and practice strong​ ________.
partner relationship management
A(n) _______ is made up of the​ company, suppliers,​ distributors, and,​ ultimately, customers who​ “partner” with each other to improve the performance of the entire system.
value delivery network
Large retailers like Walmart have enormous channel control due to their size and power. Which type of channel arrangement does this​ represent?
Administered VMS
Full-line forcing is a practice whereby a producer agrees to sell a brand to a dealer only if the dealer agrees to sell some or all of the rest of its line. Which of the following statements is true regarding​ full-line forcing?
It may or may not be legal.
Producers of convenience products typically use​ ______ distribution.
What is the most common type of a contractual​ VMS?
A franchise
Sherwin-Williams sells its paint and other branded products exclusively through​ company-owned retail stores.​ Sherwin-Williams has established​ a(n) _________.
corporate VMS
One key function performed by channel members is​ ___________, or shaping offers to meet the​ buyer’s needs, including activities such as​ manufacturing, grading,​ assembling, and packaging.
Companies now use​ ________ and supply chain management software to help​ recruit, train,​ organize, manage,​ motivate, and evaluate relationships with channel partners.
partner relationship management
Online marketers taking business from traditional​ brick-and-mortar retailers is an example of​ _____.
In complex selling​ situations, personal selling can be more effective than advertising because it is​ ______________.
Which of the following statements about coordinating marketing and sales is​ correct?
Coordinating marketing and sales can be improved by increasing communication between the two groups.
What are the four elements of a compensation plan for​ salespeople?
A fixed​ amount, a variable​ amount, expenses, and fringe benefits
Which of the following statements is true regarding​ salespeople?
The best salespeople are the ones who work closely with customers for mutual gain.
Which of the following occurs during the presentation step in the personal selling​ process?
The salesperson tells the buyer a value story.
To set its sales force​ size, a company can first group accounts into different classes according to​ size, account​ status, or other factors related to the amount of effort required to maintain the account. It then determines the number of salespeople needed to call on each class of accounts the desired number of times. This is called the​ ______ approach.
​________ promotions are used to generate business​ leads, stimulate​ purchases, reward​ customers, and motivate salespeople.
What is the fastest growing sales trend​ today?
Social selling
At which step in the personal selling process does a salesperson meet the customer for the first​ time?
Justin, Inc., a​ U.S.-based watch​ manufacturer, sells its products in​ China, Russia,​ France, and India. To manage​ sales, Justin appoints a number of sales representatives to each location. Justin has adopted a​ ________ sales force structure.
GE Healthcare employs different sales forces for diagnostic​ imaging, life​ sciences, and integrated IT products and services. GE Healthcare has adopted​ a(n) ______ sales force structure.
After the presentation and demonstration step in the sales​ process, a salesperson should next be prepared to​ _______.
handle objections
Helping salespeople to​ “work smart” by doing the right things in the right ways is the goal of which area of sales force​ management?
Which consumer promotion tool is like coupons except that the price reduction occurs after the purchase rather than at the retail​ outlet?
Which of the following statements about personal selling is​ correct?
Many customers are unable to distinguish the salesperson from the company.
The​ seven-step selling process takes​ a(n) __________ approach to selling. In other​ words, its aim is to help salespeople close a specific sale with a customer.
Which of the following are common trade promotion​ tools?
Discounts, free​ goods, allowances and free advertising specialty items
After recruiting and selecting​ salespeople, what is the next major step in sales force​ management?
Training salespeople
What is the final step in the​ seven-step personal selling​ process?
What is the first decision made in sales force​ management?
Designing sales force strategy and structure.
One consumer promotion tool is​ _______, which are goods offered free or at a low cost as an incentive to buy a product.
Which of the following are objectives of trade​ promotions?
Getting retailers to carry new items and more​ inventory, buy​ ahead, or promote the​ company’s products and give them more shelf space
Most companies today want their salespeople to​ _______, which means demonstrating and delivering superior customer value and capturing a return on that value that is fair for both the customer and the company.
practice value selling
It’s time for the Super​ Bowl, and the​ end-of-the-aisle displays at the supermarket feature​ chips, dips, and soft drinks. What type of sales promotion tool is​ this?
Which of the following statements about sales promotions is​ correct?
The growing use of sales promotion has resulted in promotion clutter.
Geico’s website is designed to quickly turn an inquiry into a sale. Geico has designed​ a(n) ______ website.
Which of the following statements about blogs is​ correct?
Blogs can be difficult for the company to control.
Which of the following statements about mobile marketing is​ correct?
Smartphones can be very useful in shopping situations.
The digital version of​ word-of-mouth marketing that involves creating​ videos, ads, and other marketing content that is so infectious that customers will seek them out or pass them along to their friends is called​ _______.
viral marketing
To avoid being intrusive and​ annoying, most legitimate​ e-mail marketers practice​ ______, which means sending​ e-mail pitches only to customers who​ “opt in.”
permission-based e-mail marketing
Marketers use​ __________ to engage customers​ anywhere, anytime during the buying and​ relationship-building processes.
mobile marketing
________ involves sending an​ offer, announcement,​ reminder, or other item to a person at a particular address.
Direct-mail marketing
According to the​ text, _______ is perhaps the biggest advantage of social media.
engagement and social sharing capabilities
A blog is​ a(n) ______.
online forum
Which of the following is true regarding the forms of direct and digital​ marketing?
Both the new digital and the more traditional forms of direct marketing must be blended into a fully integrated marketing communications program.
How does Google earn approximately​ 90% of its​ revenues?
Selling contextual advertising
Because social media are ​_____​, they are ideal for starting and participating in customer conversations and listening to customer feedback.
The primary purpose of​ _________ websites is to present brand content that engages consumers and creates​ customer-brand community.
branded community
The benefits of direct and digital marketing for buyers are that it is​ _________.
easy, convenient and private
Many consumers today rent DVDs from a vending machine called​ Redbox, which can be found in retail stores and other locations. Redbox is type of direct marketing tool called​ a(n) _________.
____________ is perhaps the toughest public policy issue now confronting the direct marketing industry.
Invasion of privacy
Companies like Amazon and that sell products and services directly to final buyers over the Internet are known as​ _______.
Forms of digital and social media marketing include​ ______.
online​ marketing, social media​ marketing, and mobile marketing
Which form of marketing involves engaging directly with carefully targeted individual consumers and customer communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting customer​ relationships?
Direct and digital marketing
Which of the following is a form of traditional direct​ marketing?
Kiosk marketing
Which of the following statements is true regarding sellers and their use of direct and digital​ marketing?
Sellers have opportunities to engage in​ real-time marketing.
One challenge of social media marketing is that​ ___________.
social networks are largely​ user-controlled
Webites, online​ advertising, email, online​ video, and blogs are all forms of​ ______.
online marketing
Consumers may receive an​ e-mail, supposedly from their bank or credit card​ company, saying that their​ account’s security has been compromised. The sender asks consumers to log on to a provided Web address and confirm their account and other personal information and then steals this private information. This is a fraudulent practice called​ ______.
H&M recently ran ads that let viewers with certain Samsung smart TVs use their remotes to interact directly with the commercials. This recent form of direct response television marketing is called​ ________.
________ involve(s) the direct exchange of goods and services.
Countries can set​ ________, which is a limit on the amount of foreign imports that they will accept in certain product categories.
a quota
The purpose of a tariff is to​ ________.
raise revenue
​________ is a geographic characteristic of market potential.
Country size
_________ is a demographic characteristic.
​_________ is a geographic characteristic indicator of market potential.
_______ is(are) demographic characteristic indicators of market potential.
Population size and growth
Which of the following is a demographic factor indicator of market​ potential?
In​ a(n) ________​ economy, the vast majority of people engage in simple agriculture.
In​ a(n) __________economy, fast growth in manufacturing results in rapid overall economic growth.
________ economies are major exporters of manufactured​ goods, services, and investment funds.
Venezuela produces oil in​ surplus, whereas Guyana produces rice in surplus and El Salvador produces coffee in surplus. These nations have little hard currency to pay for purchases from other countries and frequently exchange involves​ a(n) ________.
The simplest way to enter a foreign market is through​ ________.
_________ offer(s) few market opportunities.
Subsistence economies
Twenty-Four7, a cosmetic firm located in the United​ States, markets its products in Asian and European countries through independent distributors. In this​ case, Twenty-Four7 has entered international markets through​ ________.
indirect exporting
University Boutiques promotes its brand in new international markets by providing rights to local boutiques to use its patented designs and brand name. In this​ case, University​ Boutiques’ market-entering strategy is referred to as​ ________.
The biggest involvement in a foreign market comes through​ ________ of the development of​ foreign-based assembly or manufacturing facilities.
direct investment
​________ involves changing the products to meet local​ requirements, conditions, or wants.
Product adaptation
McDonald’s operates the same basic​ fast-food look,​ layout, and operating model in its restaurants around the world but​ ________ its menu and design to local tastes.
In the​ whole-channel concept for international​ marketing, which of the following is NOT a global value delivery​ network?
Price escalation
​________ is when a company adds the cost of​ transportation, tariffs, importer​ margin, wholesaler​ margin, and retailer margin to its factory price.
Price escalation
________ is a global communication strategy of fully adapting advertising messages to local markets.
Communication adaptation
In the​ whole-channel view of​ distribution, the first​ link, ________, moves company products from points of production to the borders of countries within which they are sold.
channels between nations
In the​ whole-channel view of​ distribution, the second​ link, _________, moves products from their market entry points to the final consumers.
channels within nations
Many companies get involved in several international markets and ventures. They can be​ __________, with country managers who are responsible for​ salespeople, sales​ branches, distributors, and licensees in their respective countries.
geographical organizations
Which of the following is a potentially effective action a company could take in response to a​ competitor’s price​ cut?
Reduce price
When Apple Computer Company introduced its​ iPhone, it’s priced the new product at​ $599, considerably higher than either their iPod or competing cellular phones. Apple Computer was pursuing a​ ___________________ new product pricing​ strategy.
Over the​ years, U.S. air carriers have been accused numerous times of collusion when setting prices. This illegal practice is called​ _______.
price fixing
UPS charges different prices for shipping depending on an​ item’s destination. The more distant the city the package is being shipped​ to, the higher the price UPS charges. Which geographic pricing method is UPS​ using?
Zone pricing
Geared2Beer, a craft beer​ brand, identifies a market segment that is willing to pay premium prices for its craft​ beer, and Geared2Beer managers select an ideal selling price. Managers then determine the costs to create craft beer that meets the ideal selling price. The​ company’s pricing approach is referred to as​ ________.
target costing
A retailer temporarily prices a few select items below cost to create excitement and pull consumers into the store. This is an example of​ _________ pricing.
Which of the following statements is true regarding initiating price​ increases?
Wherever​ possible, the company should consider ways to meet higher costs or demand without raising prices.
Companies that use​ ________ continually adjust prices to meet the characteristics and needs of individual customers and situations.
dynamic pricing
​Sadie’s Restaurant has listened to its customers over the years and is now able to offer the right combination of quality and good service at a fair price. Which pricing strategy is​ Sadie’s using?
​Good-value pricing
One major objective associated with a​ market-penetration pricing strategy is to​ ________.
win a large market share
Which of the following statements is true regarding oligopolistic​ competition?
Each seller is alert and responsive to​ competitors’ pricing strategies and marketing moves
Selling below cost with the intention of punishing a competitor or gaining higher​ long-run profits by putting competitors out of business is an illegal practice called​ _______.
predatory pricing
Which of the following statements is true regarding initiating price​ cuts?
Cutting prices in an industry loaded with excess capacity may lead to price wars.
A company has set a low price on a new product it introduced. It wants to maximize its market share and attract a large number of buyers quickly. Which new product pricing strategy should the company​ use?
​market-penetration pricing
​New, premium movie theaters offer features such as online reserved​ seating, high-backed leather executive chairs with armrests and​ footrests, the latest in digital​ sound, super-wide​ screens, and other amenities for which they charge a higher price. This is an example of which type of​ pricing?
​Value-added pricing
Which of the following is true regarding the​ price-demand relationship?
If demand is​ elastic, sellers will consider lowering their price.
Many state colleges and universities charge one price for​ in-state students and a higher price for​ out-of-state students. Which form of segmented pricing are these schools​ using?
location-based pricing
Internal factors that affect pricing include​ ________.
the​ company’s overall marketing​ strategy, objectives, and marketing mix
​________ refers to setting price based on​ buyers’ perception of value rather than on the​ seller’s cost.
Customer​ value-based pricing
Bath​ & Body Works offers​ “three-fer” deals on its soaps and lotions​ (such as three antibacterial soaps for​ $10). This is an example of​ _______ pricing.
A car buyer can choose a base model at one​ price, or one with a premium sound and navigation system at a higher price. This is an example of​ _______ pricing.
The Ford Mustang is offered in several different models. Ford will use​ __________ pricing to determine the price steps between the different models.
product line
Margaret has been invited to a fancy dinner party and wants to bring a good bottle of wine as a gift for the host. Since she does not know much about​ wine, she will likely use the price of the wines as​ ________.
an indicator of quality
Gillette charges a fairly low price for its razors​ (relative to​ costs) and a high price for razor blades. It is using a strategy of​ ___________ pricing.
Which of the following is a​ cost-oriented pricing​ approach?
Breakeven pricing
Which of the following statements is true regarding standardizing products for international​ markets?
Standardization decreases product​ design, manufacturing, and marketing costs.
To be more socially​ responsible, some companies are appointing​ _____________. Their job is to protect consumers from harm and the company from liability by proactively ferreting out potential product problems.
product stewards
At which stage of the new product development process is crowdsourcing​ used?
Idea generation
Which of the following statements is correct concerning service marketers going​ global?
The trend toward growth of global service companies is expected to continue in the near future.
Most products are at which stage of their product​ lifecycle?
Through​ _____ a company can obtain new products by buying a whole​ company, a​ patent, or a license to produce someone​ else’s product.
The Learning Institute recently conducted a brainstorming session that generated a large number of ideas for adding new products and services. Learning Institute managers will most likely use​ ________ next to arrive at a realistic number of ideas to adopt.
idea screening
Sales are rising​ rapidly, competitors are growing in number and the customers are early adopters. Which stage of the PLC does this​ describe?
Which of the following would be an appropriate strategy during the maturity stage of the product​ lifecycle?
Modify the​ market, product offering and marketing mix.
To create successful new​ products, a company must​ _______.
understand its​ consumers, markets, and competitors and develop products that deliver superior value
In the early​ 1970’s, Gary Dahl sold pet rocks. The product had a​ short, temporary period of unusually high sales driven by consumer enthusiasm and immediate product​ popularity, but then sales declined very quickly. The PLC sales pattern for pet rocks is known as​ ______.
a fad
Which of the following statements concerning new products is​ correct?
Modified and improved products are considered new.
Which of the following statements is true regarding product life cycle​ curves?
Marketers do not know the exact shape and length of their​ product’s life cycle in advance.
When Dr. Lawncare developed his revolutionary new solar powered​ lawnmower, he knew that during the introductory stage of the product lifecycle​ ___________.
sales would be slow and profits​ non-existent
A company launching a new product at the commercialization stage of new product development must first decide on​ ___________.
introduction timing
When a product is in the decline stage of the​ PLC, a company may reduce various costs​ (plant and​ equipment, maintenance,​ R&D, advertising, sales​ force), hoping that sales hold up. In other​ words, they are​ ________ the product.
After ideas are​ screened, the next stage of the new product development process is​ _____.
concept development and testing
Which of the following statements regarding socially responsible product decisions is​ correct?
The government may prevent companies from adding products through acquisitions if the effect threatens to decrease competition.
Intuit follows a​ “Design for Delight​ (D4D)” development philosophy that products should delight customers by providing experiences that exceed expectations. Which new product development approach is Intuit​ using?
Customer-centered new product development
Installing an innovation management system to​ collect, review,​ evaluate, and manage new product ideas represents​ a(n) ______________ approach to new product development.
Which of the following is NOT a product life cycle​ (PLC) stage?
At which stage of the new product development process is a physical product first​ developed?
Product development
Goldtone is a multinational communications and information technology corporation. Its principal products are mobile telephones and tablets. It recently announced on its website that customers can suggest ideas for its upcoming product model. Contributors of​ short-listed ideas will be adequately rewarded. In this​ case, Goldtone is using​ ________ to generate new product ideas.
Which of the following statements about new product development strategy is​ correct?
Innovation can be very expensive and very risky.
Which of the following is an external source of new product ideas for a​ company?
Trade magazines

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