MA&P Chapter 1

Which of the following options best describes anatomy?
The study of external body structures
The oldest medical science
The study of internal body structures

The study of tissues with a microscope is called __________.

Anatomy is to ________ as physiology is to ________.
Structure; function

Identify the branch of biological science that deals with the study of how living organisms perform their vital functions.

Which of the following is arranged in correct order from the simplest to the most complex?
Molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, organ system, organism

During wind sprints for field hockey practice, Sarah noticed that her face felt very hot and looked red. Of the choices below, which would be considered the receptor(s) for the homeostatic response to Sarah’s running?
Sarah’s skeletal muscles and blood vessels

The central idea for understanding the general stability of body function is the principle of __________.

The central principle of physiology is…

With regard to maintaining homeostasis, in a positive feedback situation the stimulus is __________.

In blood clotting, the platelets __________ to initiate the clotting process.

Which plane divides the body into superior and inferior parts?

__________ feedback control reduces variations away from a desired physiological state.

If a response decreases a disturbance, the control system is classified as a ________ feedback system.

If a response increases a disturbance, the control system is classified as a ________ feedback system.

Identify the quadrant that contains most of the stomach.
Left upper quadrant

The spleen is located in the __________ quadrant.
Left upper

The lungs are __________ to the heart.

The heart is ________ to the lungs.

The wrist is ________ to the elbow.

The chin is ________ to the nose.

The trunk is subdivided into two main cavities: the abdominopelvic and the __________.
Thoracic cavity

The __________ attaches to the surface of the heart.
Visceral pericardium

The diaphragm muscle separates the ________ from the ________.
Thoracic cavity; abdominopelvic cavity

Which of the following organs is described as retroperitoneal?

The right pleural cavity contains…
The right lung

In which of the fields has the most progress been made over the last two decades?
Molecular biology

The study of structures of the cardiovascular system is an example of __________.
Systemic anatomy

With regard to maintaining homeostasis, in a situation of negative feedback the __________ functions as a detector.

The study of the structure of muscle tissue is an example of __________.

Maintenance of a constant body temperature is an example of __________.
Negative feedback

The scientist who studies the effects of diseases on organ or system functions is a __________.
“pathos” = disease

Jared was working in a hot dish room all afternoon, sweating. After his shift, he stepped out into a cold December night and got “goose bumps.” What type of homeostatic regulation best describes these physiological responses?
Extrinsic regulation

During embryological development, the ventral body cavity subdivides into how many chambers?
It subdivides into four chambers.

What is the role of the effector in homeostatic regulation?
To respond to the output of the control center

“Homeostasis” refers to __________.
The existence of a stable internal environment

What general mechanism involved in homeostatic regulation occurs when a cell, tissue, organ, or organ system adjusts its activities automatically in response to an environmental stimulus?

What is the term for the maintenance of a relatively stable internal environment in an organism?

Which of these sciences began with the invention of the microscope?

Making a sagittal section results in the separation of __________.
Right and left portions of the body

Cardiac muscle tissue is part of the __________.
Cardiovascular system

What type of sectional plane divides the body into anterior and posterior portions?
Frontal or coronal

In which body cavity are the female reproductive organs located?
Pelvic cavity

A plane that is cut parallel to the midsagittal plane is a __________.
Parasagittal section

Another term for “anterior” would be __________.

A patient placed face down is in the __________ position.

The stomach is located in the __________ cavity.

An example of a sensor in a negative feedback loop that controls body temperature is __________.
A temperature receptor in the skin

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