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Empowering employees involves giving them four elements that include all the following except:
Increasing employee power does not:
increase the need for self actualization
T/F: The three elements that create employee engagement are a sense of meaningfulness, a sense of connection, and a sense of growth.
In Vroom’s expectancy theory, what term is used to describe the value of outcomes, or attraction to outcomes, for the individual?
The set of techniques by which reinforcement theory is used to change behavior is called:
behavior modification
A job design that incorporates achievement, recognition, and other high-level motivators into the work is referred to as:
job enrichment
What principle is the term for when a manager gives an employee feedback that they are getting closer, even by a small amount, toward the eventual goal?
making progress principle
All of the following are elements of employee engagement except:
sense of achievement
After a tumultuous fiscal year in which the top executives were replaced suddenly, a financial services company designed a plan to better engage employees. Which outcome indicates that the organization’s efforts were successful?
reduced employee turnover
What percentage of time every day do managers spend communicating with others?
What are the key elements of communication?
encoding, decoding, feedback
Using a text message to relay a message is which component of communication?
To achieve the advantages of open communication centralized communication is most effective for communicating:
with large teams
Which communication channel do most people prefer when receiving difficult news, or receiving advice or affection?
face to face
All the following are valuable techniques for communicating with candor except:
using a top-down approach
Which is not a key to effective listening?
listening for facts
T/F: Companies are using the grapevine for enabling employees to communicate among themselves and with managers, communicating with customers and other outsiders, and building employee engagement.
Which is not a form of social media?
trade associations
Which is not beneficial for building a good personal communication network?
waiting until a relationship is needed before building personal relationships
The purpose of __________ communication is not only to inform, but also to request support and coordinate activities.
Which is not a primary skill for managers to follow when communicating in a crisis?
providing only need-to-know info
In the communication process, the manager who wants to share an important decision with her subordinates would be a(n):
Which online applications are not considered examples of social media?
web sites
When a manager develops relationships with colleagues across the organization at the same level of management and at both upper and lower levels of management, this is called a:
personal network
What are communication channels that follow the chain of command within the organization called?
formal channels
Which primary skill should a manager follow when communicating in a crisis?
Which type of team would not be most useful for developing a new product or service?
special facilitation team
The kind of team known as a(n) __________ typically consists of 5 to 20 multi-skilled workers who rotate jobs to produce an entire product or service.
self managing team
Which is not a common dysfunction among teams?
excessive conflicts
A team’s performance and productivity peaks when the team consists of how many members?
Which do socioemotional roles often display?
Dee’s team has evolved to the storming stage. As team leader, what is Dee’s responsibility?
Encouraging participation by each team member
Which is not one of the ways that conflict develops in teams?
lack of intrinsic rewards
Which of the following conflict resolution styles is best when people realize they are wrong, when building social credits and maintaining harmony is especially important?
T/F: Task conflict results from interpersonal incompatibility that creates tension and personal animosity among people.
A group of two or more workers who interact with one another and coordinate their work activities toward the accomplishment of a specific goal is called a(n):
Which type of team is composed of a manager and his or her subordinates as shown in the organizational chart of the company?
Which common characteristic of ineffective teams shows a lack of trust?
not feeling safe to reveal mistakes
To ensure production of more innovative solutions to problems, a team should be diverse in many ways except:
degree of internal communication
In what stage of team development are the members more likely to have a heated conversation about who should lead the team meetings?
Which style of conflict management happens when a manager insists on taking the time to work out a solution that incorporates insights from all people involved to achieve consensus?
What type of conflict occurs when members of a team feel an interpersonal incompatibility and tension with other members of the group?
relationship conflict
Computers and smartphone apps can be used to analyze and improve a worker’s job performance in all these areas except:
collecting information regarding strategic processes.
T/F : Organizational control is the systematic process through which managers regulate organizational activities to meet planned goals and standards of performance.
T/F: The feedback control model involves using feedback to determine whether performance meets established standards.
Which is not a step in the feedback control process?
formulating strategies
Which is not key performance metrics the organization will track using the balanced scorecard?
Employee satisfaction
An organization’s safety guidelines would fit under which key performance metric?
Internal business processes
Which is not a feature of the hierarchical method of control?
Relies on intrinsic rewards
Which is not a consequence of the decentralized control method?
Employee turnover is relatively high
Open-book management allows employees to see for themselves the __________ of the company?
financial condition
With total quality management (TQM), employees would focus on:
continuous improvement.
What is the continuous process of measuring products, services, and practices against major competitors or industry leaders?
A profit margin on sales is calculated using which of the following?
net income
T/F: An expense budget lists forecasted and actual revenues of the organization.
Corporate governance does not include:
media relations
An objective such as “our company will deliver 97% of its orders on time” is called a(n):
standard of performance.
In a balanced scorecard, when a company computes the number of new products it has introduced into the marketplace during the past three years, this is an example of which perspective on its performance?
Potential for learning and growth
Jacqueline has taken a new job at a company that wants her to implement a balanced scorecard approach. Which outcome indicates that Jacqueline has successfully implemented that approach?
All employees think about and discuss the strategic plan.
What type of control system relies on the values of the organization and its traditions and shared beliefs that employees can be trusted to comply with the organization’s goals?
Which situation is the hoped-for outcome of open-book management?
Employees acting like business owners
A group of workers who volunteer to meet on a regular basis to try to solve problems that affect the quality of their work output is called a:
quality circle.
Which type of performance ratio deals with the ability of a company to have sufficient assets to convert into cash to pay its liabilities?
Current ratio
Daniel is an accountant who is busy studying details of the expense budget for each responsibility center for the entire organization. Using that information, which measurement demonstrates that additional explanation is necessary?
Actual expenses that exceed budgeted amounts
Which of the following is not one of the factors that have prompted a closer focus on corporate governance in recent years?
Health-care insurance legislation

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