management course chapter 7

Span of control is:
The number of employees directly reporting to a manager.
Delegation is:
the process of entrusting work to others.
Informally defined organizations made up of unofficial employee working relationships are often referred to as __________ organizations.
A(n) __________ graphically describes the arrangement of work positions and reporting relationships.
organization chart
Dividing the work to be done into a number of jobs that can be done by different people with different skills is called __________.
division of labor
Allows a worker to complete a full time job in less than five day
compressed workweek
At Ink Pens Manufacturing (IPM), there are departments of Marketing, Engineering, and Manufacturing. IPM exemplifies a __________structure.
At AZN Media, Inc., each job is split between at least two people. This is an example of:
Job sharing
Big Money Bank has many branches which are all managed by branch managers who have loans, investments, operations, and trust managers reporting directly to them. This is an example of a __________ structure.
Top management has the power to make most of the important decisions in a ______ organization.
Organizations that are most likely to have centralized management are:
Mechanistic organizations.
give employees some choice in daily work hours
flexible working hours
Are adaptive, using a decentralized and horizontal structure
organic designs
emphasizes formal authority, rules, order, fairness, and efficiency
when ____, top management allows lower levels to help make money decisions
is the process of configuring organizations to meet environmental challenges.
organizational design
uses information technologies to operate as a shifting network of alliances
virtual organization
uses IT to link with networks of outside suppliers and service contractors
network structure
uses permanent and temporary cross functional teams to improve lateral relations
team structure
combines functional and divisional approaches to emphasize project or program teams
matrix structure
brings together members from different functional departments
cross functional team
brings together people and jobs performed in the same locations
a geographical structure
groups together people and hobs that serve the same customers or clients
customer service
groups together people and jobs working on a single product and service
product structure
groups together people working on the same product, in the same area, or with similar customers
divisional structure
are designed to tap the power of technology, teams, collaborations and networks
horizontal structures
identifies the informal structure and their embedded social relationships that are active in an organization
social network analysis
describes the arrangement of work positions within a team or organization.
organization chart
assigns, important tasks to individuals or groups
division of labor
is the official structure of the organization
the formal structure
is a formal arrangement of tasks, reporting relationships, and communication linkage
organization structure
organizing arranges people and resources to work toward common goal
splits one job between two people
job sharing
is a place where telecommuters share office space outside the home
co working center
uses technology to allow workers to do their jobs from outside the office
telecommuting, such as work from home or remote work

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