MAN3025 Exam 4 (Ch 8)

According to productivity expert Odette Pollar, which of the following should a manager delegate?
A. Emergencies
B. Tasks that challenge subordinates
C. Special tasks your boss has asked you to do
D. Personnel matters
E. Confidential matters
B. tasks that challenge subordinates
Which of the following is a good reason to avoid delegating tasks?
A. A wish to keep subordinates from taking risks
B. To avoid making subordinates deal with a difficult client
C. A desire to keep an enjoyable part of the job
D. A fear that sensitive personnel matters will not be kept private
E. A concern that subordinates could do a better job
D. A fear that sensitive personnel will not be kept private
Which of the following is NOT a description of organizational culture?
A. A system of shared beliefs and values
B. “Social glue” binding members together
C. A system of reporting relationships
D. An organization’s personality
E. A system that guides the behavior of organizational members
C. A system of reporting relationships
The competing values framework classifies organizational cultures into which of the following?
A. Stable, flexible, and laddered cultures
B. Observable, flexible, competitive, and driven cultures
C. Symbolic, heroic, and basic cultures
D. Clan, adhocracy, market, and hierarchy cultures
E. Observable, espoused, and core cultures
D. Clan, adhocracy, market, and hierarchy cultures
Which type of culture has an internal focus and values stability and control over flexibility?
A. Clan
B. Adhocracy
C. Market
D. Classical
E. Hierarchy
E. Hierarchy
Kia Motors takes a very aggressive stance to fire executives who don’t meet sales goals, which makes the company an example of a(n) ______ culture.
A. clan
B. target-driven
C. adhocracy
D. market
E. hierarchy
D. market
Butterfield Grocers is a medium sized but growing company that works diligently to create a supportive and family-like atmosphere for its employees. It provides superior benefits and involves employees in decisions large and small. Butterfield has a(n) ______ culture.
A. clan
B. adhocracy
C. market
D. hierarchy
E. espoused
A. clan
Digital Globe is a technology company that provides advanced high-resolution satellite pictures of the earth, digitalized for electronic use. As the military, governments, and others demand clear pictures, Digital Globe provides them immediately with its innovative and responsive products. Digital Globe is most likely an example of a(n) ______ culture.
A. inventive
B. clan
C. adhocracy
D. market
E. hierarchy
C. adhocracy
The core values of an organization’s culture are represented by its
A. enacted norms.
B. invisible artifacts.
C. symbolic culture.
D. heroic mores.
E. basic assumptions.
E. basic assumptions
Which of the following is an example of an observable artifact?
A. Enacted norms
B. Myths about the company
C. Basic assumptions
D. Core values
E. Internal values
B. Myths about the company
______ values are the explicitly stated values and norms preferred by an organization.
A. Espoused
B. Inherent
C. Enacted
D. Expressed
E. Internalized
A. Espoused
Although managers may wish to affect employees with explicitly stated values, they are frequently more influenced by ______ ones.
A. subversive
B. expressed
C. espoused
D. adopted
E. enacted
E. enacted
Which of the following is NOT a device through which culture is typically transmitted to employees?
A. Symbols
B. Stories
C. Strategic plan
D. Heroes
E. Rites and rituals
C. Strategic plan
One of the typical devices for transmitting culture, a(n) ______ is an object, act, quality, or event that conveys meaning to others.
A. icon
B. symbol
C. sign
D. representation
E. ritual
B. symbol
Southwest Airlines employees all know about when CEO Herb Kelleher visited one of the airlines’ hangars in the middle of the night in a dress with a purple boa – just to liven things up. In fact, this is part of Southwest’s history. This is an example of a
A. myth.
B. story.
C. ritual.
D. rite.
E. value.
B. story
A Ritz-Carlton beach attendant who surprised a couple with flowers, candles, and champagne for the man’s proposal would be considered a _________.
A. champion.
B. key employee.
C. potential manager.
D. hero.
E. superior.
D. hero
The activities and ceremonies, planned and unplanned, that celebrate important occasions and accomplishments in the organization’s life are known as
A. myths.
B. stories.
C. conventions.
D. rites and rituals.
E. values.
D. rites and rituals
The ______ perspective assumes that the strength of a corporate culture is related to a firm’s long-term financial performance.
A. market
B. strength
C. fit
D. objective
E. adaptive
B. strength
In which type of culture do employees adhere to the organization’s values because they believe in its purpose?
A. Fit
B. Strategic
C. Conditional
D. Adaptive
E. Strong
E. strong
The “HP Way” at Hewlett-Packard fostered a culture of integrity, teamwork, and innovation that complemented the high-technology industry of the time. This is an example of which perspective?
A. Strength perspective
B. Fit perspective
C. Match perspective
D. Conditional perspective
E. Adaptive perspective
B. Fit perspective
What cultural perspective assumes that the most effective cultures help organizations anticipate and adapt to environmental changes?
A. Strength perspective
B. Fit perspective
C. Adjustment perspective
D. Conditional perspective
E. Adaptive perspective
E. Adaptive perspective
Which of the following cultural perspectives leads to the highest long-term financial performance?
A. Strength perspective
B. Fit perspective
C. Market perspective
D. Conditional perspective
E. Adaptive perspective
E. Adaptive perspective
Which of the following is the way culture becomes embedded in an organization?
A. Writing a strategic plan
B. Performing competitive analysis
C. Using a teaching process
D. Conducting formal market research
E. Following legal requirements
C. Using a teaching process
Which of the following is NOT one of the mechanisms used to embed culture into an organization?
A. Formal statements
B. Accounting practices
C. Leader reactions to crisis
D. Training and coaching
E. Measurable activities
B. accounting practices
Hisoka took a new job at a small consulting firm and was surprised to find that most employees had no job titles. A coworker explained that top management wanted to create a level playing field, allowing motivated employees to seek leadership roles on a project by project basis. No job titles, here, is an example of
A. stabilizing structure.
B. measuring activities.
C. increasing accountability.
D. embedding culture.
E. reinforcing hierarchy.
D. embedding culture
Which of the following can be classified as a mutual-benefit organization?
A. Trade association
B. Hospital
C. Financial company
D. Retail company
E. College
A. trade association
Goodwill Industries, a charity that provides training and employment services to the disabled, is which type of organization?
A. Clan
B. For-profit
C. Mutual-benefit
D. Nonprofit
E. Market
D. nonprofit
Which of the following is an example of a nonprofit organization?
A. The Humane Society
B. The Democratic party
C. State Farm Insurance
D. American Institute of CPAs
E. Teamsters Union
A. The Human Society
Which of the following is an example of a mutual-benefit organization?
A. Federal Bureau of Investigation
B. University of California at Berkeley
C. U.S. Postal Service
D. Public Broadcasting System
E. United Auto Workers union
E. United Auto Workers union
Another term for the chain of command of an organization is
A. reporting linkage.
B. span of control.
C. horizontal specialization.
D. vertical hierarchy.
E. network structure.
D. vertical hierarchy
Which of the following statements is good advice for those transitioning upward in an organization?
A. Don’t try to manage upward or sideways.
B. Invent your own kind of management style.
C. Maintain good relationships with other departments.
D. Enjoy the solitude of upper management positions.
E. Focus on the rights and privileges of your new job.
C. Maintain good relationships with other departments
The arrangement of having discrete parts of a task done by different people is called an organization’s
A. coordinated effort.
B. work specialization.
C. span of control.
D. chain of command.
E. matrix division.
B. work specialization
An organization’s ______ is a control mechanism for making sure the right people do the right things at the right time.
A. central command
B. division of labor
C. hierarchy of authority
D. span of control
E. strategic plan
C. hierarchy of authority
A supervisor of an assembly line has 45 employees that report to her; this would be considered a(n) ______ span of control.
A. unsustainable
B. tall
C. deep
D. complex
E. wide
E. wide
When managers must be closely involved with their subordinates, they should have a ______ span of control.
A. flexible
B. wide
C. flat
D. narrow
E. lean
D. narrow
__________ means that managers must report and justify work results to managers above them.
A. Liability
B. Accountability
C. Delegation
D. Hierarchical control
E. Position power
B. accountability
The obligation you have to perform the tasks assigned to you is called
A. responsibility.
B. accountability.
C. delegation.
D. authority.
E. position power.
A. responsibility
Good job design requires matching the level of responsibility to the level of
A. liability.
B. dependability.
C. delegation.
D. authority.
E. position power.
D. authority
) The process of assigning meaningful authority and responsibility to managers and employees lower in the hierarchy is called
A. designation.
B. accountability.
C. delegation.
D. authority.
E. allocation.
C. delegation
Elizabeth is a good manager but she is also a perfectionist. She often feels that she is the only one who can handle her division’s special clients, so she frequently has problems with
A. responsibility.
B. allocation.
C. accountability.
D. authority.
E. delegation.
E. delegation
On an organizational chart, a dotted line indicates a(n)
A. outside company.
B. line position.
C. staff position.
D. temporary employee.
E. non-managerial employee.
C. staff position
At Birney Electronics, all purchasing, hiring, and production decisions are made by top management. Birney has ______ authority.
A. classical
B. wide
C. centralized
D. for-profit
E. matrix
C. centralized
Which of the following is a consequence of decentralized authority?
A. Greater uniformity
B. Decreased efficiency
C. Greater flexibility
D. Slower decisions
E. Decreased duplication of work
C. Greater flexibility
Which of the following is a characteristic of a simple structure?
A. Comprehensive set of rules
B. Centralized authority
C. High work specialization
D. Extensive division of labor
E. Tall hierarchy
B. centralized authority
In a functional structure, people with ______ are grouped together.
A. similar levels of authority
B. temporary jobs on the same project
C. similar occupational specialties
D. jobs related to similar products
E. jobs in the same geographic region
C. similar occupational specialties
Among the jobs titles at Greensboro Regional Hospital are Chief of Medical Services, Director of Administrative Services, and Director of Outpatient Services. Greensboro has a ______ structure.
A. functional
B. network
C. simple
D. divisional
E. matrix
A. functional
_______ group activities around similar products or services.
A. Output structures
B. Matrix organizations
C. Offering divisions
D. Functional structures
E. Product divisions
E. Product divisions
_______ group activities around defined regional locations.
A. Functional structures
B. Locality divisions
C. Site networks
D. Geographic divisions
E. Matrix organizations
D. Geographic divisions
Herndon Security operates across Florida and Georgia with a variety of products and services. It has a unit located in Tampa that provides home security to its clients, and another unit in Atlanta that provides security for businesses, in particular banks and high-technology firms. This is a ______ structure.
A. functional
B. simple
C. geographic divisional
D. matrix
E. customer divisional
E. customer divisional
An organization that contains two command structures, and in which some people actually report to two bosses, is a ______ structure.
A. matrix
B. bi-functional
C. team-based
D. hybrid
E. network
A. matrix
Purcell Natural Gas Co. has a functional structure throughout the company but also has a second chain of command based on the part of the U.S. where one works. This organization has a ______ structure.
A. bi-functional
B. hybrid
C. network
D. matrix
E. team-based
D. matrix
Aurelia is working with a group from different departments in her company on a special project, yet she still has all of responsibilities of her regular job and still reports to the same manager. Aurelia is working in a ______ structure.
A. matrix
B. work cluster
C. team-based
D. hybrid
E. network
C. team-based
A ______ structure has a central core that is linked to outside independent firms by computer connections, which are used to operate as if all were a single organization.
A. network
B. matrix
C. technology
D. hybrid
E. mechanistic
A. network
With a ______ structure, an organization can become a boundaryless organization, with extensive operations but a small core that keeps payroll and overhead down.
A. functional
B. network
C. simple
D. team-based
E. matrix
B. network
In a ______ structure, a firm assembles product chunks, or modules, provided by outside contractors.
A. compilation
B. network
C. outsourced
D. modular
E. production
D. modular
Maz has examined the environment in which his organization operates and has determined that currently the market demands an organic and integrated structure. Maz did this as part of his
A. environmental analysis.
B. contingency design.
C. life cycle analysis.
D. Diversification plan.
E. Integration plan
B. contingency design
In a mechanistic organization,
A. most communication is informal.
B. many teams and task forces are operating simultaneously.
C. authority is decentralized.
D. tasks and rules are clearly specified.
E. employees are loosely supervised.
D. tasks and rules are clearly specified
Avery Micro has tight requirements and very detailed procedures for creating small machine parts through an injection molding process. Avery is a(n) ______ organization.
A. hybrid
B. integrated
C. mechanistic
D. flat
E. organic
C. mechanistic
In an organic organization,
A. authority is centralized.
B. communication is formal.
C. the span of control is wide.
D. tasks are highly specialized.
E. many rules and procedures exist.
C. the span of control is wide
Information-technology companies such as Motorola favor a(n) ______ structure because they constantly have to adjust to technological change.
A. mechanistic
B. bureaucratic
C. formalized
D. organic
E. tall
D. organic
Toledo Fashions has decided its industry requires it to move to a more organic structure. Toledo should
A. simplify and eliminate rules and procedures.
B. centralize authority.
C. clearly define job responsibilities.
D. disband teams and task forces.
E. add one or more layers of management.
A. simplify and eliminate rules and procedures
According to Lawrence and Lorsch, the _____ determine(s) the degree of differentiation or integration that is appropriate.
A. resources available to an organization
B. governmental pressures on an organization
C. organization’s culture
D. stability of an organization’s environment
E. size of the organization
D. stability of an organization’s environment
Technical specialization and division of labor in an organization lead to
A. bureaucracy.
B. differentiation.
C. integration.
D. conglomeration.
E. decentralization.
B. differentiation
Hernandez Construction Supply has product divisions for lumber, hardware, electrical supplies, and plumbing supplies. Each has its own production facility and sales staff. Hernandez is
A. tightly integrated.
B. team-based.
C. functionally organized.
D. a matrix organization.
E. highly differentiated.
E. highly differentiated
A formal chain of command, standardization of rules and procedures, and use of cross-functional teams enhance an organization’s
A. assimilation.
B. differentiation.
C. integration.
D. decentralization.
E. centralization.
C. integration
At Clarkson Farm Equipment, specialists from marketing, manufacturing, and engineering departments work closely together on new tractor designs. Clarkson is an example of a ______ organization.
A. highly differentiated
B. centralized
C. highly integrated
D. mechanistic
E. bureaucratic
C. highly integrated
Management at the Pauly Recreational Products has recognized that the firm is much slower than the competition at getting new designs to market. The problem seems to stem from coordination problems between the various functional departments involved in the recreational vehicle design process. Pauly should
A. improve technical training for employees.
B. formalize the division of labor.
C. relax its rules and procedures.
D. create cross-functional teams for development.
E. cancel all social events for employees.
D. create cross-functional teams for development
As an organization goes through the stages of the life cycle, it becomes more
A. informal.
B. centralized.
C. unstable.
D. organic.
E. bureaucratic.
E. bureaucratic
Which of the following is a stage in the life of an organization?
A. Introduction
B. Midlife
C. Decline
D. Adolescent
E. Growth
B. Midlife
In what stage of the organizational life cycle does a firm increase its hiring, create some division of labor and begin setting rules?
A. Midlife
B. Maturity
C. Youth
D. Growth
E. Birth
C. Youth
Xerox Corporation is currently in what stage of its organizational life cycle?
A. Birth stage
B. Maturity stage
C. Adolescent stage
D. Youth stage
E. Adult stage
B. Maturity stage
Daitaro started a tax consulting business with his friend Will. They have a small space in a strip mall and one administrative assistant. At which stage of the organizational life cycle is their business?
A. Birth stage
B. Introduction stage
C. Adolescent stage
D. Youth stage
E. Midlife stage
A. Birth stage
At which stage of the organizational life cycles does lack of flexibility and innovation become the danger to the business?
A. Adult stage
B. Birth stage
C. Maturity stage
D. Adolescent stage
E. Youth stage
C. Maturity stage

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