“Lord of the Flies”- How Jack Become Leader Essay Example
“Lord of the Flies”- How Jack Become Leader Essay Example

“Lord of the Flies”- How Jack Become Leader Essay Example

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  • Published: January 27, 2022
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Theme of leadership is evidenced throughout the novel entitled Lord of the Flies. The author for this novel demonstrates how boys in the island struggled for leadership and the control of power. Ralph and Jack who introduced as ‘Merridew’ had taken various positions in leading the society especially in managing the survivors of the incident in the island, where Ralph was regarded as the chief, whereas Jack was in charge of the choir group for the boys. Although the writer gives the two characters of leadership and authority, Jack contributes greatly in showing leadership qualities and responsibilities compared to his colleagues. At the beginning of the novel, Ralph is being proposed as the leader of the boys even without being voted, however Jack takes the role of leading the team in


various activities in the mid of the context.
Jack leads the team in exploring the island where he gives command to the choir boys. Without hesitating they all follow the instructions. He is the first person to kill the wild pig in their hunting mission by developing new ideas of covering the face with camouflage paint. This shows Jack leads by example and encourages them to use all the available means to kill the pigs. Jack guides the team “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.” (Cox 117).This simply shows how jack knew tactics on how to kill the pig and therefore he can be justified to be a leader of the hunting team. This is because he puts effort to ensure the survivors of the tragedy do not suffer from hanger. For this reason his leadership is justified by the boys of

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the choir who started entrusting him more than Ralph.

The attempt by Jack to dominate the island by rebelling Ralph is also proofing his leadership. He declares the rules formulated and implemented by conch power not to capture some parts of the island. This clearly shows Jack has the ability to understand the needs of the people living in his place. He is able to mobilise the group of conch to impeach the leadership of Ralph who had the title of chief. His dictating character creates a base of leadership where he is losing temper and the general politeness which the conch is advocating. "We don't need the conch any more. We know who ought to say things”. Jack declares this statement to show his dissatisfaction with the conch ruling which spared variety of evil things spoiling the society which led to irresponsible authority (Cox 116).

Ralph declares Jack as his close confident person and believes having him around the society will be secure. From the introduction, Jack identified as the tyrannical leader who was responsible for organizing the choir. The decision by Jack to take the team in hunting shows that he his voice of command and good experience of giving orders to the people. While hunting Lack shouts to the boys “Never mind about the Chief” (Cox 113), this shows his confident in making firm decision and giving his own authority without considering or consulting his close friend Ralph.

Throughout the novel jack develops rivals and he is ready to fight them back to restore or gain the victory in dominating the leadership in this society. Jack is strong enough to counteract the rival from the

two groups, the conch and Ralph. The aspect of leadership possessed by Jack is in-born. This is because it can be traced back while in school where he exerted pressure in demand to control the choir team by punishing those who failed to obey the instructions.

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