Lord of the Flies: Girls Instead of Guys Essay

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In William Golding’s novel, “Lord of the Flies,” a pack of British boys are stranded on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere after a plane crash. The novel creates a dynamic story of power struggles. Struggles between good versus evil, wrong versus right, society versus savagery.

In my paper, I would like to address what it might be like if the boys were replaced by a group of girls. Would they behave the same way boys did in the novel? Although many people do not feel girls could be as evil, I believe that the girls would act in the fashion as the boys.Perhaps it may have taken longer for the struggles to begin, but ultimately, all humans being life with the same emotional components at birth. It is commonly agreed upon that girls are among the most innocent things on this earth. They are delicate and sweet.

They grow up to become loving mothers and wives. Girls were expected to be raised to become domestic, and to have worries that consisted solely of what dresses to wear, or what to make for dinner. Up until recent times, women were not even allowed to join the police or other armed forces.Women were thought to not be adequate fighters or have enough aggression. And if a woman did, then that was not at all proper.

Certainly, a girl could not have acted the way the boys in the book did. However, I feel that human behavior is only consistent with the society it can be observed in. If there are no societal constraints, all havoc will break lose. It is commonly thought that humans are selfish and will seek their own gains before considering the gains of others. This thought can be applicable to Lord of the Flies, and gives reason to why the children would let selfishness get the better of them.This is universally true, the Bible even has greed and avarice as a deadly sin.

This indicates that females could have acted just as the boys did, considering the circumstances and surroundings. To some extent, in every human being there are evil tendencies. For most people, these tendencies come and go as fleeting thoughts. For the rest, the unfortunate result is evil taking form in physical action. For example, on the island both Jack and Robert displayed evil while beating Wilfred.

Roger tates, “He’s going to beat Wilfred, I don’t know why, he didn’t say,” (Lord of the Flies pg. 159)In the novel, he says this while giggling. The rest of the boys receive sadistic pleasure from the hurt of another boy. The evil seems to grow more when Robert is beaten by the boys in a frenzy and he is seen as the pig. The boys chant, “Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in! ” (pg. 114).

These examples clearly show that the children are letting the seed of evil develop in their psyche as societal constraints weaken.I feel that since girls are human as well, the result would be the same if they were put in the same conditions. The girls would also begin their time on the island by choosing a leader and creating rules. At the beginning of the novel, when Ralph suggests they choose a chief, Jack is quick to claim “I ought to be chief because, I’m chapter chorister and head boy,” (pg. 14).

Jack appears to come off more as an absolute ruler and dictator. Unfortunately for Jack, Ralph is voted for by the boys, showing him to lead a democratic way. Read also battle of the sexes questionsFemales act in a similar way. The most beautiful and popular girls are usually chosen as leaders.

However, if a girl is too pushy she will be disdained by others, no matter how pretty her face is. Finally, the outcome would be similar to the boys in that the girls would also ultimately be rescued. Most humans are designed to think logically, although some have more of this intelligence than others. The girls would also think of ways to be rescued, considering women also are sensible and logical creatures.Ralph says, “We must make smoke on top of the mountain, we must make a fire so they see us,” (pg.

38). Most people would be able to deduce that making smoke signals would be an efficient way to get help. Ralph displays the ability to think of resources in his environment to help them be rescued. Ralph is able to suggest this because he grew up in an enriched society where logic skills are cultivated daily.

Since girls would have also grown up in the same environment, they also would have suggested a way to get rescued and they most likely would have been.In conclusion, I believe that if the boys were replaced with girls, the outcome would be similar, if not exactly the same. As I previously stated, behavior is correlated with societal constraints. Children are apt to be on their best behavior in the presence of parents, or adults. There were none on the island. Although it may have taken a longer time period for young girls to act this way, it would have eventually occurred.

There would have been a power struggle, there would have been need for food, and there would have been feelings of fear and anxiety. Girls are only human, too.

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