Lithium tert-butoxide C4H9LiO structure

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C4H9LiO structure
Molecular Formula C4H9LiO
Average mass 80.055 Da
Boiling Point
Flash Point
Molar Refractivity
Surface Tension
Molar Volume
  • Experimental data
  • Predicted – ACD/Labs
  • Predicted – ChemAxon
  • Experimental Physico-chemical Properties
    • Experimental Melting Point:

      150 Ā°C (Decomposes) Alfa Aesar
      150 Ā°C (Decomposes) Alfa Aesar 46366, 44133
    • Experimental Boiling Point:

      67 Ā°C LabNetwork LN00163481
  • Miscellaneous
    • Safety:

      11-14-22-34 Alfa Aesar 44133, 46366
      4.2 Alfa Aesar 44133, 46366
      8-16-26-30-36/37/39-45-60 Alfa Aesar 44133, 46366
      Danger Alfa Aesar 44133, 46366
      DANGER: FLAMMABLE, burns skin and eyes Alfa Aesar 44133
      DANGER: FLAMMABLE, CORROSIVE, burns skin and eyes Alfa Aesar 44133
      F,C Abblis Chemicals AB1004111
      H251-H314-H302-EUH014 Alfa Aesar 44133, 46366
      P210-P280-P305+P351+P338-P310-P370+P378i-P402+P404 Alfa Aesar 44133, 46366

Predicted data is generated using the ACD/Labs Percepta Platform – PhysChem Module

No predicted properties have been calculated for this compound.

Boiling Point:
Vapour Pressure:
Enthalpy of Vaporization:
Flash Point:
Index of Refraction:
Molar Refractivity:
#H bond acceptors:
#H bond donors:
#Freely Rotating Bonds:
#Rule of 5 Violations:
ACD/LogD (pH 5.5):
ACD/BCF (pH 5.5):
ACD/KOC (pH 5.5):
ACD/LogD (pH 7.4):
ACD/BCF (pH 7.4):
ACD/KOC (pH 7.4):
Polar Surface Area:
Surface Tension:
Molar Volume:

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