Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse

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In the text of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. Lily is in the phase of Pre-operational. Harmonizing to Jean Piaget. in the pre-operational phase. kids develop semiotic map which is an ability to stand for an object or action with marks and symbols. such as linguistic communication. imagination. pulling symbolic games and deferred imitation. At first. Lily likes her teacher Mr. Slinger really much and she wants to be a instructor in the hereafter. When Lily goes back to place. she imitates what Mr. Slinger does in school precisely. She drew a image of Mr. Slinger when she gets angry with him.

Pre-operational kids are egoistic. When Mr. Slinger stops Lily non demoing her bag at category clip. Lily had a difficult clip being considerate. She talks aloud: ” Look. everyone. Look what I’ve got! ” without sing for the schoolmates and the instructor. At the same clip. pre-operational phase kids exhibit centration. This can be explained when Lily peeked at her bag in the desk during the category.

More of import. the development of constructs in pre-operational phase is demonstrated by Lily’s construct of whether to be a instructor or non. When Mr. Slinger treats her well. she’d like to be a instructor while she hates to be a instructor when Mr. Slinger took away her bag.

The Three Bears

This book demonstrates Lev Vygotsky’s zone of proximal theory of inter-subjectivity. Inter-subjectivity is a procedure in which two persons who begin a undertaking with different cognition and perspectives come to a shared apprehension as each individual adjust to the position of the other. The three bears are a small Bitty Bear. a Middle-Sized Bear and a Great Big Bear severally. They have different size of bowls for their porridges and different size of chairs for reading. different size bed for kiping. Once Goldilocks came to their house. those different size staffs leave different feeling on her. Such as the Great Big Bear’s chair was excessively difficult. the Middle-Sized Bear’s chair was excessively soft while the Little Wee Bear’s was merely right. Besides the three bears speak in three degree sounds. All these behaviour and characteristics reflect that three bears with different cognition and position have shared understanding each other and shared one house.

The Sissy Ducking

The phase of fidelity: Identity vs. function confusion by Erikson’s phase of psychosocial development is performed precisely in the narrative of The Sissy Ducking. This phase focuses on who am I and what can I be? Elmer’s equals don’t drama with him. He did all the particular things and was merely out of his equal society. His male parent was depressed about him. Elmer is effeminate. he is unimportant. his male parent even doesn’t want to see him as his boy. and Elmer is a also-ran in the universe that he lives in. Fortunately. Elmer’s female parent has assurance on her boy. Truly. Elmer is brave. loyal and inventiveness. Throughout the narrative. we can see the procedure that Elmer finds the manner to turn out himself and happen out who he is and what he can be. Ross. M. ( 2005 ) . Book Review of the Sissy Duckling ( 2002 ) . School Libraries In Canada ( 17108535 ) . 24 ( 4 ) . 91-92.

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