lifespan psych

posing a question.
The first step in the scientific method involves:

Traits, capacities, and limitations that we each receive from our biological parents are said to be a result of:

dynamic-systems theory.
The theory of human development that views all aspects of development as interacting with one another is:

are born within a few years of one another.
Cohort refers to a group of people who:

A meaning and information system, shared by a group and transmitted across generations, that allows them to meet their basic needs of survival is referred to as their:

a social construction.
In many cultures around the world, people believe that it is the husband’s responsibility to earn the majority of the income for the family. This is an example of:

watch the children from

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an unobtrusive spot in the school lunchroom.
If a scientist wanted to use scientific observation to see how frequently schoolchildren share food at lunch, she could:

an experiment.
A researcher was interested in whether watching violence affected children’s behaviors. To examine this, he showed a violent film to one group of preschoolers and a nonviolent film to a second group of preschoolers. Following the films, the behaviors of the two groups were compared. This study was:

cross-sectional, longitudinal, cross-sequential
To study change over time, researchers use which three basic research designs?

a cross-sequential design
Which of the following is the most complex and beneficial way to study change over time?

The more Hank eats, the less hungry he feels. The correlation that exists between his food intake and his hunger is:

Research data that is open-ended and not easily transferable to numbers is:

every aspect of thinking and behavior.
Psychoanalytic theory views intrinsic drives and motives as the foundation for:

He is harboring an unresolved conflict from the oral stage of development.
Garland chews gum constantly. He gets anxious when he runs out of it. Freud would conclude that:

identity vs. role confusion
Sixteen-year-old Janeece has just begun dating. She is beginning to realize that she has a lot more fun with her girlfriends than with her steady boyfriend. This is causing some concern for Janeece because she is afraid that she might be a lesbian. According to Erikson, what crisis is Janeece struggling to resolve?

John B. Watson
Who helped initiate behaviorism by saying, “Let us limit ourselves to the things that can be observed . . .”?

B. F. Skinner.
The researcher most associated with operant conditioning is:

Lori’s yelling is not working as a punishment.
Lori always yells at her 5-year-old son Jake when he won’t get dressed for school. Although she has been yelling at him to get dressed nearly every day for months, he still does not comply when she asks him to get dressed. Operant conditioning would explain this by pointing out that:

They showed a stronger attachment to their cloth mothers than to their bottles.
What did Harlow notice in his monkeys that led him to question psychoanalytic and learning theories?

According to Piaget, cognitive growth is promoted by a need for:

Imagine you and your friend are having a discussion about politics. Your friend makes an argument that puts your views into disequilibrium. If you respond by believing that your friend is simply uninformed or dumb, Piaget would say that you are demonstrating:

People learn new behaviors by working with mentors.
What did Lev Vygotsky conclude from observing the behaviors of the diverse peoples of the former Soviet Union?

provide support as the child takes on new challenges.
The concept of the zone of proximal development suggests that the parent or teacher:

respect and esteem.
The fourth level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is:

many generations.
The process of selective adaptation continues over a period of:

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