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Libra on Demand Essay Example

Libra on Demand Essay Example

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Review Matrix

Developed Jointly by Market Matrix and Trip

Advisor to provide analysis and comparison of any individual property performance in relation to its competitive set Coyly Hospitality Group Performance measurement across an exhaustive set of both industry-standard and customized indicators that review each destination internally against its own prior performance, as well as against competitive set Libra Manmade and CRM Solutions Integrated cloud- computing-based customer relationship management products Conman Associates International Inc. Partnership with a global leader in hospitality loss revelation and performance management consulting to establish and achieve a sustainable, continuously improving, world-class loss prevention and safety culture. Viceroy has several partnerships with some well-known leading hospitality research and performance management firms. Whereas, it has been listed above as Review Matrix, Coyly


Hospitality Group, Libra On Demand and Conman Associates International. It focuses heavily on website development, search engine and email marketing, social media, testing and analytics. These partnerships have contributed to the overall performance of the hotel where it create a better alternative solution ND enhance the organization internally and externally.

Implementation of CRM Libra on Demand in Viceroy Hotel Group "We have access to cutting-edge technologies that provide real-time reporting on guest satisfaction and hotel performance. These technologies give us an advantage in addressing guest needs and anticipating them before they arise. (Clare, Regional Vice President, 2011) Libra on Demand is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows organizations to effectively manage their customer preferences and profiles. This ensures the development of strong and lasting customer relationships, benefiting the company's future investments. Viceroy Hotel Group has chosen Libra on Demand as

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their CRM tool to effectively manage customers worldwide. Additionally, Libra On Demand assists Viceroy Hotel in optimizing sales and increasing revenues, resulting in a positive return on investment.

Libra on Demand is a highly innovative customer relation management tool that enables organizations to create comprehensive guest profiles, track customer preferences, and facilitate communication within the entire hotel company group. Built using Cloud technologies, Libra On Demand allows seamless integration with various systems. Additionally, it offers integration with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (Libra On Demand, 2011). This solution provides exceptional functionality that is flexible, affordable, and secure. With no upfront capital investment and no fees for constant maintenance, Libra on Demand is currently available in over 200 properties across 17 countries worldwide.

In the next few years, the Viceroy Hotel Group is expected to continue growing and expanding. According to Matrix (2012), Viceroy Hotel Group has achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 88%, outperforming competitors who only achieved 85% satisfaction. This success can be attributed to the successful implementation of Libra On Demand, which has allowed Viceroy Hotel to effectively meet the needs and wants of its customers. The implementation of Libra On Demand has brought various significant benefits to the overall performance of the company, providing a 360-degree view of its customer base specifically in Los Angeles, where Viceroy Hotel Group is based (Libra On Demand, 2011).

Using Libra On Demand helps the company identify and understand their guests' needs and wants, leading to a significant improvement in performance through personalized guest experiences. The system includes features for tracking customer preferences and profiles across all hotel companies. Initially, Viceroy Hotel Group utilized

Libra On Demand for efficient and effective email marketing communication with guests. Through the integration of email marketing campaigns and a searchable CRM system, Libra On Demand provides exceptional functionality for targeted promotions to specific customer lists.

Furthermore, the Viceroy hotel has begun implementing performance analytical tools for its global and individual properties to determine key performance indicators. It has also built a specialized customized dashboard that allows the hotel to keep track of specific metrics. The system can generate detailed weekly performance reports, which the sales team can use to plan their strategy in advance. To ensure productivity and create a unique guest experience, the hotel has implemented various cost-effective and reliable cloud-based IT solutions for different departments. These systems have had a significant impact on generating profits, enhancing the hotel's reputation, and improving overall performance. As a result, the Viceroy Hotel is known for its high technology approach, utilizing the latest technology to drive return on investment (ROI).

The following figure displays multiple systems utilized by Viceroy Hotel Group to enhance the overall performance of the organization. These systems have resulted in a significant return on investment for the company, providing both internal and external benefits (Viceroy Hotel Group, 2011). Using Libra on demand offers various advantages, including ease of use (Software Advice, 2012). The software also includes a built-in workflow system and process, ensuring that the hotel standards are controlled, enforced, and maintained in terms of service. Consequently, employees will be more productive and make fewer mistakes.

Additionally, the system allows the organization to effectively manage and secure guest, account, and contact information with just a simple click. This creates a user-friendly application that can

be easily utilized by anyone, enhancing the system's value. Moreover, users have the freedom to customize their preferences without depending on IT support. They can modify the design, reports, screen, and forms to align with the diverse needs of hospitality organizations.

Furthermore, with just a simple point and mouse click, every aspect of Libra On Demand can be customized. Users can include and create their own new screen layouts, modify pick lists, create custom reports, and export data using "on-the-fly" customization options. Efficient Libra on Demand provides important information and tools for day-to-day operations in sales marketing and guest relations. It assists in organizing guest profile data based on reservation history, forecasting revenue, preferences, and special requests.

Libra on Demand is a convenient system that creates a productive working environment, generates satisfied customers, delights employees, and creates a successful hospitality business. The Secure Libra On Demand system provides exceptional security through Sales Force, which has been verified by independent system audits. Using the latest security protection, such as firewall protection, SSL encryption, and proprietary security, users can have peace of mind knowing that their information is securely guaranteed. Implementing Libra on Demand in the Sales and Marketing Department brings huge benefits by providing convenient and efficient tools to enhance relationships with targeted customers. With its dynamic and targeted communication system, Libra on demand takes email marketing to the next level.

Viceroy Hotel can use the Libra On Demand software to segment their customers according to various criteria, including preferences, stay patterns, and demographics. This segmentation allows the hotel to cater to their guests' preferences and increase revenue. By using Libra On Demand's e-mail marketing tools, Viceroy Hotel can

also forecast and estimate the revenue that can be generated through the software. Compared to other CRM software that may be less affordable, Libra On Demand offers a faster return on investment. Additionally, Libra On Demand is suitable for all organizations, regardless of size, and helps reduce financial impact while accelerating overall revenue.

According to Viceroy Hotel Group (2011), the graphic provided above depicts the success achieved from utilizing Libra On Demand's "email marketing" tools. These tools streamline the email process, allowing organizations to effectively communicate with existing customers, attract new business, and promote themselves. The utilization of Libra On Demand has yielded significant benefits, resulting in a positive return on investment for the organization.

However, despite its numerous advantages for organizations, CRM can also have negative implications, particularly regarding ethical concerns. It is crucial for organizations to acknowledge the potential negative impacts of CRM. Privacy issues commonly arise when implementing CRM systems. Organizations primarily employ CRM systems to gather and manage consumer data while ensuring its accuracy.

Consumer data is typically confidential and accessible only to the collecting organization. However, there is a growing concern over companies selling consumer data to third parties (Richardson, 2000). As a result, consumers are now reluctant to share their personal information with any organization. This poses a challenge for companies in convincing consumers to provide their personal data due to this awareness. Hence, it becomes essential for companies to prioritize the privacy of their customers' data.

The company must prioritize the confidentiality of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, and employment information. It is crucial to prevent any unauthorized access or theft of consumer data by third parties.

However, sharing and accessing this data within different departments of the same company can introduce security risks. This issue becomes particularly relevant in the hotel industry where employees work across multiple departments that may have differing opinions on how to handle the data. Moreover, implementing and maintaining a CRM system can be expensive and time-consuming for the company, necessitating substantial management and repair efforts.

However, the implementation of Libra On Demand in Viceroy Hotel is manageable because it is a big company with a wide range of customers. Despite the additional cost for repairs and updates, the CRM tool has brought significant profit and return on investment. In conclusion, Libra On Demand is an effective CRM tool with advanced technology and budget constraints (Hopkins, 2009). Its implementation in Viceroy Hotel has successfully increased revenue and met consumer needs through exceptional performance. The tool helps the organization identify high-value customers and stay updated on guest preferences. Libra On Demand offers integrated modules for sales force, marketing, customer service, and help desk automation.

According to Hopkins (2009), having forecasting, reporting, and trend analysis capabilities is essential for an organization. Understanding customer wants and meeting their needs is crucial for retaining loyal customers and ensuring a profitable and sustainable business. Therefore, implementing Libra On Demand as a CRM tool in Viceroy Hotel has resulted in significant benefits and a quicker return on investment.

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